5 Supplements to help you gain mass

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5 Supplements to help you gain mass

As a bodybuilder or sports man then gaining mass will be a priority at some point in your career. By gaining mass we mean muscle mass and a bit of fat, but one can’t be gained without the other and the same principle applies when trying to lose mass. To gain mass your body requires more nutrients and energy than it usually would and that can be hard to achieve so many supplements have formulated shakes to help you gain mass. If you’re looking for the best mass gaining supplements, then look no further as we are going to be sharing 5 of the best mass gaining shakes on the market today.


Why gain mass?

One thing you might be wandering is that why would anyone want to gain mass? As many think you might be training to lose the mass but this is a common mistake. Many train to look better which you can’t achieve just by losing mass. Although by losing weight you may look better as there is less fat than before, you are eventually just go skinny and lose a lot of muscle mass as well if you keep on trying to lose weight. For this reason, people may decide to put on some mass to give their muscles a chance to grow and make you look fuller and a healthier person.

As well as looking a lot better there are also many other benefits to gaining mass. One of these is improved performance depending on your sport. If you need to be quick, light and agile then you may not benefit from being heavier, but you will benefit from the increased muscle mass that comes with a higher mass. Also, as your muscles are bigger this will cause an increase in strength and also because you be less likely to get injured. To gain mass you need to make sure you’re eating enough calories and nutrients like carbohydrates and protein. You will require more than usual and to reach the goals you have set to gain muscle can be harder when trying with food alone. For this reason, many people decide to use weight gainer supplements to help them gain mass.


Mutant mass

When it comes to trying to gain weight quickly or a significant amount of weight then some supplements would be better than others. Mutant mass is one of the supplements that is great if your looking to really pile on the pounds in a short time. Each portion of this supplement contains a whopping 1100 calories which is nearly half of the recommended daily amount to be consumed by an average person. As well as being very calorie dense one portion also contains 56 grams of protein and 156 grams of carbohydrates which is a lot of macronutrients to ensure your putting on weight.

Although this shake may look like it’s the best way to gain weight due to its high calories and nutrient content this isn’t the only way to gain weight and shouldn’t be used instead of food. With that said Mutant mass will make gaining weight a lot easier and also muscle as it has a very high protein content and also it will give you energy as its also high in carbohydrates. This supplement is also available in many different flavours and isn’t as expensive as you may think.


Redcon 1  - MRE

The company Redcon 1 is well known for there quality supplements and they haven’t let the quality slip with this one. MRE is meal or snack replacing supplement and can help you to gain weight. Unlike the mutant mass we mentioned earlier this supplement is more under control meaning it isn’t as intense as the mutant mass and doesn’t contain as many calories or macronutrients. One portion of this supplement contains 530 calories and there is 47 grams of protein per serving and 75 grams of carbohydrates. This may not seem like a lot compared to the mutant mass, but this is more than enough you will need to help you get into a calorie surplus and gain mass.

One thing to note about this supplement is that its sources of protein come from animals, so this product is not suitable for vegetarians. Also only use it as instructed to avoid any harmful effects like liver or kidney damage as these will have to work overtime to remove the macronutrients from the shake. This is an ideal snack replacement to give you them little extra calories to gain mass. Also, the high protein content means that you are given all the support you need to gain muscle if you put the work in. MRE is available in many delicious flavours.


5% Nutrition- Real carbs

55 Nutrition is the brand started by the late and great Rich Piana who was well known in the fitness industry for his enormous size and muscle mass. If you ever had a look at Rich, then it comes to no surprise that this guy knew a thing or two about gaining muscle mass. He has put all his experience and preferences into his supplements and that can be seen with the meal replacement supplement real carbs. As the title states this shake is high in carbohydrates that are responsible for giving your body energy and therefore will help you to gain mass. Each serving contains around 130 calories and 22 grams of carbohydrates.

You may be thinking that this shake doesn’t seem to have enough calories or other nutrients like protein to help you gain mass. However, this is a great supplement to help you from burning your current mass as it contains slow releasing carbohydrates from real food sources that restore muscle glycogen levels and prevent them from wasting away due to not having enough energy. This supplement also mixes well with other things so you can have this along with some whey protein for the ultimate shake. Again, like many there are a lot of different and interesting flavours that this shake is available in.


Warrior nutrition – Warrior mass

When it comes to mass gaining supplements you really have two routes to go down. One is the beginner’s supplements that will help you gain mass but are usually around the 500 calorie range. Then on the other hand you have the expert level shakes that are very high in calories and other nutrients to gain mass and warrior mass is one of those supplements. Per serving this shake has 61 grams of protein and 168 grams of carbohydrates and all of this adds up to around 1000 calories. This is a lot of calories and the nutrients are similar to the Mutant mass gainer shake we mentioned earlier.

Shakes like these are for those that are really looking to put on mass and quickly. With that said due to the amount of nutrients in them taking these types of shakes frequently can also have some negative effects and can make you gain a lot of fat if you’re not training at a high intensity. This would make a great post workout shake as it will replenish the nutrients lost and will prevent losing any muscle mass. This mass gainer is also available in many flavours and sizes depending on what you would like.


Biotech USA – hyper mass

Biotech USA is a popular supplement company well known for there good quality and reasonable price. The mass gaining supplement hyper mass is something that could help you gain a few pounds and definitely get the nutrients you need to put on mass. Each serving of this supplement contains 250 calories and 20 grams of protein. This would be similar to a standard whey shake if it wasn’t for the added 38 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Like we have said earlier when it comes to mass gaining supplement there are two different road to go down. The very high calorie mass gaining supplement and other mass gainers like the Hyper mass by Biotech USA.  These aren’t so high in calories but are in the nutrients you require to gain mass like carbohydrates and protein which help you gain muscle but unlike the other supplements, taking this, you are less likely to gain mass as fat as it isn’t putting you into too much of a calorie surplus.


So, if you’re looking for mass gaining supplements, we hope you now have a better idea about what kind of shakes you should be taking. Here we have mentioned a few but there are many more that you can choose from and you will have to just see what your goals are and what you prefer to find a mass gainer that works for you. For great deals on mass gainers and other supplements check out the Gymlabz store for great deals on supplements for every goal you may have.