6 Best supplements to boost your mood

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6 Best supplements to boost your mood

Stress is something that everyone experiences, and many things can bring stress on your body and mind. When trying to decrease your stress and stay calm there are many things you can do like getting more rest, changing your diet or being more active. Another way that you can relieve your stress is by taking supplement as many mineral deficiencies and other things available in supplement form can decrease stress levels and make you feel calm. So, if you’re looking for a chill pill that can help you decrease anxiety, stress and other things that can make you feel restless then keep reading as we are sharing six of the best supplements you can be taking to make you feel calmer and more chilled out.


5 HTP – Natrol

HTP is an amino acid that is used in your body for many different purposes. This amino acid is produced naturally in your body but for whatever reasons levels of this amino acid may be low. HTP is used to produce serotonin, this is a chemical that is responsible for sending signals to the brain. As we may know lower serotonin levels are linked to depression and anxiety and other health problems like sleeping disorders or weight gain. So increasing the amount of HTP in your body will ensure your serotonin levels are as expected.

5-HTP 100mg 30 cps by Natrol | bodynutrition.biz

5 HTP by Natrol is a supplement that gives you a quick release of this amino acid to keep you feeling calmer and more relaxed.  Taking these can make you feel more positive and have a better outlook of life. There are also many different variations of this supplement by Natrol that each have there own little benefit. For example, there is a quick release version of this supplement that offers your body a quick release of HTP to keep you feeling calm. This product also contains melatonin that also helps to relieve stress and keep you calm.


Natural vitality – Natural calm

When it comes to your mood and staying calm then nutrients and minerals play a big part as we have said before. Natural calm is a supplement by Natural vitality that contains minerals like magnesium and calcium. The magnesium in this supplement is known as magnesium glycinate and this has many benefits like fighting depression, boosting physical performance and it can also help prevent migraines that can also be a factor of being in a bad mood. There is also some evidence that magnesium glycinate can improve recovery by relieving muscle pain.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon -- 16 oz - Vitacost

Taking this supplement can also improve the quality and length of your sleep. Being deprived of sleep is one of the ways you can increase your stress levels and you will generally feel tired and grouchy. So, improved sleep will also be a side effect of this supplement and another way it can improve your mood. When it comes to taking this products, Natural Vitality have gone the extra step to offer it in a few great flavours like cherry or unflavoured. Its also in powder form and can be taken as a drink and mixed with water for a calming and refreshing beverage.


Biotech USA Sleep

When trying to stay healthy sleep is just as important as your diet and exercise. Your mental health is also heavily influenced by the amount and quality of sleep. Not getting enough rest can lead to many different mental health disorders like depression, insomnia and a short temper which can raise your stress levels. Many people have trouble sleeping so this is an ideal supplement for them as its available in tablet form for a quick and easy dose. Biotech USA is a brand known for their quality sporting supplements and the quality has not been sacrificed for this one.

Biotech Usa Sleep Pre Melatonin 60 Caps For Sale in Dublin 1, Dublin from  Zaikoff

This supplement helps to improve sleep as it contains melatonin, this is a hormone that helps your body know what time it should go to sleep or wake up. This is common to take for people with insomnia or have trouble sleeping as it increases melatonin levels, making your sleepier. Getting enough sleep is also key for your physical health as it gives your body more time to repair itself after a workout, resulting in a better recovery time and less risk of injury.  


Now foods – Curcumin

Turmeric is a herb that has been used for many years in traditional Asian cooking. This has many benefits on its own and contains a lot of compounds called curcuminoids. One of the curcuminoids is curcumin which has shown to help with depression and anxiety. This is due to this compound altering serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which are the hormones and chemicals that control your mood and make you feel happy.  Curcumin can also reduce inflammation which can also be a cause of depression.

Now Foods Curcumin - Curcumin Dietary Supplement, 60pcs | Makeup.uk

One downside to turmeric and curcumin is that it isn’t easily adsorbed by the body when you eat it. However, this is made easier with the curcumin tablets by Now foods. These tablets contain a mix of curcumin that can be easily adsorbed by the body. Making sure you get enough of this is important as turmeric and the compounds within it are very beneficial for heath and can also be used to improve things like heart health and can also be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.


Biotech USA - mega omega 3

Omega 3 is a supplement that many people take on a daily basis. It is usually found in fatty fish and other seafood and promotes good health in many different ways. Omega – 3 can travel through the brain and interact with mood related chemicals and molecules. This may improve their mood and is one reason why this supplement can be used as a treatment for depression. Also, as we have said before inflammation can also cause your mood to decline and this is something that omega – 3 can reduce and help with. 

BioTech USA Mega Omega 3 Shop

Biotech USA is a brand well known for there sporting supplements and good quality accessories. They also offer a range of different health supplements and one is their mega omega – 3 which is a supplement for this healthy, fatty acid. As well as being a good source for omega – 3 this supplement also contains vitamin E, which is used to maintain healthy skin, eyes and can strengthen your immune systems so your body becomes more effective against fighting diseases and infections. As your body isn’t capable of producing omega – 3 on its own its important that you get enough through diet or taking supplements.


Swanson – St Johns Wort

St john’s wort is a natural plant that has been used for many years and is used in many traditional medicines.  Its most commonly used to treat depression and any other mood related disorders like anxiety and just generally feeling under the weather. This supplement is also known as hypericin and in its raw form is a plant that grows wild in some parts of the USA. If you are taking any other forms of medication, then it is recommended you seek medical advice before taking this supplement as this has been shown to interact with other medicines and have harmful side effects.

Swanson St John's Wort | St Johns Wort | Mood Support | Mental & Emotional  Health

Swanson has made it easier to get your dose of hypericin by offering it in tablet form. This contains all the extracts from the plant and its health benefits and packs them into one easy to take pill. If you feel like you need some emotional wellbeing then this is one supplement you should think about taking, just make sure you are not on any other medication and consult a doctor or medical professional before use.


In conclusion when it comes to your mood and mental health then there are many supplements you can be taking. Many of these improve your mood by increasing mood boosting chemicals in your brain which control things like your motivation and general mood. However, before looking at supplements check if your mood isn’t being affected by other things like diet or lifestyle as supplements should be a last resort unless you have any issues like anger problems or depression.