Exercises for the whole family

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Exercises for the whole family

We all love our family and friends and will do what we can to keep them safe. We would like to see them in good health which is why it’s a good idea to do family workouts. This is seen as a form of bonding between your family, but it can also help to keep everyone physically fit. For this reason, family workouts are a great thing to do and if not with family, then close friends. We are going to be sharing a few exercises and workouts that are ideal for your family and can make a good day out.


What is a family workout?

If you are a lone wolf when it comes to working out and are wandering what a family workout is then we are going to make the whole thing a bit clearer. First of all, a family workout involves doing physical exercise with your family. There are many benefits of doing these activities with your family and one of them is bonding. As your spending more time with your family you will get to know them better and might be able to relate to them more. This will bring you closer and improve your relationship.

Encouraging your family to work out wont only improve your bond but will also be beneficial from a health point of view. Just a few extra hours of exercise a week can put you at a lower risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer. It can also help to ward off weight gain and other health conditions like diabetes. One thing to be mindful about when organising a family workout is the intensity. As your exercising with people of many fitness capabilities you need to find something that is going to suit everyone.



The most common exercise done worldwide is going for a walk. This is a good low intensity exercise that you can do with your family. As its so low intensity wits something you can get everyone to do, and you can even get the elderly members of your family involved. This allows everyone to reap the benefits of this low intensity exercise. As well as giving you good exercise a long walk gives you time to spend with your family which is good for family bonding and generally talking about life. Another benefit that is good for the elderly is that walking can help to boost your circulation.

There are also many mental health benefits that you can get by walking a few hours each week. One of them is that walking helps to improve your mood. Many exercises do this and one way it does is by increasing your blood rate. This allows hormones and endorphins to flow around your body and make you feel better. Also walking is a chance to calm down and let your mind escape. You could go on a scenic walk with your family where its just your family and nature which can be calming and relaxing.


Bike rides

Going for a bike ride can be enjoying for all ages. The youngsters want to push their bikes to the limit and go as fast as they can, and the older generation enjoys the steady exercise, scenic routes and breeze in your face. As its appealing to many different age ranges this makes it a good exercise pass time for the whole family. Unlike walking, going for family bike rides does have an initial cost of buying bikes. This `can be expensive depending on how many and what type of bikes you buy, and then you may need to worry about maintenance costs.  

Riding a bike can be slightly more intense than going for a walk. For this reason, it may not be for everyone. Also, this time would be great to spend with kids as teaching them how to ride and showing them the surrounding area on a bike will improve your bond with your children. Also going for bike rides can make some room for some family competition as you can do things like races which will improve your bond with each other and gives you a chance to push yourself and improving your fitness which is beneficial for everyone.


Family classes

Fitness classes are great. They allow you to meet other people and follow a set workout. Well, you can also reap all the benefits of a fitness class with your family as there are many family classes available. One benefit of fitness classes is that there is variety to suit everyone. So, if you are looking for something low intensity then you could try something like yoga, on the other hand if you want to turn up the intensity then try doing a spin class with your family. This gives your family a chance to not only connect with each other but also a chance to meet other people who also would be taking the classes.

Another great benefit about classes is that a lot fi them can be relatively inexpensive. Also, if you have a membership to your local leisure centre or gym then it may be possible that the classes are included in your membership. Also, there is a possibility you can do online classes from the comfort of your home, all you will need is a device that can play the fitness video. There are also many different classes like baby fitness and elderly fitness classes to cater for your family.



Another great sport you can do with your family is swimming. When it comes to full body workouts swimming is great as your body needs to fight against the force of the water to keep you moving and afloat. As well as working your muscles swimming is also a great cardio workout. Meaning its beneficial for your cardiovascular system and is great for losing body fat and keeping you generally healthy. Also, swimming is a great low impact exercise which is good for the elderly as it can put less stress on your body.

Swimming is a great workout for your family as it can teach them a skill which is learning how to swim. This is a skill that may come into use one day. This can be a chance to teach the children or other members of the family how to swim which can help you bond. Also, once comfortable and in the water this opens up many other activities that you can do with the family like playing water sports like Marco polo or going to a water park for some fun.


Golf/ Driving range

A sport that is quite popular and especially with the elderly is golf. Although it may have the look of being boring, golf can actually be quite interesting and can also influence some healthy competition within your family. Also, golf is shown to reduce stress and anxiety and can also improve your concentration which are great attributed for people to improve, especially younger members of your family. The downside to gold could be that you may be required to buy expensive equipment like trolleys and golf clubs.

When playing golf, you also need to walk quite a bit. Each time you hit the ball you need to travel to it which can amount to quite a few miles of walking on some bigger golf courses. This only applies if you decide to ditch the golf buggy. Playing golf will also help your family manage their emotions a bit better. This can be because of the friendly competition and the up and down feelings you may feel throughout the game. Also being outside in a calming environment can also decrease stress and release endorphins to make you feel good.


In conclusion when it comes to exercising with your family then there are many different activities that you can do. In this article we have just mentioned a few things you can do with the family but there are many more. The main things to think about when exercising with the family is to pick something that is exciting for everyone and something that all ages can do.