Benefits of team sports

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Benefits of team sports

Key positives of doing team sport

Many people get into team sports and have likely played once in their life. Although popular with children and younger adults taking part in team sports has many benefits for everyone. There are many sports that can be played as a team and some examples can include football, rugby and even bowling. In this article we are going to be sharing the many benefits of playing team sports and how these could help you not only with your athletic performance but also day to day life.  

It is said by many that doing physical activity as a team is the best way to do exercise. As well as having physical benefits there are also many mental benefits to being a part of a team and working together. One thing we need to remember is that our mental health is equally as important as our physical health and must be seen to. Your brain is also a muscle and requires exercise like every other muscle group. Engaging in group activities gives your brain the engagement and experiences it needs to stay healthy and to keep you in a mentally healthy state. 

Physical benefits 

This one is obvious but there are many physical benefits to engaging in team sports. These can include better fitness levels, lower body fat and more lean muscle mass. Although these benefits rely on what kind of sports you are doing and at what intensity. For example, playing rugby is likely to gain more muscle and fitness than playing golf. Although some sports have different physical benefits than others, they all have something to offer and are definitely worth trying. 
Doing a sport also gives you a physical goal to work up to. Here we will find ourselves training outside our sports training sessions t improve our overall performance. An example could include a football player going to the gym to increase their strength or endurance, this will improve their performance in the sport and is a form of “homework” if you like. As well as improving physical health playing a sport can make you push yourself in ways that you would not have otherwise, this is to get better at the sport and become the best player possible. To read more about how team sports can physically benefit you read this article about physical health and sports. 

Working as a team

In most sports you are required to work as a team and working together will give you the edge on the competition. There are many benefits to working as a team like being able to work with other people, building strong relationships and being a better communicator. All of these skills are key in everyday life and appeal to everyone who doesn’t live in a hole, alone and away from sunlight. Building relationships within the sport is also good as it can teach you to be humble and not be a sore loser. For example, at the end of a rugby match members from both teams will join each other in a club house where they can mingle and make friends. Here the players are given a chance to share viewpoints and congratulate each other, this is great for self and team development as you have the chance to learn from other teams.
Working as a team also builds respect and trust for your fellow members. As you are on the same team you are all working towards the same goal (winning) and the only way you can achieve this is by making sure all of your players are good at what they do and are working together. There is also the support you can receive off other members that will drive you to achieve your goals, and if its not the support that drives you it will be the fact that you do not want to let the other members of your team down as they are relying on you as much as you rely on them. 

Mental benefits

There are also many mental and self esteem benefits to doing a team sport. These can include a form of stress relief as sport is known to release endorphins that can reduce stress and put someone in a better mood. If you would like to fin out more about how exercise effects stress levels in the body, then check out this article by PMC medical. Engaging in the sport and training can also act as a “holiday” for your brain as your taken away from the stresses of everyday life and have to focus on the game. 
Team sports can also boost confidence and self-esteem. Some may argue that they are not good enough to join a team, but the truth is at some point no -one was. Everybody had to start at the bottom at some point in their life and the best time to do it would be around experienced people who can aid you and point you in the right direction. As you develop your skills in the sport you will become more self-confident and this will begin to show while playing, for example in football you will be eager to get the ball as you now have that confidence and skill to know what you are dong and how to do it. 

Builds leaders 

Every sport requires some form of leadership or responsibility. Team sports are great to build leadership as at some point every player will be required to step up and have increased responsibility. Whether this is in a game where you are passed the ball or if you are a team captain, at some point everyone in the team will be a leader. These skills are used everywhere and are something that will stay with you for life. If you are interested in how sports improves leadership skills, then check out this article that goes over the workplace skills gained by sports.  
The increased responsibility can also have many other benefits. These can include improving time keeping and how to manage responsibility. There can also be strategic development from sport as you will be constantly finding out ways your team can gain the advantage on the opponent and how to use take advantage of their weaknesses. This will also aid in working efficiently and effectively to reach your end goal and build a “team mindset”, meaning that you are focused on how your team is operating and look at resolving any issues your team may have.
Overall, there are many benefits to doing a team sport and its highly recommended that you take part in one. Regardless of age, health or status doing a team sport is likely to teach you a thing or two and is a healthy way of socialising. This is also why team sports are recommended for younger children as it gives them the skills that will come useful in later life and gives them a chance to meet new and exciting people. As well as these skills doing sport at a younger age can also aid in bone and muscle development which will lead to a smaller chance pf physical injury or becoming sick. If you would like to read more about the benefits children doing sports then why not take a look at this article by health direct?