Foods you should eat when bulking

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Foods you should eat when bulking

Gaining weight is a goal that many people can struggle with. You would think that you just need to eat vast quantities of food and not move as much but the truth is far from this. When you try and gain weight this is called a bulk. During a bulk there are certain foods that can make your life easier and can maximise the rate you gain weight and can also help you to gain muscle. If you’re wondering what foods are the most suitable for you if your trying to do a clean bulk then read this article as we are sharing a few foods you should be including in your bulking diet.


What is bulking?

The term bulk is used a lot in the fitness industry and refers to putting on weight. A bulk is used to increase your body mass and is used by bodybuilders to help their bodies put on extra muscle mass. A bulk depends heavily on your diet as you need to make sure you’re in a calorie surplus to gain weight. A surplus is when you consume more calories than you burn which means your bod is going to store this extra energy as fat or use it to grow and repair itself. When gaining mass, it is hard just to gain muscle on its own so you are likely going to gain a little bit of fat which can be lost during your cut.

When bulking there are two different ways you can do it. You can either do a clean bulk or a dirty bulk and he clues are in the names. A clean bulk is healthier as your diet is well thought out and you eat foods that are going to support your muscle growth as well as also helping you gain a little bit of fat. On the other hand, a dirty bulk involves you just eating a vast amount of calories and not paying attention to your macronutrients. This is an unhealthy option as the food your consuming is generally high in saturated fats and sugars. In this article we are going to be sharing foods that can help you when undergoing a clean bulk and how you can gain some weight.



You have probably seen the videos of bodybuilders chugging a smoothie made from raw eggs and whey protein. Although this is common practice for some this is a bit extreme when it comes to your daily egg intake. This food is commonly eaten by bodybuilders and sporting people as it offers a lot of nutrients and are generally easy to prepare. One egg contains around 8 grams of protein which is good, also eggs are a good source of healthy fats that can help you feel fuller for longer and can also be used for energy instead of burning carbohydrates.

Eggs can also be cooked in different ways and with different ingredients so you can cook them to whatever taste you may have. Although they do offer many benefits you need to make sure that you don’t over do it with the eggs as they can increase your cholesterol. This can put you at a higher risk of things like cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. However, you should only be worried if you eat a lot of eggs and should not avoid them when bulking as they can provide your muscles with all of the essential amino acids they need to grow.



Dairy foods include things that are made form milk. This includes things like yogurt and cheese and milk itself. These foods offer many benefits to your body as they are generally high in protein and contain calcium which helps to support your bones and muscles. This can be helpful when bulking as your bones will have to adapt to your bigger body structure and will become stronger. Also, one of the heist protein dairy snacks that is ideal for bulking is cottage cheese. Per 113 grams this cheese contains 14 grams of protein which is a good decent amount.

The protein that comes form dairy products is also casein protein. Unlike the protein that comes form meat this is adsorbed more slower into the body and can supply your muscles with a source of protein for a while. This makes it ideal to eat before bed as your body will have the protein to use for growth and building while you’re sleeping. Although this is good its important not to eat too much dairy as this can cause you to nave a stomach-ache and can also cause nausea. The fat in dairy can also help you put on weight and keep you feeling fuller for longer.



When it comes to gaining muscle and having a high protein diet then beef is one of the foods that always gets mentioned. Although its popularity is decreasing if you’re a meat eater then lean beef is definitely something that you should be including in your diet.  One major benefit of this food is that it is a complete protein. By this we mean it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to gain muscle and function. Beef is also rich in different minerals like iron, selenium and phosphorus which is crucial when training hard as your likely to lose some minerals when you work hard.

Also, beef contains creatine. As we all may know when it comes to gaining muscle creatine is very useful as it can help your body increase its muscular size and also strength which are the main goals when it comes to bulking.  Although very useful beef if eaten in large quantities it can potentially be harmful. One of the ways it can potentially harm you is that it may contain harmful hormones that can increase the risk of developing cancer. Also, red meat is very rich and can potentially decrease your life expectancy so be careful not to eat too much beef.



Getting up in the morning and having a big bowl of oats is a morning routine for many people. Whether it’s a hard day at work or a big training session oats can help you to stay healthy. When it comes to bulking oats are a great food as they can provide your body with a slow release of energy throughout the day. This means that your body is not going to rely on burning muscle or fat as the oats can provide you with energy. They are also high in fibre and carbohydrates which is the main source of energy from this food. Fibre also helps digestion and stabilise blood sugar levels so your body will have a constant stream of energy.

Oats are also a food that can be eaten with pretty much everything. For example, you can add fruit, yogurt or even chocolate to this food and it will still taste great. Also, oats are generally inexpensive which means you’re not going to break the bank by eating a lot of them unlike things like meat that can be expensive. Also, as well as supplying your body with carbohydrates oats can also supply you with protein which we all know is needed for muscle growth.  As well as all of these eating oats regularly can decrease your cholesterol and therefore can reduce the risk of having heart disease or other circulatory problems.



In the health and fitness community poultry’s is a favoured protein source for many people. Poultry like chicken and turkey can be high in protein and contain a lot of useful nutrients that you’re going to need when you’re trying to gain mass.  For example, 100 grams of turkey breast can contain around 30 grams of protein which is a good amount to help you gain muscle. Also, if you are not looking to gain too much fat when bulking then lean poultry is a good source of protein to help you gain as much muscle as possible without gaining the fat. Also, being an animal product, poultry is a good source of protein as it is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids your body can’t produce on its own.

One thing that has put people off eating poultry is that it can be quite boring as the texture and flavours are very similar. However, to try and liven up your chicken try and cooking it a different way for example instead of roasting a chicken try and grill it instead and some spices to make it taste a bit better. Although chicken itself does not contain many carbs to give you energy it is usually eaten with other forms of healthy carbs. For example, chicken and rice is a common mixture and is good when it comes to your macros as it contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrates to help give your body energy and protein to build muscle and size.


When you are bulking the type of foods you eat mean a lot. You need to make sure you’re getting enough carbohydrates so they can be used for energy and also you need to make sure that you’re getting enough protein so your able to gain muscle. Its also important that you stay in a calorie surplus as this is crucial to gaining size. Also, in this article we have only mentioned a few foods that are ideal for bulking but there are many others we haven’t mentioned. The best thing to do is to try and experiment and find what you enjoy and works for you.