Finding the right sport for you

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Finding the right sport for you

What to consider when starting a sport


Doing a sport has always been a good thing as there a physical and mental benefits that come from doing them. With the many different sports that are available to take part in, finding the right one can be a challenge. Although usually a decision made at a younger age, it is never too late to start a sport and there are many different activities that will appeal to your age group. If you are unsure what sports are right for you then we recommend you keep reading as in this post we are going to be going through what you should be looking for when deciding what sport is right for you. 

What do you enjoy?

One thing that should really influence your choice in sport is that if you enjoy it. Whether it is the training, competing, or taking part as a team its important that you enjoy some aspect of the sport, so you are doing something that you are actually passionate about. You will be more likely to quit a sport or be less motivated if you do not enjoy it. You will also put in less effort and taking part will feel more like a chore than actual enjoyment. 
There are many different things that can make a sport enjoyable for us. Taking part in sports with friends can make the activity more enjoyable and also working as a team has been scientifically proven to release endorphins and give you that feel good feeling. If a sport relates to your interests, then its very likely to have a higher enjoyment factor and you will be more likely to stick to it. An example could include if someone enjoys watching football, they can start engaging in the sport more and join a team. As well as relating to there hobbies this will also give them a better overall understanding of the game. 

Choose the right intensity sport for you

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing the right sport for you is what kind of intensity sport are you looking for? This could also reflect on age group as an older person will usually be looking for a lower intensity activity, for example golf or bowling. Choosing the right intensity sport can be crucial as pushing yourself can cause injury. If you are looking at doing a high intensity sport and your fitness levels are not the best then we recommend training and doing practice games before playing competitively. 
A lot of people will join a sport to aid their personal fitness goals. For example, a bodybuilder might be in a running club as this allows him to engage in cardio without using up valuable gym time. As well as personal goals this will improve their performance in the sport and will give it more purpose in your fitness journey. The purpose of the sport will also play a role in the intensity. For example if you are just looking to get more active then you might go on a walk or light jog, but if you are looking to meet new people and learn a new sport then you will most likely join a team sport like football or basketball.

The cost 

Many sports require very little equipment and are relatively low cost to take part in. However, some activities can be costly as they could require specialist equipment, clothing, or insurance. An example of a sport that requires expensive equipment is sailing as you require a boat that can be costly. This is definitely something to consider when doing sport as if it’s something you are not going to stick to then there is no point in splashing the cash on equipment that is just going to collect dust. There are also ways to make a sport more affordable, this could include renting equipment or going to more affordable places. For example, for skiing instead of going to a mountain go a skiing environment where it’s a indoor ski slope designed to look like the real thing. 
There can also be many hidden costs in the long run of doing a sport. So before committing your self to something its important you calculate the complete cost. These hidden costs can be caused by many things like supplements, food, clothing, and other safety equipment you may need. Although these can add up, many sporting teams and clubs may supply you with clothing and equipment so there will be no need to fork out. If you would like to see a guide to the most expensive and least expensive sports, then check out this article by Martin Banks. 

Your attributes 

As well as all the above its important that you consider your personal skill set or attributes when engaging in a sport. For example, if you are a team player and enjoy making new friends then you could try something that involves being part of a team and has a big community. On the other hand, if your more of a lone ranger then you could do an individual sport like swimming, golfing or kayaking. If you enjoy being alone and are struggling to find a sport for you then check out this guide to 25 sports, you can play by yourself. 
Although you can improve many things through practice, its important to consider a sport that involves skills you have. For example, if you’re a slower, stronger person then you could consider a strength sport like hammer throwing or power lifting. If you want to do a sport and lack the skill or attributes then don’t worry, you can get better at anything with hard work and dedication. 
In conclusion there are many things you should take into consideration when choosing a sport. Although these should be considered they are not rules and can be broken. For example, someone could be slow and have no stamina but enjoy running. Although this person lacks the key attributes for the sport, they will improve along the way and it is all part of the persons fitness journey. If you are keen to start a sport but cant find one then don’t worry, the best bet is to keep looking as there is a sport out there for everyone.