Benefits of alternating training

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Benefits of alternating training

Why you should switch up your routine

We all have our own personal fitness regimes and training practices that are unique to us. With many people changing from this can be a chore and can take someone out of there comfort zone. Well no one’s ever succeeded staying in their comfort zone, so a change to your training could do you some good. Weather its changing your gym split, training type or sport you play, in this article we are going to be sharing the benefits of a change to your fitness lifestyle and how change can benefit you. 
Firstly, we need to state the reasons on why we would like to change our training. Well this could be due to your current regime becoming boring and repetitive. Also, your body getting used to workouts can make them less effective as the movement is something you have done many times before and your muscles are used to doing it. So, changing your regime or alternating your workouts every week is key to preventing plateaus and adaptation to workouts. 

Preventing adaptation

If you find that your progress has dramatically slowed and you are not making as many gains as before then its likely you need to change your workouts as you have adapted to the movements. This is common if you have been sticking with the same schedule for over 2 months and its probably time for a change is you see progress slowing.
When finding a new workout routine there can be a few things to consider. You want to go for something that you enjoy and is the most effective to reaching your goals. Changing your routine could be something as simple as changing your split. For example, doing push, pull and legs instead of one muscle group a day like chest, arms etc… Things you should look at changing when making a new regime is: sets/reps, workouts, intensity, days you workout and the length of the workout. For a more in-depth guide on how you should alternate your workouts check out this article posted on

Lift more 

If you feel like your struggling to lift more and are stuck on the same weight, then this is also a sign that you need to start changing your training regime. This will shock your muscles and push you past the barrier that your stuck behind. It may also give you a chance to strengthen muscles involved in that movement by doing different workouts. This will cause them muscles to get stronger more individually, making the movement easier. 

Make exercising less boring

Many people enjoy exercising and it is a healthy hobby for many. However, doing the same thing repeatedly can get boring and make us less engaged in the activity. By changing our routine, we beat the boredom and are given a chance to try new things we would not otherwise do. For example, running the same course every day can become boring so why not switch it up and run a different rout an include some inclines to challenge yourself. You also get a chance to try new things 
A change in your routine will also keep your brain sharper and helps prevent memory loss. Learning something new also helps your mind grow stronger and stimulates neurons in the brain. This allows electrical impulses to travel faster across them, which can result in better learning and stave off dementia. There could also be anxiety issues helped by a change in training as you can get the chance to meet new people and engage with others more. These are likely to be more approachable people as they are engaging in the same activity as you. 

Meeting new people

When you change your workout routine there is also the possibility you can meet new people. Engaging with others is great for keeping you interested in the workout and for motivation. Working out with others could also lead to less skipped workouts as you are determined not to let your team members or fellow athletes down if the rely on you. A study from the university of Aberdeen showed that you will tend to workout out more and harder with an exercise partner. This could also lead to some friendly competition between you and your friends which is always fun and a good way to track progress. 
There are also many mental health benefits to meeting new people. Theses can include boosting your happiness and reducing stress. Elevated stress levels can lead to health issues like high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. This could also help people with anxiety and social disorders get more comfortable with people. Here they will meet people regularly and can build relationships and bonds through sport and teamwork. 

Prevent injury

Varying movements and working different muscles and joints can reduce the risk of injury. This can give your muscles the time they require to rebuild which they would not get with your previous workout routine. This can also prevent overuse injuries and a repetitive strain injury. This is an injury caused by the overuse of muscles and tendons in the upper body, this can also be caused by poor posture or being in an awkward position for a long period of time. 
As a result of preventing injury you can train more and will not require any time out due to injury. This is great for progress as it reduces setbacks and prevents any other issues associated with missing time from training. Missing time can lead to weight gain, muscle loss and reduced cardiovascular health. To find out more about injury prevention in sport then check out this article on 
Overall, its important to change your workout routine regularly to see more benefits and make progress. Our bodies naturally get used to things and adapt to the movements and this becomes our normal and our “comfort zone”. As we all know to make progress, we have to venture out of our comfort zones and give our muscles the shock they need. When it comes to deciding when to change our workouts its important to look for the signs of adaptation or a block in your fitness progress. This is a good time to change and it is usually around a month before the signs of adaptation may be obvious. As well as adaptation there are many other benefits we went over in this article and all are good reasons to change up your routine to get the maximum benefits from your workout.