How functional fitness can help you?

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How functional fitness can help you?

Working out has become evolved and is now a part of many peoples lives. This is a good thing as it promotes staying healthy and a longer life. As working out and getting some exercise has become so popular this has given birth to loads of new workouts and styles of training. One of these is functional fitness which is a style of training you may not have considered doing but we are going to be sharing how it can help you.


What is functional fitness?

You may be asking what functional fitness is about and what makes it different to your normal style of training. Well, functional fitness is when you train and plan your workouts to help you with your everyday tasks. For example, you may do a farmers walk which is when you walk while holding weights, to train yourself to be able to carry more and heavier shopping bags. You could also try squats which can help your manoeuvrability and reduce your risk of injury when bending down and picking things up.

You may think that training for everyday tasks like these is pointless and there is no point. However, as well as making your life easier functional fitness can also be beneficial from a fitness point of view as it can teach your muscles to work together. This means with the everyday tasks you will find they are easier, and you get injured less as you are doing them safely and correctly. This sort of acts like correcting your form for these everyday tasks. This form of fitness is ideal for everyone, and we are going to be sharing how it can help you.


Easier days

One major benefit of functional fitness and the main purpose is to make your daily life easier and less hassle. One way it helps is by increasing your strength which makes challenging daily tasks like picking up heavy objects or taking the shopping to the house easier and quicker as you will be able to carry more weight and have your body under more stress than usual. This will also reduce your risk of getting injured when doing these daily activities as your body and muscles can withstand more stress.

As well as helping with things like shopping and picking up objects, this kind of training can also help with your work. For example, if your job is physically demanding and requires you to lift and be active then training for this is going to make your work life a lot easier. For example, construction jobs can be physically demanding as you have to use your strength to lift heavy objects and manoeuvre your body. If you’re training these movements your required to do regularly then you are going to find them easier and are less likely to get injured.


Gain strength and muscle

When you exercise your going to make your muscles stronger and increase their size. The amount this happens will vary with the type of training you do but whatever exercises you do you will generally be gaining muscle and strength. Functional fitness can help as you are training for daily activities and applying resistance to make them harder. This repetitive motion and extra resistance is just what your muscles need to be stressed and then build back stronger than before. This is the basic aspect to how it helps you gain muscle and strength.

Functional fitness also contains a lot of compound movements. These are exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups and work more muscles in our body. Therefore, you will gain more muscle and strength per workout as you have trained more than one muscle group. This can also make your muscles more efficient at working together which will also make you stronger as these muscle groups can work together to lift an object or complete a task.


Reduce risk of injury

No one like to get injured. This can put a major damper on your daily life until you have fully recovered and are able to do things normally again. One way being injured can impact you is that you won’t be able to train which is going to have a great impact on your fitness goals and progress. Functional fitness can help you as it reduces the chances of you getting injured. As well as when lifting it can also make you less injury prone in daily life as your muscles are stronger and are able to handle more stress before they get injured.

When doing functional fitness, you are required to mimic daily movements, and this makes you less injury [prone when doing them. This makes your muscles stronger meaning they can withstand more stress and it teaches your muscles to work together which spreads the load over your muscle groups and makes sure that you’re at a lower risk of getting injured. Also, your ligaments and bones will strengthen and increase in density which also makes you more resistant to injury.


How to train?

Many people may struggle when it comes to functional fitness as the aspect can be confusing to some. The basics to functional fitness are that you are training for daily tasks and mimicking these actions when you’re training. For example, to mimic lifting heavy objects you can do lifts like deadlifts or squats. Also, for carrying the shopping back to the house or car you can do a farmers walk, which involves you carrying weights in your hands and walking. Although these daily activities may seem easy, they can be made a lot easier by doing functional fitness and training for them.

One thing you need to take into consideration when creating a functional fitness plan is your goals. For example, if you’re looking to be able to carry more weight then your training will be more towards heavy weight and resistance training. However, if you’re looking to gain endurance then you may want to be doing more cardio and other forms of endurance training. Also make sure you’re mimicking the movements you’re training for.


Should I do it?

As we have said earlier in this article functional fitness is a great form of training for many people. Some things we do in daily life can be challenging, so it only makes sense to train doing these things, so they are easier. Also doing this form of fitness wont just benefit you for these activities but it will also improve your overall health and you will feel stronger and better overall. Just doing a few hours of exercise a week will make you healthier and improve your quality of life.

Functional fitness is great, but it may be better for certain categories of people. For example, elderly people could benefit from function fitness as they may struggle to complete daily tasks. So, exercising and training for these daily tasks will make them easier to do and less of a struggle.


In conclusion, there are many different forms of training but functional fitness a little bit different to the others. With this style you are training for everyday tasks that can be challenging. If you believe this form of training would be good for you then its worth a try as it will make your life easier and you’re still going to lose fat and gain muscle as your going to be training and pushing yourself.