How to boost confidence as a woman in the gym.

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How to boost confidence as a woman in the gym.

The fitness industry is pretty unisex and diverse. Although going to the gym and other exercise facilities are available for whatever gender, women can still sometimes feel uncomfortable in the gym and many gyms seem to be mainly male dominated. Well in gyms there is this gender gap that can make people intimidated and is a reason why many women usually skip going to the weight area in gyms to do strength training, as its always full of sweaty guys screaming and grunting. Well, if your one of the people that are intimidated and feel like there is a gender gap in the gym then have a read of this article as we a sharing ways you can increase your confidence in the gym and close the gender fitness gap.


Ignore others in the gym

This first solution may seem a bit rude, but it can help. By pretending that no one else is there, you can increase your confidence and performance in the gym. As your not focused on everyone else you will be more focused on your workout that can improve your performance as well as concentration. You will also feel more confident as you will believe your training in an empty gym. Also, other people can be intimidating by screaming or slamming weights but take no notice as you have all the right to be in the gym then they do. If you find it hard to block out others, then try putting in some music as this can help you get into the zone and focus.

Other people can often look at you in the gym and especially if you are a woman walking into a male dominated gym. This can cause discomfort but ignoring the people lets them know that you’re not interested and are here for the same reason as them, to make gains. This feeling of people judging you and studying you are enough to make anyone want to leave the gym, but at the end of the day you shouldn’t deprive yourself of good exercise just because someone looked at you.


New gym clothes

A new pair of threads can make you instantly feel more confident and make you look better. By having new and good fitting clothes you can instantly look a lot better in the gym which can increase your confidence as you feel better in your own skin and more comfortable with your body. You will also have improved performance by purchasing proper fitness clothing as it offers things like slight compression that can increase blood flow to muscles and decrease your risk of injury. Getting proper workout clothes can also help you get into the workout mindset in the same way a suit will make you more formal.  

If you’re wearing some new clothes, you’re also going to get noticed some more which can cause you to get gym anxiety as more people are looking at you. Well, if you do find them staring then it’s probably for the correct reasons and is likely due to you looking a lot more attractive as you have had a wardrobe update. It is also a well-known fact that ladies love to shop and doing this releases endorphins, so you may not be knowing it but shopping around for new clothes can improve your mood and make you feel more confident as it releases a endorphin called dopamine in the brain.


Go at less busy hours

The gyms and fitness centres can get pretty busy sometimes as everyone is trying to stay in shape and make as much gains as possible.  With many people working similar hours there can be certain times when the gym is busier then usual and if you want to workout in peace then you should be going at the quiet times. There are many benefits of there being less people in the gym and one of these includes being more confident as there is no one around you and staring at you. This allows you to worry less about others and concentrate on your own workouts to get the maximum benefits, also improving performance.

Another benefit of going to the gym at quieter times is that this means that less people are using the equipment. This can decrease the time you spend in the gym as you won’t find yourself waiting for equipment to become free. This means more time for other activities. Although going at less popular hours is good, this can be difficult sometimes as you may work a job or have responsibilities that mean you unable to go gyms at any other times. In this case you could opt for exercising early in the morning as this also offers many benefits.


Train with a partner

Sometimes training alone can be boring so you may thing about getting a gym partner. Think of someone with similar goals to you so you can work towards them together and share tips and tricks. There are also many other benefits that come with training with a partner and one of these is increased confidence. This is due to being around someone you are comfortable with and can have a joke around with as well as get a good workout. This can make the gym a more enjoyable place so you’re more likely to go and make some gains and are less likely to skip the gym due to being intimidated by other people, as your partner will take your mind off these other people.

Training with a partner can also lead to improved performance as your more likely to push yourself and less likely to miss the gym as you have someone relying on you. Also, you stand a lesser chance of injuring yourself as there is going to be someone spotting you and watching you. With all that said we still need to make sure you’re picking the right person to workout with as the wrong individual can be a liability and put a halt on your progress.


Women only gyms

If normal gyms are not your thing and are a lady who would prefer to be among other women then going to women only gyms and classes is something you should consider. As your not around members of the opposite sex and the gym is likely going to be quieter you will feel more confident. Also, you may meet some friends here who you could also train with. The facilities will also likely suit you better as a woman and the equipment will be those that are popular with women’s style of training.

Going to a woman only gym will also give you a chance to meet other like-minded women that train. For example, you may meet other women body builders and get to know them. This can lead to you getting great tips and advice so you can reach your fitness goals faster. There can be a few disadvantages to women only gyms and one of these is a lack of variety. By this we mean some workouts and classes available may be more feminine and not include some of the higher intensity exercise that some people love and enjoy.


Get to know people

If your feeling intimidated in the gym by a few people staring at you then don’t. Staring doesn’t cause any harm and you could resort to making friendly conversation so at least then they have a reason to stare at you. Getting to know the people in your local gym and fitness centre is worth it as your going to be seeing these people on a regular basis, so getting to know them will make seeing them more pleasant as you can engage in a friendly conversation instead of just staring at each other from across the gym. Doing this makes you more confident around them which has many benefits in the gym.

Engaging with other people is a good thing and can also help you build up your social skills. Although it’s a very god thing, you shouldn’t be annoying and always talk to people in the gym. Try not to interrupt people mid set and only talk to them when resting or walking to another workout. Also don’t over do it as the other person doesn’t want to be talking to you for an hour instead of doing the workout they came to do.

In conclusion, going to the gym is very popular with all genders and it a place for everyone. However, many gyms are still male dominated and being a woman in one of these gyms can make you feel uncomfortable and may cause anxiety. For this reason, many women may skip the weight but this shouldn’t be the case as these few simple steps we have mentioned in this article will help you gain more confidence in the gym you need so you don’t skip any training and close the gender fitness gap.