A few disabled friendly sports

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A few disabled friendly sports

Living with a disability can be challenging and there can be many things that you may feel excluded or left out from. For many people having a disability was not their fault, and this can have a great impact on your life whether it’s a physical or mental disability. In the past disabled people where often left out and where not able to take part in many different activities. However, now there are many sports that have been adapted and are disabled friendly. We are going to be sharing a few of these sports and how they can benefit someone with a disability.


Now easier to take part

As we have said previously in the past disables people were forced not to take part in certain activities and sports as they where inaccessible for those with a disability. However now many sports and activities have been altered and are now accessible for everyone. There are many benefits to playing a sport or getting active if you have a disability and one of these is a sense of belonging. If your unable to take part, then you may feel like your left out and this can lower your self esteem and cause depression in some cases.  As you are unable to engage in certain activities you will feel left out and alone which can make you suffer from low self esteem and also you will feel like you don’t belong.

Also, the main reason you usually do a sport or get active is to improve your health. In some cases, disabled people are not as active as others as it can be harder for them to get around. As this is the case disabled people are at a higher risk of suffering from health conditions like obesity as they are not getting active enough. Depending on the severity of your disability the activities you can do will vary but there should always be something you can do. Engaging in a sport will cause you to lose fat and strengthen your body. This can help with daily life as it can make it easier to move but also can offer many mental benefits as more muscle and less fat has been shown to improve self-esteem.


Wheelchair basket ball

Basketball is a good sport that is popular among many people. This sport is popular in America but is starting to grow in other parts of the world including the UK. As its increased in popularity there are many clubs available for playing basketball and many of these clubs are disabled friendly. Wheelchair basketball is the main variant of this sport that is playable by disabled people. As you may have already guessed this involves you playing in a wheelchair and can be quite physically demanding as you have to be constantly moving and working to fight for possession and score baskets. The rules slightly differ as the person can dribble but is allowed to put the ball on there lap and just bounce it every 2 pushes, they do on their wheelchair.

One benefit of wheelchair basketball is that it can have a big impact on upper body strength. Here your upper body is used to propel yourself forward and also dribble and shoot the ball. This means your upper body is working overtime which is going to cause muscle gain as your upper body will adapt to the increased workload. Also, your mental health is likely to improve as your mind always has to be engaged when playing which means your concentration and engagement is improved. This also gives you something to look forward to which is going to boost your mood and keep your mind active as your always thinking of ways to improve your game.


Paddling sports

Paddling sports are those that include paddling a boat to propel yourself forward. These include things like kayaking and canoeing and these can be very good sports to do if you suffer from a disability. One reason these sports are ideal is because it only engages your upper body, making it ideal for someone who is disabled from the waist down. When doing these water related sports you will also find a lot of new spots and places that are nice to bee. Many of these sports are do not or pass a very scenic route which can be calming and help you get more in touch with nature.

Another reason to do paddle sports is because they can be generally in expensive. Instead of splashing out on a state-of-the-art canoe and gear you are given the option to rent the gear which is the cheaper option. Also, a starter session will only cost around £15 which is good considering what’s involved. Also like many other sports this is upper body-based meaning that you’re going to be working your upper body to propel yourself forward and therefore you will see a great increase in strength and muscle mass in your upper body. This can improve your self esteem as you will feel a lot better about yourself and also look a lot better.


Going to the gym

For many people the gym is a great form of exercise and it how many people get their daily exercise in. If your disabled, then going to the gym is a very good option to get more active and improve your overall strength and fitness. Many gyms now are disabled friendly, meaning that they are easily accessible for those with disabilities. Also, you will find many of the machines and pieces of equipment are also disabled friendly as they have features like removable seats so you can fit a wheelchair in and also brail so the information can be read by blind people. These little features make it that little bit easier for someone with a disability to take part in physical activities in the gym.

Going to the gym allows you to have freedom with your training. Instead of focusing and playing on one specific sport, the gym offers freedom to do whatever you want and work towards whatever goals you may have in mind. Also, gym memberships are generally quite affordable as people often pay an average or around £20 per month to attend the gym. When compared to other sports this is quite inexpensive. Although the gym can be a good place to get active if you have a disability its recommended that you train with a partner. Doing this will reduce the chances of getting injured as things like weights oppose a hazard and can hurt when dropped. Also, your local gym may not cater for disabled people which can be annoying, and you may have to travel a long distance to find one that does.


Disabled football

Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK and everyone should get a chance to take part. Well, this is one sport where you will find many clubs and training grounds disability friendly. For example, there are elderly football sessions where there is less intensity and also wheelchair football sessions. This sport offers great benefits, and these are weight loss and gaining endurance. Also, your co-ordination will also improve as you have to use multiple body parts simultaneously and control a ball. Having a healthy amount of body fat and doing cardio is good as it can benefit things like your immune system, and heart health and ensures your generally healthy.

As well as being physically beneficial, playing football also has many other benefits for you. As it’s a team sport you are required to play against and along side others. This means your able to improve your team working skills and may meet new people who you will be able to build friendship groups with. Also, sportsmanship will also improve as when playing you may not win every match, this means that your going to have to be polite and respect your opponent even when you lose. You will also feel more involved and not isolated which is something many disabled people can feel.



When it comes to a full body workout swimming is great. Its also a good sport for disabled people as you just need to know the basics which are how to float and propel yourself forward. Also, this sport offers lower impact on your joints and muscles so there is a lower risk of getting injured. The physical benefits of this sport are that it helps to control your weight as you burn fat when training and also gain muscle as your fighting against the force of the water to push yourself forward. Your organs like lungs and heart will also benefit as they are also worked during this exercise which trains them to be stronger and more efficient.

Swimming will also allow you to improve your co ordination and motor function as your required to use body parts simultaneously. The benefits of this sport are far from being physical as there are also a lot of mental benefits of swimming. One of these being a reduced amount of stress and lower risk of depression. This goes for all sports and being active in general as this releases serotonin and endorphins that make you feel better. You’re also going to feel more independent in the water as you will be able to move without help which can help you feel more independent.


In conclusion if you are suffering from a disability or know someone that is then there is a chance, they aren’t getting there daily exercise. The benefits f getting a few hours of exercise a week are endless and can significantly improve your life. Disabled people are not as active as the rest of us as it is so we need to do all we can to make sure they are involved and getting the exercise they need. Also this pass time will likely allow them to meet new people which can also help to build there social skills and make them feel more involved and reduce the chances of depression and anxiety.