Best cardio to do in lockdown

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Best cardio to do in lockdown

Now that gyms are closed and there are restrictions on sports, you may be worried about your fitness declining and putting on a few pounds. Well if you are used to doing cardio at the gym or through sports like football or rugby, then you may not think about maintaining your fitness levels while the season has come to a halt. Well just letting yourself decline isn’t a good thing as these pushes back your progress and halts you from reaching your fitness goals. Also not doing cardio during lockdown can also make you gain unwanted fat as your lifestyle my not involve being active like before.  So if you’re looking for good forms of cardio to do during lockdown then this is the article for you as we are going to be sharing the forms of cardio that would be best suited to replace your sports or the machines in the gym.


Why you should increase cardio

One thing someone will say if you tell them it’s a good idea to increase the amount of cardio they are doing is “why”? One reason why is that a lot of people are restricted to what they can do and if they can go out. As this is the case people are going to become less active and this can cause many issues like fat gain and decreased cardiovascular health.

Also being cooped up in the house all day is something that can drive some people insane. So getting some fresh air once in a while is not only good for physical health but also mental health. There is much proof suggesting that getting exercise can reduce stress levels and help with anxiety and depression. This will also give you a chance to go outdoors and breath better quality air than that you would be getting indoors. Reducing your stress levels can also put you in a better overall mood and increase energy as cardio can improve sleep and quality of sleep.



Running or walking

The most common forms of cardio that majority of people do on a daily basis is running and walking. Although walking is fairly low intensity it still offers a range of health benefits like improving circulation and strengthening muscles in your legs. There are also a range of mental health benefits associated with running as it is a low intensity exercise that gives you time to thing and be alone for a bit. So, if you have found that you have become less active due to lockdown and restrictions then going for a walk is something that you should consider doing. Although you may not burn a tremendous number of calories by walking there is a range of other health benefits that you just can’t miss out on.

If you are into slightly higher intensity forms of cardio, then going for a run is something you should start doing during lockdown. Running can help strengthen bones and muscles in your legs as it’s a weight baring exercise and can contribute to increasing your V02 max levels.  This will decrease your chances of getting a cardiovascular or respiratory illness.  Although there are many benefits associated with jogging there are a few possible disadvantages if you don’t train smart. These include the increased risk of injury if you’re not carful to warm up and cool down, also don’t forget stretches as these can reduce the soreness experienced after a long run.


Home HIIT workout

If you are looking to really up the intensity, then why not try a home HIIT cardio workout? There are many benefits of doing HIIT workouts and this is a form of cardio that stimulates muscle growth and fat loss. This will ease everyone’s fear of cardio eating away muscle and causing you to look like a walking skeleton.  Well with high intensity training, your muscle loss is minimised, and you can actually gain muscle. Different forms of HIIT training can also be done indoors meaning you can do these workouts from the comfort of your home which limits your contact with the outside world. An example of a home HIIT workout can include sprinting in the garden followed by 15 press ups.

There are also many different HIIT workout videos that are available. These involve raising your heart rate through vigorous workouts and offer a mix of high intensity and moderate intensity workouts. Although a fitness plan that you pay for will have some benefits, there are many free videos out there that require nothing but a good internet connection and you iron will to complete the workouts. If copying a video just is not you then try writing your own HIIT workout that includes your favourite movements.



This is a form of cardio with many benefits. This workout improves upper body strength especially in your back, arms and shoulders.  This also provides a workout for your legs and is a full body workout that targets all the main muscle groups.  The rowing movement is also impact free, which means it is easy on joints and decreases the chance of injury. Although some may find rowing for hours on end quite boring, there are many different twists you can put to your rowing workout that is certain to keep you engaged and focused. Rowing machines are also great calorie burners as just one thirty minute session can burn approximately 300 calories, this can be increased as many rowing machines offer a range of difficulties that make the workout harder or easier.

Although rowing equipment can be expensive, there are a few cheaper rowing machines that are on the market. Also, rowing is a mind clearing workout as the rhythm of rowing can have similar effects to meditation as it can relieve stress and put you in a good mood.  If you row on water this can also have many benefits as it offers a calming effect, according to an article by Dr Hank Schneider.  Again, relieving stress levels has many benefits and can improve quality of life. If you ae someone who prefers to be alone this exercise can be ideal for you, as you have the option to do it at home or hit the open water and go at it full steam.


In conclusion, when stuck at home its important we stay active and make up for the exercise we are missing. If you are under lockdown restrictions due to COVID – 19 then being locked up in your house all day is something that is not only bad for your physical health but can also be detrimental to your mental health. Doing some cardio is something that will keep your mind in shape and your body, this can lead to improved sleep, mood and can prevent you from gaining unwanted weight during lockdown.  One thing you need to remember is that no harm has ever come from doing a bit of cardio and this will promote a healthy heart, lungs, and body.