5 Pre workout meal ideas

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5 Pre workout meal ideas

When it comes to what to eat before a workout many people can get confused and not be sure what they should be consuming. People get scared that they are going to affect their performance as some foods may have this effect. As this is the case many people may not eat before working out and may take a pre workout supplement instead to boost their performance and energy. Although pre workout supplements are good and do offer many benefits, they should not be taken daily, and you should find other more natural alternatives to getting you more focused and ready for a workout. There are many foods and recipes out their that can offer you a similar effect to pre workout and help you get the most of your workouts. If you’re looking for some re workout meal recipes then look no further as we are going to be sharing some in this article.



The benefits of oats are nearly never ending, and these are an ideal pre workout meal, especially for those morning workout sessions as it can make a great breakfast. Oats are high in carbohydrates meaning they will keep you fuelled for your workouts. They are also relatively fast to be digested but are slow adsorbing in the blood stream. This means that you will feel more comfortable working out after eating oats as they are already likely digested and will supply you with a steady stream of energy in you blood stream. Oats are also very universal and by this we mean they can be eaten in many different ways and with many different ingredients depending on your personal taste. Also, oats don’t contain any stimulants like caffeine that is present in pre workout formulas, as this is the case we eliminate the possible side effects associated with taking this.

Although these can be a great natural pre workout meal, you must be careful to what you are putting in the bowl. Many people like to add honey, jam and other things to their plain old porridge to make it taste a bit better and be more interesting. However, adding these extra goodies can lead to a lot of hidden calories and before you know it your bowl of porridge that is supposed to be a pre workout snack is racking up to around 800 calories. Also, as they are high in fibre oats can take a while to digest, this doesn’t really make them as convenient as pre workouts as you would likely have to eat the oats around 2 hours before your exercise whereas pre workout can be taken 30 minutes before engaging in exercise.


Chicken and wheat pasta

Pasta is a great source of carbohydrates and switching to wheat pasta makes this source even better as it does not contain as much complex carbs that take longer to digest and can be stored as fat. As we all know chicken is a great source of lean protein and goes great with pasta. So, why not bring these two amazing foods together and get the ultimate pre workout meal that is high in energy sources like carbohydrates and offers a great amount of protein to ensure that muscles are growing to their full potential. Eating protein before a workout to some does not seem like a good idea as they believe it is more effective after. Although this may be true, we need to remember timing isn’t everything and consuming it before a workout means its still going towards our daily protein goals.

Another benefit of this food is that it is universal and can be altered to anyone is tasting. If you where to cook it then read the contents of the pasta sauce you may be using as this can contain things like high amounts of salt and sugar which are not going to help you reach your goals.  One chicken breast, with wheat pasta is likely going to come to around 650 calories. The macros would be around 45g of protein, 70g carbohydrates and 30g of protein. The calorie information will vary depending on the ingredients you use, and this is just a rough estimate.


Greek yogurt, fruit and granola

Greek yogurt is a food that is great as its packed with protein and is low fat (if you get low fat yogurt). Although a great food, this alone will not be sufficient enough for a pre workout meal so throw in some granola and fruit and have yourself a fancy little snack to keep you energised for the gym. Adding things like fruit increases the sugar content of the meal, this means you can use this sugar for energy when training. Granola also adds some carbohydrates to the mix, which are slower burning when compared to the sugar. The energy from these will keep you going for longer.

When it comes to pre workout snacks this combination is great for them days when you may be in a rush. Its quick and easy to make and requires just a few ingredients. Its also has a quick digesting time meaning it can be eaten closer to your workout session. One thing to be careful of is to check the macros, especially on the Greek yogurt. This can be due to some versions of Greek yogurt being high in fat. Also watch the sugar as adding too much fruit can cause the sugar levels of the meal to rise.


Rice, chicken and vegetables

Rice is a healthy source of carbohydrates and they are slow releasing meaning they can fuel you for longer when compared to other carbohydrates. This is the main reason why carbohydrates are used by runners to carb load before staring a marathon, to ensure they have enough energy to complete the race. Some people may argue that brown rice is healthier but there has been studies that suggest otherwise. Brown rice has been shown to have higher levels of inorganic arsenic which is a toxin that can inhibit your ability to adsorb nutrients. The high levels of this substance is likely caused by the amount of pesticides used.

Just rice on its own is a good food but we can make this meal even better by adding some protein and nutrients into the mix. Rice generally goes well with chicken and this is a great source of lean protein. This will help you reach your daily protein goals and help with muscle recovery as they have the protein their to help with muscle repair and growth.  Adding some vegetables to the dish will make it taste better and add o the variety as well as giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy and maintain itself.



Another alternative to your pre workout shake could be a pre workout smoothie. And by this we don’t mean a caffeine packed drink that is going to make you bounce off the walls, but a smoothie that is rich in nutrients and will keep you going till you have completed your workout. The great thing about smoothies is that they are easy to make and require just a blender to make. They can also be very universal and meet anyone’s needs.  Drinking something before working out isn’t going to make you feel full like food will, which isn’t going to affect your performance and make you feel sick. Smoothies are also easily digested so they can be consumed not long before a workout.

What makes a good smoothie matters what you put inside it. The most common ingredient is usually fruit, and these offer many benefits. One of these includes sugars which can be used by your body when exercising and provide you with energy. Fruit is also rich in nutrients that you need. Many people also add milk or yogurt to their smoothies which is also good as it adds more protein which aids muscle growth and calcium to keep bones healthy. When deciding on dairy products for your shake then be mindful and read the label as their can be high amounts of fat in some products. Also, if we want to increase the protein content of a smoothie then add some high protein yogurt, milk or whey protein powder.


Overall, when it comes to eating before a workout then there are many recipes out there that can help you to get more energised and ready for a workout. Remember food is the best thing you can put into your body and you should not be replaced but supplements. Although many supplements are good and can aid you in some way you do not want to neglect your body from whole foods. Eating these easy pre workout recipes is likely to keep you in the zone when training and do not contain any stimulants with harmful side affects like sugar and caffeine do.