Can you out supplement  bad diet?

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Can you out supplement bad diet?

In the fitness industry supplements ae becoming increasingly popular and are great for heling you stay health or reach your goals. Its not just in the fitness industry where supplements are used as many people may take a vitamin supplement daily to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. As supplements are becoming more popular many people are neglecting the other key aspects of staying fit and healthy like diet. Many believe that you can make a bad diet right by taking supplements, but this isn’t the case as we are going to be sharing with you in this article why you should always put your diet before supplements.


Food is more important

We all know that we need food to survive, and we will surely die without it. Eating good and health food will give you more nutrients when compared to supplements and contains things like fibre that are essential for health and aid digestion. Some people may argue that they can’t get enough nutrients from there diet which is caused by a poor diet. In this case they should review their diet and make changes as a person should be able to get all the nutrients they need from there diet and this is better then getting them from supplements. You should only look at taking dietary supplements is your diet is already good and you’re looking for that little extra nutrient support. 

In the fitness industry supplement are popular as they allow you to meet your macro nutrient goals that may be hard to hit just of dieting alone. For example, if your protein and carb intake is high then you may feel like you need to take supplements as well as food as the volume of food you would be consuming to meet the target would be too high. Although they can be good some supplements can have some side effects and these can include nausea, digestive upset, flushed skin and dehydration. For excessive use of supplements then the side effects could be much worse.


When to take supplements?

Many people may just dive straight into taking supplements without thinking about it. You may not need to take them and can be wasting money. If your low on nutrients, then the first thing you should be looking at improving is your diet. If your unable to get enough nutrients from your diet and it’s the best it can be only then should you look at taking supplements for extra support if you need it. Also, if your in a condition where you need extra support then you should be looking at taking supplements and an example of this is a pregnant woman or child taking vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure they are staying healthy.

Another reason to take supplements is for athletic support and improve things like recovery and performance. Many supplements can help for this and are used by many athletes. However, these should be taken in moderation and you should read the label before consuming. Taking too much performance enhancing supplements can have negative effects and an example can be taking too much pre workout formula as this can cause vomiting, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. There are also many natural ways you can improve performance that doesn’t involve taking supplements but doing this is easier and more convenient.


Diet is important

There is a popular phrase that says “you are what you eat”, and this couldn’t be more true. One of the most important thing to your health is your diet and you need to make sure your eating healthy. Dieting is said to be one of the hardest parts to staying health as there are too many tempting sugary treats and fatty meals that are delicious but are not good for you. Making sure you’re eating right can also help you reach your goals quicker for example if your trying to lose weight then exercising will help, but most of the weight loss is dictated by your diet and the type of food you are consuming.

A bad diet can put you on the road of not making any gains or progress towards your fitness goals. Exercise can help but you cant out exercise a bad diet in the same way you cant just take supplements and not pay attention to your diet as this can have negative effects on your health. Your diet should be your main source of nutrients which makes it important and something you should pay attention to as food is more important than supplements when it comes to getting nutrients.


Supplements don’t work miracles

Many people get the idea that many supplements are going to work miracles and an example can be taking whey protein and thinking your instantly going to become huge. This is a common misconception and many supplements just make things easier and you still need to have a good diet and training to see results. Let’s face it if it was that easy then everyone would be ripped.  You may find some supplements to be completely useless, so you need to check your needs and what your goas are before taking supplements. Remember that supplements are not essential, but they may make things easier.

When it comes to dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals then these can make a big difference and improve quality of life. For example, if your anaemic and can’t get enough nutrients and iron through your diet then taking supplements helps you stay fit and healthy. However, you want to make sure you require these supplements before taking them as having too many vitamins and minerals may also cause some possible harmful effects on the body.


Life before supplements

One thing that we need to remember is that there where days when supplements where not like todays and the range was very limited. Back in them days to stay fit and healthy people just had to rely on some good old-fashioned training and diet, which means that supplements are not essential and your are able to reach a good fitness level without them. Most of the time the supplements are used as they make meeting your nutrient goals easy and they are relatively quick and easy to take. If you where to not take supplements, then you would have to pay more attention to your diet to make sure your getting all the nutrients you need.


Supplements do hold some benefits

With all we have said in this article you’re probably thinking that there is no point in taking supplements. Well, taking supplements does offer some benefits and one of these is convenience. For example if you have just completed a workout and need to give your muscles a quick hit of protein then a whey protein shake is quick and easy and is high in protein. This makes it easier to time when you give your body nutrients if you’re going for maximum gains. Supplements can also make it easier for you to hit your nutrient goals if they are high and can be hard to hit with the food you have available to you.

Its not just the sporting and bodybuilding supplements that can help as many people take things live vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure they are staying healthy and getting everything, they need. There are also supplements you can be taking for things like cardiovascular and joint support. Taking these will improve your quality of life and reduce the chances of developing heart disease or suffering from arthritis. These can be especially useful for those at risk.


Overall if you lead a bad diet and just try to take supplements to make up for it then your going to end up getting nowhere and can cause some negative effects to your health. Remember that food is the most important thing you should be putting into your body and you should never put supplements before food. With that said if your diet is pretty good then you could be looking at tasking supplements to give you that extra support and nutrients you may need to reach you fitness goals.