Dealing with a break from the gym

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Dealing with a break from the gym

One thing that effects everyone who is into keeping in shape is gyms closing due to COVID- 19 restrictions. One thing that can be challenging is dealing with a break from the gym and training, this can be detrimental to a persons mental and physical health so its important you try and keep yourself active and busy during these times and don’t let the break get the better of you. In this article we are going to be sharing ways that can help you cope with your time off the gym and how you and make the most of your time.


Try some home workouts

One way you can keep up with your fitness goals and keep you occupied is by doing home workouts. Whether it’s a fitness video or body weight exercises, anything will do. This will help you realise that to make progress does not rely on fancy equipment or machines, just action and determination. Doing home workouts will also force you to educate yourself more about fitness, as you will have to research different exercises and workouts you will get to know what movements benefit which muscles.

There are also many other benefits of working out at home. One of these is that you can wear whatever you want, and you wont feel that anxiety feeling everyone experiences in the gym. You are also free to play your music loudly and there is less risk of distractions from other people.  Although there are these benefits there are also a few disadvantages of working out from home. One is possibly not having someone to spot you, this can increase your risk of injury if you do have any equipment at home. That brings me onto the second disadvantage being that equipment is very limited at home. Although home workouts are good and will make progress it will be slower and not as large as it would be with certain equipment.


Make sure your diet is good

One thing that can slow down your gains being lost, and fat gained is your diet. As many know when trying to lose weight diet is about 70% of the battle and maintaining a good “lock down diet” is something that will reduce the amount of fat being gained. Although your normal diet may be well thought out and provide you with all the nutrients you need. This is something that is going to have to change during lockdown due to you not being as active and type of training you are doing.  For example, before you may have been doing more resistance training but at home your workouts consist of mainly cardio.

A good diet can also reduce muscle loss as eating more protein will promote synthesis, which is the process that muscle is built in. It all depends on many factors, but strength isn’t lost till around a month of inactivity for athletes, muscle takes around 3 weeks to be lost. V02 max levels usually decrease pretty quick with changes being seen 2 – 3 weeks after taking a break from training. A diet will be crucial to preserving your muscle mass and slow down the depletion of your fitness.


Try and find activities to keep you occupied

One thing to use up all this free time is finding an activity that you enjoy doing and is healthy. Whether its going for a walk or playing a physical game on your console, any activity that promotes good health is something worth considering doing.  This will help keep your mind at bey and help you use up all your spare time. There are studies that have shown keeping yourself occupied and doing a hobby will promote good mental health and can reduce the risk of dementia.

Keeping yourself occupied is also a great time to learn a new skill. Skills can stay with you for life and may come in handy when you least expect it.  This will also make you less likely to overeat and break your diet during lockdown. This will eliminate you eating just out of boredom, which can lead to us gaining unwanted fat and not realising. Keeping busy will also make you less lazy as you build up that itching to do something feeling when you have been staying busy. This will make you a more productive person and you will find you can get more done in a day.


Don’t beat yourself up

Although your progress is likely going to slow down its important you try not to beat yourself up about it. Everyone is in the same boat and all we can do is make the most of the time. Although you may feel like working out at home isn’t as effective, but this is wrong. By challenging yourself you can get as good as workout then you would have got in the gym.  For some working out at home may seem more appealing as you are alone and away from distractions.  

The best thing you could do is write a workout programme for yourself. Although it may not be as challenging as lifting heavy weights it will still give you a good workout if you do your research and make adjustments to make them more challenging. For example, to make press ups more challenging try doing different variations like spider man press ups or one diamond press ups.


Overall, when gyms are closed for lockdown or any other reason its healthy to workout at home and to keep your mind occupied. Whether its going for a run or doing a full fled home burnout session, any little form of physical exercise is going to bring nothing but positive effect. If you find yourself exercising less, then try taking up a hobby or learning a new skill to use up all the free time. This will improve your knowledge of something and will promote good mental health. So make sure this lockdown hasn’t been wasted and you have made the most of your time, this will also make you feel better about yourself.