6 Foods that are high energy

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6 Foods that are high energy

Feeling tired and lethargic is a feeling that everyone has experienced in their lifetime. This feeling can be caused by a lack of sleep and rest, meaning your body hasn’t had sufficient time to rest and recover from whatever it was you were doing previously, which can leave you felling tired and wanting to crawl back into bed. However, this feeling isn’t only caused by not getting enough rest as your diet can playa big role in your overall energy levels and can influence how you feel. An example of how your diet effects your energy levels is when we eat foods that are high in sugar. After consuming the food, we feel a rush in energy levels as the sugar is being processes and used as energy for our bodies, also once the sugar has been used up then we experience a crash which can leave you in a worse position compared to where you started. If you’re looking for foods that can help you naturally boost your energy levels, then its your lucky day as we are going to be sharing 6 foods that are high in energy.



The benefits of eating enough fruit are never ending as they can help with many things like losing fat and help support your immune system fight off harmful diseases. It can also help keep your blood sugar stable also reducing your risk of diabetes. This is due to fruit being broken down into glucose and fructose instead of pure glucose like many other foods, which as a result will cause less of a spike in your blood glucose levels.  Many fruits are also high in carbohydrates which is a main source of energy for your body, so getting enough of these is crucial for maintaining good energy levels and not feeling like you’re going to pass out. This also replenishes your muscle glycogen levels which are depleted during hard work or exercise.

As well as being high in carbohydrates fruit also has many other vitamins and minerals that will help your body produce more energy.  For example, having an iron deficiency can cause you to feel tired and weak and you may be more likely to get sick. Consuming more fruits like apples, oranges and pineapples increases your vitamin c intake. Vitamin C helps your body adsorb iron so getting enough vitamin C means your body is able to adsorb more iron. Meaning you are less likely to develop anaemia which is a nutrient deficiency.



Oats are a good source of slow releasing energy. This is due to this source of carbohydrate being quite complex for your body to breakdown. Oats are also high in fibre which can help with digestion. A mix of these two things makes a great source of energy and oats are also good to keep you energised for long periods of not eating. For this reason, having porridge for breakfast can help you stay fuelled without sugar which is great if you are going to start your day in the gym or a physically demanding job like in construction. The fact that oats themselves are low in sugar also makes them good for diabetes sufferers as they help regulate blood sugar levels.



Water is very important for our body and being dehydrated can also cause a drop in energy levels. This is due to your muscles being low on energy as your cells require hydration to produce energy. So inadequate hydration means there is less energy available for your cells to use which is why you will feel fatigued when dehydrated. Water also speeds up your metabolism so you will burn more calories, giving you more energy.

Another way you can feel fatigued is mentally and staying hydrated can also stop this. Drinking enough water can cause your heart to perform more efficiently, this means more blood can get around your body supplying energy to your you muscle tissue and also your brain. This will increase the amount of energy your brain is getting which will cause you to improve your cognitive function and feel more awake. Getting more oxygen to your brain can also help improve mood.



Eating fish has its many benefits as it’s a high protein food which is essential for muscle growth and repair. There are also many B vitamins, fatty acids and many other minerals and nutrients that you can gain by including fish in your diet. Fatty acids like omega – 3 are good for reducing inflammation, which is a common cause of fatigue and can make you feel tired. Also, the vitamins fish gives you make it easier for your body to adsorb more nutrients it can use for energy. Vitamin B12 which is abundant in fatty fish like salmon and tuna can help iron work better in your body which reduces the chances of anaemia and feeling tired.

The high fat content in fish can also be used as energy. This is common in low carb diets and keto diets and have been shown to be effective at burning body fat and helping you lose weight. This is due to your body entering a state of ketosis which is when there is not enough carbohydrates for you to burn so you start to burn fat which can keep you going.


Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese contains a vast range of nutrients and is poplar among athletes. This cheese is high in many nutrients essential for your body like calcium, protein and vitamin A and B. As we said previously vitamin B helps your body absorb iron and other minerals. This makes you more energetic as these minerals help your body adsorb energy and make it more efficient. Also cottage cheese is low in fat and sugar so its good for blood sugar levels and people with diabetes.

Cottage cheese is high in protein which is good for your muscles to regrow and repair themselves. Eating enough protein allows your muscles to recover from exercises which reduces their risk of injury and gets them ready for the next raining session. As well as making sure they don’t get injured, making sure your muscles are fully recovered can also make you more energetic as your not sore and aching and will be able to do more activities with ease.



When we where younger we where always told to eat our greens to get big and strong like pop eye. But making sure your getting enough greens is very important for your body and can help you feel more energetic. Green vegetables like kale and spinach are rich in iron which helps you increase the amount of energy your body can supply to your cells. Not having enough iron is called anaemia and this can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Anaemia is a common problem especially in women as they can lose a lot of the iron in their blood through their menstrual cycle.  Spinach is also a good source of fibre which can help digestive health also increasing energy.

Spinach is also rich in plant compounds that are important for our bodies to keep healthy. One of these compounds is quercetin which can reduce inflammation. High levels if inflammation can affect how well cells produce energy so making sure this is low will increase the amount of energy we have.


Overall, when feeling low and lethargic the first thing you can have a look at improving is your diet. If you are getting adequate sleep and resting time, then there should be no reason to feel tired and eating the right foods can help you get back on track and supply you with enough energy to go throughout your day. Your main source of energy for your body is your diet and our body usually burns carbohydrates or fat to supply itself with energy. With that said do not take this advice and start overloading on energy boosting foods as this can have side affects and can lead to energy crashes that leave you feeling more tired than before.