Everyday activities that burn calories

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Everyday activities that burn calories

When doing everyday tasks, we burn calories we might not know we have burned. The truth is your body is constantly burning calories and not just in the gym. However, there are many everyday tasks that burn as much calories as a full-blown gym session. In this article we are going to be going through some of the everyday tasks we do that burn the most calories. The number of calories burned can also be determined by the time of day, as studies have shown that at rest, we burn around 10% more calories in the evening than the morning. Any figures stated for calories burned are just estimates as the amount of calories burned depends on many things like weight, muscle mass and metabolism. 

Do the gardening

Although it may be a task not everyone may want to do, gardening can burn quite a few calories. On average landscaping and hauling dirt can burn 400 – 600 calories per hour. This is heavy yard work and will stimulate muscles to grow as well as burning the calories completing the task, this also has a high after burn affect as the hauling acts like resistance training and burns a great number of calories after the workout has been complete. Although the weather may not be great all year around to this type of work, similar results have been seen when shovelling snow. 
As well as heavy yard work there are many lower intensity activities you can do in the garden that also burn a decent number of calories. For example, raking and bagging leaves can burn up to 450 calories per hour. Pulling weeds can burn around 300 calories per hour and mowing the lawn 250 – 350 calories per hour. Although these activities are great for burning calories and maintaining your garden, they have a lot of other health benefits. These activities involve twisting and stretching that is good for joints and flexibility although you must be careful not to injure yourself while doing the tasks. 


Doing everyday housework can also burn a lot of calories. Although these may not be the most intensive workouts, they still count towards daily calories burned and have many other benefits like a floor clean enough to eat of. On average a 150 pound person will burn around 200 calories while doing housework, here we are going to be going over the cleaning tasks that give you the best workout. For the same 150 pound person vacuuming can burn 125 calories per hour. Although pushing around a vacuum cleaner for an hour seems tiring already there are ways to spice up your cleaning workout. For example, when pushing the vacuum around you could do lunges which will work you leg muscles a bit more and as a result will burn more calories overall. 
Scrubbing and dusting activities also burn a generous amount of energy. For someone weighing 175 pounds an hour of dusting can burn up to 300 calories per hour. Again, there are ways to liven up dusting down the house. One way could include scrubbing harder or stretching more to engage your muscles more. 


Pushing a shopping cart around the supermarket is an everyday task we really take no notice of. What if I told you that an hour of shopping can burn 200 calories? Although the calories burned are going to be different for each individual, shopping is a great way to keep them calories down (as long as we stay away from the deserts). Pushing a shopping cart around can be a great workout for your legs,, arms and back , and the great thing is the more you shop the harder it gets as the cart will start to weigh more and require more force to push it. If you would like to make this task harder try loading up the cart with heavier objects (e.g multi pack of cans) or try walking t a quicker pace. 

Get the sponges out

Washing the car is an activity that can surprisingly burn a decent number of calories. As well as having a squeaky-clean car, while cleaning you could be burning around 100 calories for just 20 minutes of cleaning. If you want to go the extra mile and burn the maximum number of calories, then you could also give the car a wax and clean the interior. Although this is a boring task just think about all them calories you are saying goodbye to. If you want to make the task more challenging, then try and use the hosepipe less. Buckets of water are quite heavy and will engage major muscle groups when lifted to wash the car. This is also incorporating a bit of resistance training into your cleaning workout. 

Get some sleep

We all know that sleep is key and we will struggle to function without it. Sleep is also a major calorie burner as a person weighing 150 pounds burns 46 calories an hour while sleeping, if we add this up over the night this could be between 320 and 414 calories gone by the morning. You may be thinking, how am I burning calories when sleeping if I’m doing nothing? Well, this is down to your metabolism. If you have a higher muscle mass, then your metabolism is likely to be quicker and therefore you will burn more calories than someone with a slower metabolism. 
If you would like to increase the calories burned while you sleep then there are many things that can be done. When training you could do more resistance training that will increase your metabolic rate and therefore cause more calories to be burned. You could also sleep in a cooler room as this is shown to increase the calories burned when sleeping, this will also improve sleep quality as warmer temperatures are associated with sleeplessness and restlessness.
In conclusion if you miss the odd gym session don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember its not only the calories burned in the gym that count, we are constantly burning calories and these everyday tasks are great burners.