Beginner supplements to gain muscle faster

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Beginner supplements to gain muscle faster

If you are new to a sport or have been in the game for a long time, then you yourself of some of your teammates may take supplements to enhance their performance. Taking these are perfectly legal and you will not get penalised if you are caught taking them. For many beginners, taking supplements can be challenging as there is so many on the market that keeping track of what is best for you can be stressful. So, if you are a beginner to sporting supplements or are thinking of taking them yourself then this is the right article for you as we are sharing the best supplements for beginners and what they should be taking to improve their performance and recovery.


Why take supplements?

There are many reasons you might start taking supplements. Well, the main reason for people supplementing is that they might be missing out that specific mineral or vitamin through diet or activity. For example, your body created vitamin D from sunlight, if there is no sunlight like in winter then you may need to take vitamin D supplements to make sure they are getting their healthy recommended daily dose. In this case not supplementing can cause deficiencies and can make you anaemic.

On the other hand, like in the fitness industry supplements are used as a tool rather than accessory. Here they are used to increase our performance and recovery, giving athlete the edge over their competition. Supplements that can improve performance can be things like caffeine, l- carnitine and creatine, that are commonly found in pre workouts.


Whey protein

When you train your muscles form micro tears, these tears must be rebuilt in order for your muscles to grow back bigger and stronger. These muscles are rebuilt in a process called protein synthesis which requires amino acids found in protein.  There are 9 essential amino acids, and all of these are present in whey protein. Whey is a protein supplement that contains essential amino acids, and they are adsorbed quickly. Although you can get protein through diet, these may not be complete sources of protein and it makes it easier to reach your daily protein goals.

Whatever your goals whey protein is bound to help you in some way. If you want to gain more muscle, then this supplement is an obvious yes as you want to be eating enough protein to gain muscle. Eating more protein will also help when trying to lose weight. This is due to protein causing a reduction in hunger and the more muscle mass you put on will also boost metabolism, increasing the calories you burn.


Pre – workout

A supplement that is designed to boost your energy and concentration is pre workout. This supplement contains ingredients like caffeine, l- carnitine and other minerals like zinc. Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in many things like coffee, this keeps you energised for your workouts, improving your performance and the benefits of the workout. There are many studies done with different pre workout formulas that have concluded that taking this supplement improves performance. For this reason, this is a good supplement to take before beginning a workout.

Although pre workout is a good supplement to take, it should be done in moderation as there is a chance you can build up a dependency. There is also a chance of overstimulating and an energy crash once the pre workout has worn off. There is also a chance you can fail a drug test when competing for an athletic competition, but this depends on what supplements are banned. As having too much caffeine can cause overstimulation you want to make sure you start off with a pre workout that isn’t too strong then increase the caffeine content slowly.



Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the body. This helps produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides energy for muscles. Your body can produce creatine or get it through meat, fish or supplements. As more creatine increases the amount of ATP in your muscles, your performance is increased as your muscles have more energy. Benefits are seen in various sports like football, rugby and bodybuilding which is why this supplement has been blowing up in the fitness industry the last few years.

Creatine also offers mental health support when you are tired, and sleep deprived. When you are sleepy your mental performance decreases partially due to a drop in creatine levels in the brain. Meaning if you take creatine before a workout you will also be more focused and engaged. Like many supplements there can be some possible side effects to taking creatine. These include cramping, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration and water retention.


Amino acids (BCAA)

Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) contain three of the nine essential amino acids. These are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are found in protein rich foods like meat and dairy products. The main reason people take this supplement is to gain muscle and it has been proven to be effective. Studies have been done that concluded people who drink 5.6 grams of BCAA after a workout, they had a 22% increase in muscle growth compared to people who did not take the BCAA supplement.

Although BCAA supplements can increase muscle growth, they still need the other essential amino acids to rebuild the microtears formed in the muscles. Its recommended you take BCAAs after food or a protein shake. After a workout will also be good so you can supply your muscles with the amino acids they need.  The negatives of BCAAs are depleted B vitamins and they can also lead to low serotonin levels. Its also important to remember these supplements are not a supplement for food and shouldn’t be a priority over whole foods.


Omega 3 and fatty acids

Omega 3 and fatty acids are essential for you going by your daily activities and can be great for heart health as they are shown to prevent heart disease. Omega 3 can also offer many other health benefits like low blood pressure and reduce plaque build up in arteries. Natural sources of this vitamin in fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, and they can be found in nuts. So, if you are at risk of heart disease or want to prevent it then omega 3 is a supplement you should consider taking.

Omega 3 has also been linked to good mental health. This can be due to this vitamin having anti inflammatory actions which can relieve depression. Omega 3 molecules can also carry mood related molecules throughout the brain. Taking these supplements is generally very safe with little side effects being reported by people who take them. If you are unsure then seek advice from a professional before doing anything.


Overall, if you are new to the supplement game ad are struggling where to start, then these few supplements can help you find the right balance for you. When it comes to sporting supplements these few are the most commonly used and will probably help you reach your goals in some way. However, do not take this article as something you must follow, there may be a supplement out there you need, and we have not mentioned on this list. The best thing to do is research the best supplements to help you reach your goals.