CBD and fittness

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CBD and fittness

A supplement that is rapidly increasing in popularity is CBD (cannabidiol).  This is a supplement that is advertised mostly to reduce anxiety and depression but there are also many other health benefits of taking CBD. If you are wandering where this substance comes from then you may be surprised to find out it comes from marijuana. Although this is one of the key ingredients in marijuana, CBD itself is not known to cause any kind of high and your body does not build up a dependency on it. Most of the united stated and the United Kingdom have legalised the use of CBD.


Mental benefits

The initial use of CBD was for medicine and was to treat anxiety and other conditions. Many people with anxiety have written about using CBD as a form of medicine. They all show similar effects like reduced irritability and improved overall mood.  As well as anxiety CBD can also be used to treat epilepsy.  It has reduced the amount of seizures and improved seizure control with people who suffer from epilepsy. Although studies are still difficult due to regulations around marijuana, there is still evidence suggesting it is an effective treatment for epilepsy.

There are also suggestions that CBD can help treat depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  There was a study that looked at the effects of CBD and animal moods.  It concluded that the CBD effected receptors in the brain that can cause mood changes, and there where antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects.  When it comes to replacing antidepressant medication CBD is a good alternative as it does not involve any of the side effects the medicine can cause. These include mood swings, agitation, and sexual dysfunction. 


Reduce pain during workouts

One-way CBD can help us while training is by reducing muscular pain. It as been used for centuries and is in many traditional medicines for pain relief. One-way CBD can reduce pain is as it acts as a interceptor for pain signals, this causes pain receptors in the brain to be blocked from the pain signal. There is studies that concluded CBD to be effective for overall pain relief and have no known negative side effects.

As it can be used to relieve pain, CBD has many more uses then to stop muscle aching after a good workout. If you suffer from any kind of chronic pain, then CBD has been known to help and provide pain relief.  It has also been known to help people withdraw from drugs, treat acne and reduce risks of cancer.


Muscle growth

When it comes to growing muscle and strength then CBD can be of some help. CBD promotes anti – catabolic responses by intensify endocannabinoid receptors. When this system is activated it prevents the body from losing muscle mass, which can also improve growth and recovery.  A reduced number of catabolic hormones in the body contributes to muscle less. Also, the reduce muscular pain caused by CBD can also lead to an increase in muscle mass. Reduced cortisol levels is something also experienced when taking CBD.  This is good for muscle growth as cortisol is a catabolic hormone meaning it contributed to the breakdown of muscle tissue.


Taking CBD may also improve sleep and rest. As cortisol is a “stress hormone” then reducing this can lead to better sleep and mood. Getting more sleep can increase muscle growth as your muscles repair themselves better when you in a resting state so more sleep can result in more gains.  If you take any other supplements or medication, then result a professional before taking CBD as it could interact with other substances and have possible harmful side effects.


Fat loss

When it comes to losing fat, many people have found taking CBD to help. As the products are becoming more and more mainstream there are many weigh loss stories out there sharing the benefits of using this supplement to assist you in losing weight.  CBD is a cannabinoid. We naturally produce cannabinoids, and these are called endocannabinoids.  These are known to have a role in appetite control, food intake and energy balance. This can means using CBD restores cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system so these functions can be controlled better.


Having a healthy endocannabinoid system will mean that your appetite can be reduced, and you can use energy more effectively. Another benefit can also be a more effective metabolism. This means that your body will burn more fat easily and the number of calories at rest will also increase.  CBD is also an effective treatment for depression and stress. Depression and raised cortisol levels can be a key factor in weight gain as it can lead to binge eating and not having the motivation to train.


How to take them?

If you are wandering how to take CBD then it just comes down to personal preference. With the growing popularity of the supplement there are always new CBD products being developed. The most popular product includes oral sprays, chews and vapes. There is also a range of dosages from 200 mg up to and beyond 3000 mg. When it comes to how to consume them it is just down to personal preference. Try different ways to take it and finds what works for you. When deciding on what dosage then its recommended you start with a small dosage and work your way up. For example, starting on 200 mg then going to 500 mg and then 1000 mg.  


Side effects

Like everything there are some side effects associated with taking CBD. Some side effect can include fry mouth, diarrhoea, reduced appetite, fatigue, and drowsiness. If you are on other medications, then there is also a chance that the CBD can interact with these. As well as side effects from taking the supplements there is also a danger that the purity of the CBD isn’t great, and the dosage may not be correct. There is also a possibility that the products could contain other substances that may be harmful for health.

In conclusion taking CBD is something that ca help any kind of athlete. There are health benefits being found all the time for this supplement and as it becomes more popular there will be more research done. We have seen how CBD can help athletes and the side effects and we can see it is very effective supplement.  Although its very good it’s important that you consult a doctor or professional before beginning to take it.