Fitness expectations vs reality

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Fitness expectations vs reality

When you were a beginner to fitness or maybe you still are, you did go into your fitness journey with some expectations in mind. Whether it was weight loss goals or a bench press target, before you started your training you did have some things that you expected would happen but where then surprised when they didn’t. As a beginner you do not know anything about fitness but are eager to learn. As you get wiser you then can expect things to happen and be a lot more accurate. If you are wandering what expectations, we are taking about then read on as we are sharing how the expectations of fitness weigh up against the reality.


The dedication

As a beginner we are constantly fed the information of dedication is key and this is the main ingredient to reach your goas but for many this information doesn’t sink in until you have some experience. When working towards your fitness goals you need to be consistent with your training and do it regularly making sure you push yourself each session. You need to remember that your gains are not going to appear over night after one session of weightlifting. You need to get into a routine and stick to it.

You will also have to make some lifestyle changes which can be hard for some people. For example, you can’t go for that fat and greasy burger at lunch as its going to make you exceed your daily calorie goals. To make things easier try and find alternatives to things that are unhealthy. Being dedicated all year around can seem like a long and tiresome process but it will be worth it in the end.  If you ever feel like your lacking motivation, then just think of the end goal and that should be enough to drive you.


Progress is slow

We all know that getting ripped isn’t an overnight process, but you may feel like the results are coming too slow for your liking. If you’re training intensively and doing everything right then you may be able to gain around 3 pounds of muscle mass per month naturally. This can seem like not much but it is worth it and as soon as you start seeing results this will make you want to train more as it gives you that little bit of motivation that what you are doing is working and benefiting you. So if your looking for that summer physique then you may be disheartened that the gains are coming slow, but this is nothing to worry about if your training is correct.

If you’re training to lose weight, then the scales can be deceiving. If you’re putting on more muscle mass but losing fat, then you may find you have either not lost as much as you though or have gained weight. This can make it unclear whether your making progress and losing weight as its weighing your whole-body mass and not just the fat on your body.  There are a few things you can do to speed up your progress like change the type of training you do or use the help of supplements to make it that little bit easier to reach your goals.


Its more than just working out

When you’re at the start of you fitness journey people tend not to pay much attention to anything other than working out. Although this is a very important part of reaching your goals, you won’t be able to do it of exercise alone. Another key part of reaching your goals is diet, for things like weight loss and muscle gain diet is probably the most important thing and the term “you are what you eat”, couldn’t be any truer. So, we cant just work on one thing like diet or exercise to reach our goals, instead we need to do a mix of the both to get the maximum benefits.

There is also another key factor that helps you reach your goals and is often overlooked. This is of course rest and is key when it comes to muscle growth as this is the point when the magic happens, and muscles are able to grow stronger. So, if you’re working out and dieting correctly and aren’t seeing many benefits then try looking at giving your body a rest by taking a rest day or getting more sleep. With rest, diet and training you will be sure to reap the maximum benefits from your workouts.


Your going to instantly look sexier

They gym is great for staying fit and in shape but does not work miracles. By stepping into the building your not just going to instantly look like a fitness model and have people drooling just looking at you. You need to put in the hard work and dedication before you can start seeing the results. When you start seeing more muscle mass and less fat than this will make your more attractive, but this can take a while to come so your just going to have to stick at it, but it will be worth it in the end. Studies have shown that having more muscle mass attracts more attention so its more likely you’re going to attract the people you are into.

By going to the gym your are going to improve more than your attractiveness. One thing that may shock many people who are new to fitness is the increased performance in the bedroom which is also going to make you come off as more attractive. Constant exercise also causes you to have higher testosterone which can make you more attractive to the opposite sex as you will be more confident and motivated. Also sweating can improve your skin, which can also make you more attractive and is another reason to hit the gym.


They gym can be a scary place

When your first starting out stepping into the gym or fitness centre can be a scary place. As your seeing al these buff dudes lifting three times what you can do is intimidating and can make it an uncomfortable place for a newcomer. Seeing all these people can make you feel small and quite irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but that is far form the truth. You are here for the exact same purpose as them and have all the right to be there. Also, They were in your shoes at some point and had to start there fitness journey off somewhere.

When you start going to the gym you soon find out that there is nothing to worry about and the gym is a safe and nice place to be. If you feel like you want to talk to someone for workout tips or a spot then feel free to as many people don’t mind helping fellow gym goers and are understanding. With that said there is such a thing of gym anxiety that can kick in for some people. This will make you feel self-conscious and wary of your surroundings and isn’t a nice feeling, but there are also ways to overcome this.


Exercise being the hard part

If your new to a fitness schedule or regime then you may think that exercise is the hardest part. This is actually not true as when you get into the routine of regular exercise it begins to become like a second nature and will begin to feel guilty the days you don’t exercise. After a long day at work on some occasions you may not feel like going to the gym, but it can also act as a stress relief and you may find yourself addicted to working out, which is a good addiction to have.  

Like we have mentioned before the hardest part of staying fit may not be the training but everything in general like diet and rest. These can be hard for some people as you will have to give up foods you enjoyed and habits that have been imbedded into your routine for years. As they have been your routine for so long it can be hard to give them up.


Overall, when you’re a gym newbie or a beginner to fitness then there are a lot of expectations you may have for your fitness experience to be like. Many of these expectations are not true and you will be pleasantly surprised when things turn out easier than your thought. The best thing you can do as a beginner is not worry too much about it but instead take action and do it as this allows you to get the real picture of what your fitness journey is like and whether it lived up to your expectations.