5 lower body bodyweight workouts

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5 lower body bodyweight workouts

Your lower body and legs make up half of your body. For this reason, it’s a good idea to train this part of your body as not doing so can put you at a disadvantage with strength and make your body look disproportional. Many of these workouts for your legs can involve equipment that can only be accessed in a gym or fitness centre, well we are going to be showing you a few good bodyweight leg exercises that require minimal equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere.


Why train lower body?

As we mentioned previously your leg muscles, or “lower body” makes up half of your body. For this reason, it’s a good idea to train them as much as you train your other muscle groups as these muscles are just as important as the others. One reason to start training your legs is because not doing so will make your body look out of proportion. This means you may look a bit weird as your upper body will be very developed and muscular, but your lower body won’t be. So, for good overall aesthetics it’s a bonus to train your legs.

Also, another great bonus to training your leg muscles is increased strength. Your legs play a big part in how you move around and handle weight so increasing the strength of your legs will go noticed. For example, one benefit of stronger legs is that other lifts and movements will be easier and you’re going to be able to lift more. Also, your injury risk will decrease as your legs are more developed so this can reduce core and back injuries. Training your legs will also promote weight loss as your going to be burning more calories.


Forward lunge

A workout you have probably seen a lot of people doing is the forward lunge. This is done by standing straight with your legs inline with each other. You then take a step forward with one leg and bend both legs down till they are both at 90-degree angles. Now you can either return to the standing position or carry on the lunge as a walk across the room your in. There are many benefits to doing the forward lunge and one is that this workout gives you the option to train each leg individually so you can easily see if there is any difference in strength between your two legs. A forward lunge helps to work your quads, hamstrings, calf’s and also your core strength.

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Doing this exercise can also work wonders for your coordination and balance as these are used regularly throughout the workout. Also, the major muscle groups this exercise targets makes it a god compound movement, meaning you work multiple muscle groups at once which can lead to more strength gain and also more calories burned. There are also many different variations of the front lunge you can try, and you could even try adding weight if you have some available. Although this is a great workout the injury risk can increase if your form is bad. However, if done correctly this workout can help you to prevent injuries in the long term.


Jump squats

When you think of leg workouts the first thing that may come to your mind is squats. These are a very effective leg exercise that can help you to gain serious muscle. However, if we don’t have weights available then doing squats can seem a waste of time as we will have to do maybe 30 reps before we start to feel a burn with bodyweight alone. Well, if you’re looking for a challenging squat without weight then look no further than jump squats. This exercise is done by starting in a squat position then using the force of your legs drive yourself up into a jump. You then land back down on both feet and then repeat the process. As your driving yourself up this is resistance for your muscles to work against and therefore, they will grow.

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There are many benefits to including jump squats into your workout. One of the most obvious benefits is that it will increase your muscle and can also help with bone development as the impact of jumping and landing can increase their density. Also, this is a high intensity workout, meaning that you are going to be burning off more calories than you would have done doing normal squats. Doing jump squats can also improve your circulation to the lower part of your body and also help with core strength and balance. Although a great workout, doing this can put you at risk of injury so make sure they are done on a flat surface and with enough room around you, so you don’t knock into anything.


Side lunge

We have already mentioned a lunge in this article, but the side lunge is a little bit different. This workout is done by standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Then step out with one leg keeping the other in position and your torso straight. Keep going till the knee of your leading leg is bent 90 degrees. Then push back to the starting position. One thing you may have noticed is that this is a lateral movement instead of linear which makes a nice difference with many of the leg workouts being linear movements. This can help you to train muscles in a different way then you usually would.

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Side lunges can help to build and strengthen your glutes, quads and also hips. Also, like normal lunges this workout can be done with weights to make it more challenging and if they are available. This workout is also important for your stabiliser muscles which will help your bod when you need to handle heavy weight or an unbalanced weight and reduce the risk of you getting injured. As this is a lunge movement doing this exercise also gives you a chance to stretch out your leg muscles which can also help with reducing injuries.


Glute bridge

Your glutes are a major part of your legs and lower body. A lot of the strength and power that you use in other movements require your glutes and these play a key part in everyday life. The glute bridge is a workout that can help you to develop your glute muscles. A glute bridge is done by lying down with your legs bent and your head raised, so your knees are in the air. You then thrust upwards using the power of your glute muscles till your back is flat. Doing this movement works your core and also leg muscles like the glutes. Also, this workout can be done with weight if they are available by lying the barbell across your lap and then trusting up.

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This workout can be good for those who can do other leg movements like squats, due to injury or pain. This exercise can also help to relieve lower back pain and knee pain. This workout is key when trying to build bigger and stronger glutes. For those who didn’t know your glutes are the muscles around your buttocks which is even more of an incentive to train them because who doesn’t want a nice bum? Also, a glute bridge will improve your performance in other lifts and movements like squats and also deadlifts which can be tricky to increase.


Pistol squat

The squat is a generic low body workout that pretty much everyone knows. There are many different variations of the squat but one variant that is good to do without weight and is a challenge. This variant is the pistol squat and is done on one leg and with your arms stretched out in front of you. As we mentioned this workout is challenging as you need to squat your bodyweight on one leg and also you need to balance that weight while doing the exercise which means you already need good leg and core strength. With that said doing this workout can also be beneficial for your core and legs and can help them become developed and stronger.

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There are many benefits to doing this exercise and one is that it can help to correct muscular imbalances. As you are training each leg one at a time this gives you a chance to focus on the one that may be weaker and bring it back to the level of the others. Also, you will get better balance and your stabiliser muscles will be worked more. If needed there are also many different variations of this workout, and one is weighted squats.


In conclusion, when it comes to working on your lower body without weight then don’t be scared. There are many different workouts that you can try and they don’t require weight or equipment. In this article we have just mentioned a few leg workouts but there are many more you can try if you find yourself away from the gym and you need to do a quick workout. For many of these workouts the only thing you require is a space to exercise and yourself making them easy to do and cost effective.