Best cures for a hangover

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Best cures for a hangover

Drinking is one of the most popular recreational pass times and is enjoyable for many. Whether its having a quick pint after work or going on a booze fuelled night out drinking is many people’s choice of recreational substance. Although everything may seem great with alcohol there are a few drawbacks and one of these is a hangover. This is the horrible feeling that you may experience the day after a night of big drinking and can give you a stomach-ache and make you feel nausea. This is an unpleasant feeling and in this article, we are going to be sharing a few of the things you can be doing to help relieve your hangover symptoms.


What is a hangover?

As we have said previously a hangover is the unpleasant feeling that is experienced after a nigh of drinking. They aren’t always experienced after drinking and also the volume of drinking probably won’t make much off a difference as they can also be experienced even when only drinking lightly. However, if you’re drinking a lot then your more likely to suffer from a hangover the next day. Symptoms of a hangover include things like fatigue, nausea, headaches, and many other things that generally make the feeling very unpleasant.

A hangover usually lasts a few hours after waking up depending on the severity. In some cases, it can ruin the whole day after as you’re going to be feeling like you just want to sleep in for the day. The symptoms vary from person to person but in some cases a hangover can be more serious as they can cause seizures or passing out. A hangover shouldn’t be confused with other drinking related disorder like alcohol poisoning which is also caused by drinking too much and can be serious to health.


Drink water

We all know the healthiest drink you can have is a glass of water and this brings many benefits. It may come to no shock that drinking water can actually relieve some of the symptom of a hangover. When under the influence you may find that you are urinating more than usual, and this is due to alcohol causing the body to lose water. This can make you feel dehydrated and dry so drinking water to replace the amount you have lost is a good idea as this can relieve some of the symptoms of the hangover and help to cleanse the alcohol out of your system.

After a heavy night of drinking its always a good idea to keep a water bottle at your bedside. This is because you’re more likely to wake up in the middle of our sleep dehydrated and craving a drink. Also, water is recommended as things like fizzy drinks can increase the absorption of alcohol in your body. For this reason, its good to drink water between alcoholic drinks and before going to bed. As dehydration can worsen the symptoms like headache and fatigue.


Eat carbs

You may have heard that eating on an empty stomach will get you drunk quicker. Well, this is true as carbohydrates help to soak up some of the alcohol and release it into your blood stream slower. This is especially with complex carbs like oats as they release energy slower. This can help to relieve hangover symptoms like fatigue as the carbohydrates will give you the energy you need to get going with your day.  Also, alcohol lowers your blood sugar levels and make you feel dizzy so eating carbohydrates to raise it again can help you feel more alive.

Also, when drinking you may experience increase acid in your stomach, and this can be unpleasant and can make you feel sick. Carbohydrates help to adsorb this increases acid and relieve the symptom of a burning stomach and feeling sick. So, when going out for a drink having some carbohydrates before and after is a good idea to make sure you don’t get too drunk, and you don’t feel bad the next day.



You may have might have heard of ginseng, this is a herb that grows natively in parts of north America and Asia. For many years this herb has been used in herbal medicines and cooking as it has many health benefits. When it comes to curing a hangover, red ginseng seems to be the way forward but if you don’t have this readily available then a red ginseng supplement should work the same way. One way this helps is because it can help to reduce the alcohol levels in your blood, thus will make you feel less drunk and relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

Ginseng is a herb that is in the same family as ginger so has similar affects. Another way this can help with a hangover is because ginseng is an anti-inflammatory, this means it helps to reduce inflammation which is going to help to relieve some hangover symptoms. The beauty of this herb is that it can be taken as a supplement which is quick and easy and can give you hangover relief for when you need it most and can lower the alcohol levels in your blood.



We have all been told to eat fruit and get our 5 a day. Fruit has many benefits to your health and is recommended you eat daily. When it comes to curing a hangover, fruit is a good natural remedy as it contains sugar called fructose which is found in fruits like mangoes, pears, and berries. This sugar can help give you energy when your feeling lethargic after a night of drinking and helps to replenish the glucose stores in your body. The fructose can also increase enzyme production in your liver. This makes it easier for your liver to process alcohol and puts you at a lower risk of damaging your organ.

Also, fruit contains water which is also good for a hangover. So, eating fruit can help you stay hydrated and replace some of the water that alcohol made you lose. The excess water can also help to decrease your blood sugar concentration that was raised by eating fruit and drinking alcohol.  You’re five a day also replaces any electrolytes and antioxidants that can improve your hangover an help to flush the alcohol out of your system. When deciding which fruit to eat this can be tricky as everyone is different and offers their own benefits for example bananas are a great source of potassium but avocados are a good source of health fats to give you energy.


Tea and coffee

For many having a tea of a coffee first thing in the morning is part of your usual routine, hover this habit can actually do you some good after a nigh out drinking. Firstly, these drinks contain caffeine which is a stimulant known to give you energy and make you more focused. Taking this when suffering from a hangover can make you feel a lot better as you will have some energy to get out of bed and get on with your day. However, this is only a quick fix and will only last until the affects of the caffeine wear off.

Although all may seem good by just relying of coffee and tea to cure your hangover, doing this can also make matters worse in some cases. Coffee is known to dehydrate your body and doing this after a night of drinking is going to make symptoms worse. This can increase your headache and can make you feel generally sick and dehydrated. Although its not the best remedy its still one of the most popular helping people get out of be in the morning after a night out.


So, if you ever find yourself with a hangover and are finding it difficult to function in the morning. Here are a few foods and drinks you can have that are going to help with your hangover symptoms and make you get on with your day. If you still find yourself feeling rough even after doing these tips then the best thing for you is to rest and try not to do anything vigorous during the day.