Benefits of resistance training.

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Benefits of resistance training.

If you train for any kind of sport or for a hobby, then it’s probably guaranteed you have heard of resistance training. Resistance training can also be referred to as weight training or strength training and involves the use of a resistant force (weights, cables, weight machines) to exercise your muscles. There are many positives to resistance training and in this article, we are going through some of the reasons why you should implement resistance training into your workouts. 


Increased muscle mass

The first positive effect of resistance training is the most obvious and is the reason why gyms and fitness have become very popular in the last few years. With resistance training comes increased muscle mass and strength. Although the amount of muscle or strength gained depends on many factors (e.g. exercise intensity, duration, diet an frequency), resistance training makes it possible to gain muscle and is the best path to take if looking to get bigger and stronger. Some athletes may argue that they have no need to size or strength (e.g long distance runners) however, resistance training not only strengthens muscles but also strengthens joints that can be crucial to injury prevention and aid in beating you personal best time. 

Losing fat

Resistance training is also good for weight management. If you are trying to lose weight, then the weights definitely shouldn’t be ignored. As well as burning calories doing the exercise resistance training also will cause your muscles to grow and therefore, they will require more calories to be maintained. This causes less calories to be stored as fat and more used in the maintenance and repair of muscle tissue. There is also an after - burn affect that is higher when it comes to resistance training. The after-burn affect is when your body still uses energy after a workout has been complete, and this can last up to 24 hours with resistance training. The increased muscle mass will also boost your metabolic rates, and this will also cause your body to burn more energy and have a better fat to muscle ratio. 

Boost your immune system

Research suggests that lifting weights can also bee good to fight off diseases and keep you healthy. Studies have shown that cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer can be staved off by implementing a little bit of resistance training into your lifestyle. Strength training is also good for bones and their health. As you get stronger and lift heavier weight your body will adapt to what you are lifting, as this is the case bones will get stronger. This can be crucial for people aged 30 as after that age your bones start to become less dense. 

It makes you mentally strong

As well as physical benefits there are many mental benefits to resistance training. Lifting weights is proven to reduce depression and anxiety and you will get that feel good factor after your workouts. Resistance training also improves cognitive thinking and tends to make concentration better as its practised during workouts (e.g concentrating to get the right form). There is also research that suggests weightlifting can have positive effects on your short term and long-term memory. And scientists are currently trying to find if this could also help dementia. 
Weightlifting may also improve anxiety and self-esteem and make one feel more confident in their own skin. Exercising releases dopamine that gives you that feel good feeling after a workout. Also, the fact that you physically look better can increase confidence. Resistance training could be a healthy hobby to have as its also proven to reduce depression in individuals. There are many stories out there about people who where at the bottom and then stepped into the gym and have never looked back. 
Weight training is also something to keep the brain occupied and look forward to. I’m sure if you ask an if you ask any gym bro “what is the best part of your day” they will reply with “going to the gym”. Hitting the weights can also act as a form of therapy, at the end of a long hard day its good to release some of that stress out on your workouts rather than keep it bottled up. Resistance can also set you up for the day if training in the morning as it can leave you with the feel good feeling to kick start your day and free you some time in the evening. 
Although many people are very sceptical about resistance training it can be a crucial part of an athletes training regime. These go over some of the benefits of implementing weightlifting into to your workouts. There are very little negatives of resistance training, one of the cons is the risk of injury if form is bad or going too heavy. Overall weights are something every athlete or fitness freak should get into as there are numerous benefits not only physically buy mentally as well.