Exercises to build triceps

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Exercises to build triceps

Everyone who trains wants big arms and to do this we have to train all of our muscles in our arm. One of the muscles in our arm is the triceps muscles and these are very important and need to be trained as intensively as the others. If you’re looking for exercises to build your triceps muscles, then this is an ideal article as we are going to be sharing a few of the most popular and effective triceps workout and how they can help you. Many of these workouts will be able to do in different variations so you might to be able to adapt them to the equipment available to you.


Why train triceps?

Your triceps are more important than you may think and this is when it comes to arm size and overall strength of your arms. This group of muscles makes up 2/3 of your arm so training it will make your arms look a lot bigger not just your triceps. Your triceps are made up of 3 bundles of muscles and these are the lateral head, long head, and brachialis medial head. The lateral head and long heads are the most prominent and run from your shoulder to your elbow. The brachialis head is under these two muscles and is only really visible when looking at your arm from the inside.

Training this muscle will also help you in a lot of other ways other then looking better. Your triceps are used in many other movements like bench press. This means that having stronger triceps will also help to increase your performance on these movements which allows you to go heavier or do more repetitions which means more muscle gain for you. Having stronger triceps can also improve shoulder stability which can also help with movements like military press and other overhead exercises. This is due to your triceps muscles keeping your shoulder joints in place. This reduces the chance of you getting injured and strengthens your lifts.


Cable triceps pulldown

A popular gym exercise that works your triceps is the cable triceps pull downs. This involves attaching a rope to the cable machine and keeping your elbows tucked in pushing the rope down with your triceps. There are many benefits to doing this movement and one is that it isolates your triceps. Another benefit is that doing this movement allows your triceps to extend to there full range of motion, meaning your getting the most work on your triceps which leads to more muscle growth. It can also be altered to suit your needs as there are many different variations of this exercise and a common one is using a straight bar instead of a rope.

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Doing this movement also engages all 3 of the tricep heads that make up this portion of your arm. This is one of the reasons this exercise is so popular as it engages all the tricep muscles. This movement can also help strengthen your chest and shoulders and will help with movements that engages these muscles more. There are a few common mistakes that are made wen doing this exercise and one of them is bending your back when pulling the rope down. This means your using your weight to pull the rope down instead of your triceps.


Skull crushers

An old school triceps exercise that everyone should do are skull crushers. These involve you lying down and gripping dumbbells in each hand. Then bend your arms so the dumbbells are behind your head and then extend your arms upwards to complete the repletion. This exercise can also be done in many different variants and a few may include doing them standing or seated upright or you may use a bar instead of loose dumbbells. This exercise also improves overhead stability and lockout strength, as well as tricep strength and this can come in handy with other movements like bench press and military presses.

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As you may have already guessed this exercise is not called skull crushers for no reason. As your lifting weights above your head, you need to take extra precautions as a dumbbell or weight could be at risk of dropping on your head and causing damage. For this reason, you should start on a lower weight and work your way up. Also have a spot just in case and go for slow controlled reps.



Dips are an exercise that requires very little equipment as all that is needed is a ledge or two bars to grip and support your body weight. This exercise is done the same as the chest dips but involve you leaning back when doing your reps. There is another variation of the exercise when you sit facing away and on the side of a bench. You then place your hands on the bench in a reverse grip and then slide off. Then bend your elbows taking the weight on your triceps and then extend your arms to complete the rep. This exercise has many benefits one of them being that it requires very little equipment. Also, this exercise can also strengthen your chest muscles and give you better overall stability in your upper body.

Best Chest Exercise

This exercise also engages all the muscles that make up your tricep, making it great for tricep strength and size. There are also many different twists that you can put to this exercise and one is adding weight to make it more challenging once you have mastered your bodyweight. There are a few negatives that can come with this exercise and one includes the increase chance of shoulder injury if your form is bad so for this reason you need to make sure you are doing this exercise correctly.


Tricep kickback

The tricep kickback exercise engages all of the muscles that make up your triceps but mainly focuses on the lateral head. This exercise is done by bending over or placing a knee on a bench, so your back is parallel to the floor. You then hold a dumbbell in one of your hands and keeping your elbows close to your body, extend your arms behind you. You then move your arm back in a controlled motion to complete the rep and then repeat. This movement isolates your triceps to ensure your working them as much as possible. It can also help with other sports like boxing, swimming or generally pushing heavy objects.

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This exercise also puts less stress on your joints like wrists when compared to other tricep exercises. You can also work one arm at a time which can increase your concentration and effectiveness if you’re not able to multitask. Like all exercises you need to make sure you are doing it correctly to get the most out of it and reduce the chances of developing an injury. One way you can make sure you’re doing it right is by keeping your back straight and avid swinging your arms.


When looking for exercises to strengthen your triceps it can be difficult. Here we have mentioned a few that you can try and should be including in your workouts. Not training triceps can put you at a disadvantage for other movements as many other exercises also use these muscles so training your triceps will also improve these. There are also benefits you can experience aesthetically as your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm. So, training these muscles will make your arms look bigger and more toned.