Can virtual fitness help you?

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Can virtual fitness help you?

In this day and age new technology is getting released all the time. This tech is designed to help us and make our lives easier. However, now we are staring to see devices and things that make our fitness easier, from watches that count our calories burned to apps on our phones that tell us what to eat we now have it all. One thing that has become very popular is virtual fitness and this may be something that can benefit you. In this article we are going to be sharing the benefits of virtual fitness and how it can help you stay in shape.


What is virtual fitness?

After hearing the words “virtual fitness” an image of wearing a VR headset while working out may have sprung to mind. However, this term is used to describe technology’s role in your workouts. For example, you should watch a workout video or attend an online class over a video call which all count as virtual fitness. This can be done instead of physically having to commute to your fitness classes or local gym.

There are many benefits to doing virtual fitness and it has recently become very popular. This has been due to gyms and sports being closed due to covid and virtual fitness can be done at home, meaning that you are limiting your contact with other people which reduces the chances of catching or spreading the virus. There are also many forms of virtual fitness that range from things like watching workout videos or doing online fitness classes.


Can be done anywhere

The thing that has made virtual fitness so popular in the past few years is that it doesn’t require you to go anywhere, and you can get a workout from the comfort of your own home. This means your less likely to catch anything like a virus or covid as your not interacting with other people. Also, it can be good for a busy schedule as it cuts out the commute time that’s needed to travel to a fitness centre or gym to get a workout in.

Also, you need very little to start working out as the basics you need are a device to watch your video on and an area big enough to do your workouts. With some exercises you may require some equipment, but many exercises done virally require inexpensive and little equipment.  Also, the fact that it can be done at home is great for those who suffer from gym anxiety or feel anxious when they are around other people. At home there is also a chance that you will find it easier to concentrate as there is minimal distractions.



Another reason why virtual fitness is popular is because the time involved in doing it. Virtual fitness seems to be a lot quicker than normal workouts, and this is because of a few things. For starters virtual fitness doesn’t require you to travel anywhere as it can usually be done from your home. This cuts out the commute time and traffic going to the gym or field to workout. Also, there is a low start-up time to workout as all you need to do is play your video and roll out your workout mat.

Also, there will be no need to rush to make a class or meet your friends at the gym. With the world of virtual fitness, you are free to move at your own leisure and can workout whenever you want, with no worries to meet a class at a certain time or get to the gym before rush hour. Also, there is no need to wait for others for example in the gym you would wait for someone to finish on a machine which isn’t needed when working out virtually.



We all get bored doing the same thing every day and sometimes a change is good. This is the same with workouts as the same thing all the time can become repetitive and make exercising feel more like a chore rather than it being enjoyable. This is where virtual fitness can put you at an advantage as it offers a wide variety of different exercise styles that you can pick and choose from when deciding to workout. Here you have a chance to try out different things and you may find something you like.

Also, the great thing of virtual fitness is that its hard to get bored because of the variety of workouts available. Whether you enjoy doing yoga or like cross fit or HIIT training with a bit more intensity, you will find something that suits you. Although the range of workouts is pretty much endless, you can still face a few drawbacks. Unlike a gym at home, you only have limited equipment. This can limit what you can you and how much you are able to push your body.


Cost effective

Fitness can be expensive when you add up gym memberships, travel cost and also any gear you need to workout this can put quite a dent in your wallet. This is where virtual fitness can be an advantage as al you really require is a good internet connection and also a device to watch the video on. This can save your wallet as some gym memberships can be expensive with the average gym being around £20 a month and some rising all the way to £80. Also commuting to the gym can add up over time and its likely a journey you make multiple times a week.

Although virtual fitness classes may be quite cheap compared to other forms of training. They are not always cost free as many classes require you to pay. However, the cost is usually low and shouldn’t break the bank. Also, some home equipment that you need in the classes may be quite expensive but can be a worth while investment. Also, many of the fitness classes are hosted by personal trainers that otherwise would be quite costly in the gym or leisure centre.



Like everything virtual fitness isn’t perfect and does have a few drawbacks. One of these is that it can be easy to get distracted at home and start procrastinating. This will make you lose focus which means you will get bored quickly and find it hard to be motivated. Also, you have limited contact with the instructor and other members of the class which can also hinder motivation. This can also put you at a risk of injury as there is no one to let you know if your form is good and doing something wrong increases your injury risk.

We all know that fitness can also have a social aspect. By doing a sport or going to the gym you are given a chance to meet new people and possibly make some friends. With virtual fitness this is hard as generally you don’t have contact with other people, so you are missing out on the chance to meet new people.  Also, virtual fitness is very dependent on your device and internet connection. If you have a poor internet connection, then you may find yourself in front of a freezing screen which is going to be annoying when you’re trying to break a sweat. To overcome this, you may be able to find different ways to improve your internet connection.

In conclusion, virtual fitness is a new modern way of working out. It involves modern technology like smartphones and tablets to watch a fitness video that can be followed from the comfort of your home. This has become very popular the last few years as it can be convenient and limits you contact with other people which has been a necessity since the outbreak of COVID. Also, many personal trainers are making the switch to doing online classes as it offers benefits for both trainer and the person watching it.