Easy ways to stop your addiction

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Easy ways to stop your addiction

As everyday life can be stressful, sometimes we like to enjoy ourselves and have a treat. Although a treat once in a while is good the things we do to unwind, and we enjoy can turn into addictions and we can soon find that we can’t live without them. Examples of things to be addicted to are drinking and smoking and these can have harmful effects to your health when done frequently. If you’re thinking about stopping something your addicted to then in this article, we are going to be sharing ways you can fight you addiction and make it even easier to quit.


Why stop an addiction?

Being addicted to something means you struggle to cope without it. Examples can include cigarettes, if you are a smoker then going a few days without your nicotine fix can be uncomfortable. The main reason that people stop their bad habits like smoking and drinking is because of the negative health impact they have. Smoking alone kills 8 million people per year and is known to cause cancers and other heath issues like heart attacks and strokes. Smoking will also cause your lungs to be less efficient which will negatively affect your fitness.

Another common reason that people decide to quit their addictions and bad habits is due to them being quite expensive.  If you like your alcohol, then a night out at the bar can set you back £100 in drinks alone. This may be ok on an occasion but for alcoholics this can be a daily occurrence and will soon find that alcohol has eaten up your life. Although some people may argue that these things help them relieve stress and unwind after a stressful day, there are healthier and more productive ways of relieving stress and feeling good.  An addiction can also be something simple like having to have a coffee in the morning, although not the worst thing to be hooked on, this can also class as an addiction.


Find a hobby

There are many benefits to having a hobby. Whatever it is there is going to be some benefit to it. Whether its something that challenges your mind, teaches you new skills or is physically good, its likely going to be better than your bad habits. This will use up time that you would have been spending doing things like drinking, smoking or taking drugs and is likely to be a lot cheaper. Hobbies will also give you something back like knowledge or better health whereas addictions just cause you bank account and health to decline.

Having a good hobby will also cause you to be around different people which can also help stopping an addiction. Toxic friends can often cause you to seep down to their level as you are around then, and they have an influence on your decisions. Many people go to the bar every night with friends or do drugs with friends, but this can simply be stopped by changing you friendship circle. Although going to the bar with your friends is not a bad thing its best to only do it occasionally and not make it an everyday thing.


Know what effect it is having on your body

Many addictions and bad habits are known for having negative effects on your physical and mental health. Identifying the health effects of your addiction can be an eye opener and drive you to stop or make reductions to your habits.  Being aware of the harm you are causing your body is more likely to get you to quit and drive you to seek help. This can be due to you not wanting to let down family and friends by being sick or dead and so you can live a longer, happier, and healthier life.  In general, recognising an addiction and the effects it is having on your body is the first step to quitting.

If you go to rehab or any drug rehabilitation centres, then they will begin teaching you the effects of your addiction. Many mental health problems come from addictions like alcohol and drugs.  Abusing substances gives you a high and if you are a heavy user its likely you don’t go more than a day without this feeling. As a result of this your body becomes used to feeling like this and a day that you’re not high can be stressful and cause you to be bipolar and angry. A while after quitting and you may feel sadder than before as many substances cause the brain to release endorphins that make you feel happy. A reduction in these chemicals in your brain can cause things like anxiety and depression


Seek support

Quitting an addiction can be challenging and you can find yourself in a dark place. By going at it alone you may feel isolated or are likely not to quit. Seeking help can assist you as there is someone to guide you onto the straight and narrow. The best type of person would be someone with experience, maybe they have also recovered from an addiction or a bad habit. This will allow you to get the advice and tips from someone that had been in your shoes and has successfully overcome their addiction.

When seeking help there are many different approaches you can take. In your local area you may find classes that are designed to help people with there addictions. Here you are surrounded by people in the same situation as you and you can support each other over the weeks of getting out of your addiction. If you feel like this isn’t going to help and your addiction is bad, then you could seek medical help or go to rehab. Here you will be unable to take any substances and they set out recovery plans for you and there is a very unlikely chance you will return to your addiction.


Get more active

Making sure you get enough exercise has many benefits. This is a way to improve your physical and mental health while helping you get off your addictions. If you get into a sport or training then your time is going to be taken up training, this is less time you have to do any substances you may be addicted to. When you exercise you do it to improve your performance and physique, many addictions may make this harder. For example, drug use can cause you to lose weight which is not good if you are into bodybuilding.

Doing exercise also has mental health benefits. When you are using substances, this can cause many mental health disorders like depression and anxiety and being without the addictive substance is going to make it worse. When you workout this release’s endorphins, which are also released with drugs. So, by getting your feel-good feeling from regular exercise you are less likely to result to drugs or alcohol to get your fix.


In conclusion, when trying to quit an addiction then there are many things that can help you. The main thing you can do as an individual and do everything in your power to fight the urge to go back to the substances.  There is always help if its needed and you are never alone on your journey to the straight and narrow. If you are really struggling, then you can seek advice and support from a medical professional.