5 High protein breakfast ideas

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5 High protein breakfast ideas

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and is the first meal you have after a long sleep. There are many benefits of having a nutritious breakfast and this meal is the one that is going to set you up for the day. A high protein breakfast can offer many benefits like supplying your muscles with the essential amino acids it needs and promoting fat loss. If you are looking for some high protein breakfast ideas, then this is the right place for you as in this article we are going to be sharing five high protein breakfast ideas.

Protein is essential for your muscles as protein is made from amino acids. These amino acids are used to rebuild muscles that have become worn during exercise or everyday activities. Protein is also a key nutrient when it comes to weight loss. Consuming more protein can decrease your appetite and will make you feel fuller for longer. This reduces you snacking between meals. Protein also helps to boost your metabolism which means you are able to burn more fat and calories. This can also prevent you from losing muscle as they are supplied with all the essential amino acids they require.


Overnight oats

Overnight oats or just regular oats offer many benefits. They are incredibly nutritious as they contain high levels of antioxidants, minerals and fibre. Oats are also high in protein as one cup of oats can be 10 grams of protein when cooked. However, the nutrition varies depending on how you prepare or cook your oats, for example if you have them with milk then the protein content will be higher as milk is a good source of protein. Also, oats are very diverse and can be eaten with many different foods, they can also be cooked in many ways and you could add a scoop of whey protein to your mix for that little extra hit of protein.

Although oats are not a complete source of protein, meaning they do not contain all the essential amino acids, they are still a very health food with a high protein content. Oats are also high in carbs and these are slow digesting carbs that keep you fuller for longer. This reduced the chances of you becoming hungry and snacking between meals.

Certified oats come with gluten-free guarantee


Greek yogurt parfait

A Greek yogurt parfait is Greek yogurt loaded with other goodies like berries, granola and maybe some honey. It involves layering the ingredients in a glass or bowl and enjoying, as its so easy to make and can be made with basic ingredients, this is the most ideal high protein breakfast for those on a timer. Although the nutritional values vary depending on what type of Greek yogurt to use from the average portion you can expect around 15 grams of protein or more from one serving.  The berries and granola also add some fibre to the meal also helping with fat loss and appetite.

Greek yogurt is also packed with calcium which is essential for bone development. There is also a lot of probiotics in Greek yogurt, these are healthy bacteria that can help boost immune function and can decrease your risk of stomach issues. This works by killing the bad bacteria in your body which makes you feel ill and can cause dietary issues like pain and diarrhoea.

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When it comes to sources of protein eggs are great as they contain all the essential amino acids you need and are high in protein. The average egg contains around 6 grams of protein if eaten whole. 2 grams of protein are in the eggs yolk and the rest is in the egg whites. Nutritional values for eggs vary depending on how you cook them, if they are fried then the egg will be higher in saturated fat and calories when compared to eggs that are poached or boiled. Eggs also contain “healthy fats” that are good for cholesterol, heart health and brain health.

What you eat your eggs with and how they are cooked can affect your nutritional values of your meal. For example, if you eat toast with your eggs then your meal will have a higher number of carbohydrates when compared to just eating the eggs on their own. When cooking eggs its important they are done properly to reduce the risk of you getting food poisoning or salmonella.

Certain supermarket eggs subject to food safety notice due to salmonella  concerns – Which? News


Cottage cheese

Although not many peoples first thought for breakfast, cottage cheese is a very nutritious food. This type of cheese is very rich in calcium that is needed to keep your bones healthy. It can also play a role in energy as a study was done in 2005 that found younger people who had more cottage cheese and dairy products became less lethargic and had more energy to complete tasks.  Cottage cheese is also very protein dense as just a 100-gram serving can provide you with 11 grams of protein. This is also a complete protein meaning it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. The protein is this food is casein protein, meaning that it is digested slower and can keep you going till lunch time.

Cottage cheese is a very diverse food as it can be eaten with many things. For example, you could have it on toast for a quick and easy breakfast or you can prepare it with an omelette for an ultra-high protein breakfast. The probiotics in cottage cheese will also lead to better gut health and can make you more resistant against stomach diseases like diarrhoea and other conditions.

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Beans and other legumes are packed with the best nutrients and can offer many health benefits. They are also quite easy to make and do not require a long time to prepare. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, then this can be a step towards replacing your morning fry up with something a bit more healthier. Just a 100-gram serving of kidney beans can provide you with 24 grams of protein, although this is a lot of protein many beans are incomplete sources of protein. Soya beans are a complete source of protein as they provide you with all the essential amino acids you need.

As many beans are incomplete sources of protein, its best to eat them with something else to make sure you get all your essential amino acids. For example, you can have beans on toast with wholemeal bread, the seeds and grains in the bread should provide you with the amino acids your beans are missing.

Where Are All The Beans? What The Run On This Staple Teaches Us About The  Supply Chain: LAist

In conclusion, if you are looking to get the most out of your breakfast then having a balanced and healthy one is recommended. High protein diets are essential to gain the most muscle mass possible and can help you lose weight.  Consuming more protein can also improve your mood and can assist in stabilising your blood sugar levels. If you where struggling to find some ideas for a high protein breakfast, then try these easy breakfast ideas. If these are not for you then many of the foods can be altered or eaten with something else to make them more appetising.