Common exercise mistakes

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Common exercise mistakes

When working out its important you are doing it in the correct way to reap the maximum benefits and reduce the possible harm it can be doing to your body. To newbies, making sure you’re training correctly should be at the top of your list of things to do as learning the correct way at the start will reduce the time it would take in the future to break a bad habit. Whatever your style of training whether it is CrossFit or bodybuilding, not making training mistakes and doing everything correctly is always a priority. At some point in your fitness journey everyone has seen someone do a workout incorrectly and because of this they can stand a good chance of injuring themselves. If you’re wondering if there aren’t any mistakes made in your training regime then you in luck, as in this article we are going to be sharing the most common mistakes make in the fitness industry.


Bad form

One thing that is very important when lifting weights is form. This is the way you do the exercise and bad form can lead to many harmful effects. Not lifting the weights correctly can lead to you being seriously injured which is going to put some down time on those gains. When lifting we need t apply proper mechanics, this is when the exercise is working the muscles, we intend for it to work with a reduced chance of injury compared to using improper mechanics. An example could include when deadlifting many people tend to lift with their backs which is bad form. This increases the risk of a back injury and is not working our legs and core as much as it should be. Having proper form means the load of the weight is distributed correctly across the muscles that are targeted, meaning they are getting a good workout while you are at less risk of hurting yourself.

Having poor form also decreases the efficiency of your workouts. This means your not getting the full potential of your workout and this can make results and progress slower than usual or non-existent. This is due to your muscles not being properly worked during a workout as poor form leads to other muscle groups being engaged. This reduces the load on the target group which creates less microtears in the muscle, so it won’t grow back as big when compared to using proper form. Bad form can also cause these unintentionally engaged muscles and joints to be damaged which can cause an injury. Being injured also leads to more time out of the gym which is another way your progress and be slow down.


Doing too much cardio

This is a very controversial point but there is such a thing as doing too much cardio. The amount of cardio you should be doing depends on your goals and what you want to get out of training. For some doing a great deal of cardio is ideal as they may be training for endurance or want to shed a few pounds. However, many people tend to over do it on the treadmills and begin to wander if the gym is worth it when they are seeing little to no results. If you are training for muscle mass, then doing hours of cardio isn’t going to get you closer to your goals. Although you may feel sore after a cardio session, there is very little muscle growth that happens, and this pain isn’t tears in you muscle but is lactic acid build up. With that said there are still many other benefits like fat loss and improved overall fitness that comes with doing cardio.

Doing a lot of cardio can also have other health effects other than making it harder to gain muscle. Too much cardio can also lead to bad quality of sleep and restlessness. There is also a chance your body mass and fat levels could drop to unsafe levels and having body fat that is too low can cause weaken your immune system and cause you to be irritable and tired all the time. If you’re a woman as well, you may find your menstrual cycle to become irregular and may find it takes longer to recover between workouts.


Not resting

Not getting enough rest can have a big impact on your body and this is a common mistake made by many people. When you rest this gives your muscles a chance to recover and grow back bigger and stronger. This gets them ready for the next workout and makes sure they are at there strongest when you train. If you’re not getting enough rest, then your muscles are already fatigued as they haven’t had the sufficient rest time to grow back and recover. This puts you at a reduced risk of injury due to overuse.

For some having a rest day can be hard. If you are really dedicated to training, then not going to the gym or being active can make you feel anxious. Well, there is a possibility you could engage in some light exercise on your rest days, but nothing too strenuous. By resting you are also improving performance as your muscles are not fatigued before training. So, having a rest day may seem like its putting a halt on your fitness but in reality rest is just as important as training.


Not being consistent

Going to the gym six days a week can seem like a chore to some people. However, being consistent offers many benefits and is a key part of reaching your goals quickly. By not planning out your training regime and sticking to this every week, you are not getting the most of your workouts. Being consistent can also teach you lessons and can make you more determined towards your goals. You will also see progress quicker as you will be training more frequently meaning your benefitting more in a shorter space of time. For many things’ consistency is key, but when it comes to training this could not be truer.

As well as a load of physical benefits, there are also some mental benefits that you can get from training consistently. One of these is reduced stress as taking it out on the dumbbells everyday can relieve stress and elevate your mood. Having less stress can also reduce your risk of depression and other conditions like high blood pressure. Frequent exercise also caused you to be more confident as you will look better and feel healthier.


Having a big ego

Going into the gym confident and challenging yourself is good and is what you should be doing to get the most out of your training and gain some serious muscle. However, being too confident can cause some damage and this is a common mistake made by many when training. In the weightlifting community these people are known as “ego lifters” and can be spotted half repping the heaviest dumbbells they can pick up. Doing this increases their risk of injury as they are not performing the repetitions correctly. Due to this, they also aren’t getting as much benefit from doing the exercise as someone doing it properly ad at the weight they can manage.

Lifting with your ego is a common practice for gym beginners. This is because they gym can be a big scary place to the rookie and seeing all the buff toned guys around can make them feel small. So, to prove themselves to the experience lifters, people tend to try and lift more weight than they should be and as a result are putting themselves at risk of serious muscular or joint injury.  Instead of lifting too much the best thing to do is start low and on something you can rep with proper form. Then you can slowly work your way up to the higher weights. Although this may seem long compared to just going straight for the heavy stuff, it offers way more benefits and reduced risk of injury.


In conclusion there are a few mistakes people tend to make when training and its not just the beginners I have seen do it. Many times, I have witnessed gym OG’s make rookie mistakes, but this doesn’t mean they are going to lose all their hard-earned gains. Everyone is guilty of doing some of these at some point, but the key thing is not to make a habit of them. These mistakes are easily made and can be overlooked on many instances. So, if you are new to training or are just wandering what mistakes to look out for, you can now go back to your training regime and try and spot if you are making any of these common mistakes.