Core exercises to do at home

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Core exercises to do at home

Exercising at home can be a challenge and your limited to what equipment you may have. One muscle group that is one of the easiest to train at home is your core. This is the group of muscles between your chest and pelvis and is more important than you might think. If gyms are ever closed or you find yourself having to workout at home, then your core should be a main focus as the workouts are easy to do and require very little to no equipment. If you’re looking for some of these workouts to target your core muscles, then read on as we are going to be sharing core exercises you can do anywhere.


Why is training you core important?

You may be wandering why you would want to train your core other than to get a six-pack. Well, the truth is there are many benefits to training your core muscles and one of them is a reduced risk of injury and back pains. This is because a strong core keeps your posture good and reduces the stress on your back. This is also good when exercising as this can put strain on your back. This is also likely to improve your performance in certain things as your core muscles can take more weight than your back.

Stability is also a reason why you should train your core. This is something that can come in handy for everyone no matter what style your training is. Whether its running, swimming, or weightlifting having good balance and stability can benefit you and will reduce your risk of getting injured. The location of your core muscles makes them one to train as they attach your torso to the lower part of your body and are responsible for combining the strength of both.  Your core is also made up of many different muscles, so you want to make sure you’re not neglecting these in your training.


Sit Ups


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Sit ups are the most common and well-known core exercise there is. This involves laying down with your legs bent so your knees are in the air. You then have to sit up until your chest touches your knees without lifting your feet off the floor. You then repeat this motion for how many repetitions you can do and try not to cheat and bounce up or swing your arms to propel you up. As you may have already figured the main benefit of this exercise is that it requires no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere with a floor. There are also many different variations of sit ups out there, so you don’t get bored doing the same movement all the time.

Doing sit ups can also improve your flexibility and work you leg muscles. Although they may seem all good their can be some negatives of doing this exercise. One of the negatives of doing sit ups are that if they aren’t done properly and one of these is possible injury to your back. Also, the hard ground may cause injury to your back so try and do them on a soft surface like a workout mat.



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This is a workout that is dreaded by many and can make a minute seem like hours. This workout originated in Pilates exercises but soon became popular as it offers many benefits to your core muscles.  This workout is done when you lay in a push up position and put your arms in front of you taking the weight on your fore arms. You then have to hold this position for as long as you can and track your progress by how long you can hold your position, not repetitions. This is also one of a few workouts that engages the majority of your core muscles as they have to work hard to keep you straight when doing the exercise.

Doing a plank can be boring especially for the long periods of time, however there are also ways you can liven things up by giving the standard plank movement a little twist. These include touching your shoulders, reverse plank, single arm planks and many more.  With this movement there can be a few possible negatives if not done properly. These are that doing the plank can put pressure on your spine, you are also limited to the muscle growth as you won’t be able to add a lot of weight when doing this movement.


Russian twist

The Russian twist is a very effective core exercise that targets all your core muscles and your obliques, as well as engaging your legs and back muscles. This movement is done by sitting on the floor with your knees bent and feet pressing against the floor. You then lean back slightly keeping your back straight and twist you’re your torso left and right. To make the movement harder many people hold a weight which is one benefit of doing this exercise. This workout can also be done in many different variations and is easy to do as no or very little equipment is required.

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A major benefit of this exercise is that it targets majority of your core muscles and your obliques. It can also be done at a high intensity if you are looking to burn a few more calories. This core exercise will also improve your balance and stability which is something everyone can benefit from no matter what your training style may be. This workout does have some potential risks as bad form can lead to spinal injury and back pain. Also, as there is weight involved this adds weight to your spine so this can also cause possible harm. There are many different variations to Russian twists to make them safer and increase their effectiveness on your core.



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A common core exercise you have probably seen people in the gym doing are crunches. These are similar to sit ups but isolate your core more and have a smaller range of motion. To do this movement you need to lye on the floor on your back. Place your feet hip width apart and on the floor like you would with a sit up. Use your core to raise your upper body but not all the way. There are many different variations of this exercise and one is the bicycle crunch which involves placing your arms on your head with your elbows pointing towards your feet. You then raise your elbow and opposite foot and touch above your core. This is then repeated for each side and is usually higher intensity when compared to the standard crunch.

The crunch is an easy to do exercise that is accessible for everyone. With that said there are a few negatives of crunches and one of these is that it can induce back pain. This is similar to sit ups causing back pain as you may be bending your back too much or are on a hard surface. Crunches also only really target your core muscles and nothing else like many other exercises. This makes them not very good for burning calories or trying to lose weight.


Dead Bug

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The dead bug is a core exercise you may not have heard of as it has a very peculiar name. But don’t let its label fool you as when it comes to core exercises this is very effective and has many benefits. This movement is done by lying with your back flat on the floor. You then put one arm straight into the air and when you do bend the opposite leg at a right angle, so your shin is parallel to the floor. You then have to repeat this movement for each side and for as many repetitions you can do. The reason that this exercise is called “the dead bug” is because the look of you lying on your back when doing this move resembles a dead insect.

Like many we have mentioned on this list this is an easy exercise to do and can be done anywhere with no equipment. The injury risk is also very low but there are still ways you can. One way is if your back isn’t flat and is arching against the floor. This puts pressure on your spine and is more likely to result in injury. But when it comes to exercises like crunches and sit ups, the dead bug is the least risky.


Leg raises

Leg raises are a very good exercise and work your abs especially your lower abs. If you are looking to get v lines (the lines that run down the side of your core to your waist), then this is a good exercise to build that area and get more definition. This exercise is done by lying flan on the floor facing upwards. You then raise your legs till they are at a right angle and facing upwards. You then repeat this for repetitions and make sure you do the movements slowly and controlled.

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There are also many different variations of leg raises you can do, and all have their advantages. For example, one variation can include doing hanging leg raises from a bar instead of lying on the floor. Overall, this is a great core exercise, but it does have its few disadvantages. A common mistake is arching your back which causes unnecessary pressure on your spine which like many core exercises has a risk of causing a back injury.


Overall, when it comes to core exercises that are easy to do wherever you are then you can be spoiled for choice. Here we have mentioned just a few easy exercises that are effective in strengthening your core. Having a strong core doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a six pack as this is just core definition which heavily depends on your body fat. Having a strong core will benefit you as you will be more stable and have better balance which is useful in everyday applications.