4 Ways to get motivated for the gym

4 Ways to get motivated for the gym

Easy ways to motivate yourself

We have all been there, after a long hard day we just want to put our feet up and relax. Well you better save the relaxing for after the gym as you have a workout to smash before you can put your feet up. Whatever your training may be, everyone has experienced a lack of motivation and feels like skipping the gym for today. Well if some days you find yourself feeling under the weather and don’t feel like training, look no further as this article is going to go over ways you can keep yourself motivated and eager to smash any workout that dares challenge you. 

Firstly, we need to find out why you feel under motivated and too tired to train. There can be many reasons like not getting enough sleep, not eating or just generally having a bad day. There are many other reasons like a lack of self-esteem and confidence, this will generally make you not want to go to an area where you believe other people are judging you (although there not). The feeling of laziness can also be due to the lack of positive recognition from others, it is proven that receiving praise can increase someone’s motivation and willingness to do an activity. If you would like to read more about the effects of positive feedback on someone’s psychological state check out this study done by BMC medical education. 

Train with a friend 

Unless you are a lone ranger who prefers to train alone, training with a partner will usually increase your motivation to workout. Training with someone will increase workout consistency as you will be less likely to let your friend down and not train. This will also keep your workouts fun as you have someone to engage with between sets instead of being glued to your phones. There is also the fact that you will motivate each other when training. For example, when about to hit a new pb your partner will usually throw some praise your way and get you fired up for a big set. 
As well as increased motivation there are also many other positives to training with someone. These can include improved form as you are able to get a second opinion on how you lift. There is also the reduced risk of injury as the other person will be able to spot you or provide support. Although there are many positives there are also a few negatives to training with a partner. These can include being distracted, more time is spent on machines as you both have to do sets and if your gym buddy is lazy then this could rub off on you and make you equally as unmotivated. 

Visualize your end goal

As with many things in life we do, when training we can motivate ourselves by visualising our end goals. If you ever feel like motivation is lacking when training, then try closing your eyes and imagining yourself achieving your goals. Whether its losing weight, gaining weight or hitting a new pb, imaging yourself achieving your goals will bring you to the realisation that there is no way you are going to achieve them goals without doing the workout first. There are many methods to visualising your goals and more information can be found here. There are many other things this can motivate us for other than exercise, for example going to work early or working on home projects. 

Switch up your routine

We are not robots and repeating the same thing over and over can become boring after a while. Although getting into a habit is good, overtime it can become monotonous. If you feel like your workouts are boring, then it’s likely your going to get less and less motivated to do them. To avoid this feeling of living in a loop try switching things up, for example bench press with dumbbell instead of a bar or just completely switch up your weekly split for a drastic change. As well as mental benefits there are also many physical benefits to changing your training routine. These can include increased muscle mass and fat loss as new movements or equipment will engage muscles that otherwise remained untouched. Your muscles will also eventually get used to movements when done regularly so a change would be good to shock them into growing. 

Make sure you enjoy your training

This goes pretty much without saying but the best motivation is by making sure you enjoy the workout you are doing. If we wanted to go deeper into this subject, enjoyment caused by physical activity is measured in the physical activity enjoyment scale (PACES). If you would like to read more about paces there is a study done by biomed central measuring enjoyment levels when doing physical activity in older adults. 
There are many ways to make your workouts more enjoyable. These can include listening to your favourite music, go at an intensity that is comfortable for you and finding the right type of workout. Finding a form of training you enjoy can be a lot of trial and error but there are may ways to make this easier. First thing is to take a look at you goals and research what type of training will be best to reach your goals. For example, if you would like to gain muscle mass you would be better off doing resistance training than cardio. 
If you ever feel unmotivated to train, then try these simple but effective steps guaranteed to drive you straight into the gym. Although some days we may feel down or be having a bad day, one thing to remember is that physical activity can be classed as a form of therapy and can release endorphins that make you feel good. No matter what mood you are in when you enter the gym, its pretty certain you are going to leave feeling better and more accomplished. Although progress can be slow and sometimes can be seen for months into a workout, its important to keep training and not let all that hard work you have previously put in to waste.