How to boost energy

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How to boost energy

We have all been there, we start the day feeling full of energy just for it to disappear throughout the day and leave us feeling like a lazy, tired, and unmotivated lump of flesh. This feeling is experienced by many people and feels like you have no energy or motivation to complete tasks. This can affect workouts as you will train at a lower intensity or may lack the motivation to train and end up missing workouts. If not having the energy to workout is something that affects you regularly then there is something in your daily schedule or diet that can be improved, in this article we are going to be sharing ways you can boost your energy levels and stay motivated for whatever task you need to do.


Why should I improve my energy levels?

Whether its going to work, hitting the iron, or doing a bit of cardio having the energy and motivation to do a task is crucial as this is linked to performance, motivation and risk of injury. Also, modern day living involves a lot of moving around and challenging tasks on a daily basis, increasing your energy levels will make it easier to complete these tasks and still be up for doing something in the evening. As a result, this will make you more productive as you are itching to get onto the next task. You are also going to complete tasks to a higher degree of accuracy and are less likely to make mistakes if you are not feeling tired and unmotivated.

When working out its important to have high energy levels. This reduces the risk of injury as you will have better technique and concentration. This also allows you to get the most out of your workout as you have more energy, and your muscles will be able to perform better.


Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is the main thing that contributes to energy levels. This is due to sleep restoring your body to its normal state by altering temperature regulation, immune system, and hormone level. All these attributes count towards your body’s energy levels. Quality of sleep also matters as a good night’s sleep can improve mood and encourage positive emotions. This will increase your motivation and reduce the chances of depression, which will cause increased energy levels.

Sleep also gives your muscles time to recover from previous workouts. This causes increased energy as your muscles are less fatigued and fresh when you do your workout. Meaning you will be able to go for longer and lift heavier weights before you start to fatigue. Sleep also reduces stress levels which also improves mood and motivation, causing you to have improved energy levels when doing activities.


Review your diet

To maintain and grow your body requires a good balanced diet that includes all the nutrients you need. Making sure you are getting enough energy through your diet is important. Energy sources include carbohydrates and fats, and this is what your body needs to use as energy for daily activities. Although you can use other nutrients like protein for energy, this isn’t used as effectively as carbohydrates in the body. Making sure you get enough energy through food will also reduce the amount of muscle mass lost. When your depleted of nutrients your body will use the energy you have for maintenance and this will reduce the amount of available energy for your muscles, meaning they wont be able to recover and will perform worse in activities.

Timing of your meals also is important to energy. Leaving a long time between meals can cause you to be tired and lack energy as you may have used the energy supplied from your last meal. If this is an issue, then you should try having smaller meals but more consistently. Eating smaller meals also increases fat loss as you tend not to binge eat and spread your calories throughout the day. Choosing foods that also are dense in energy is something you also should be doing. Also long burning carbohydrates like potatoes are better as they supply you with energy and keep you fuller for a long time.


Get more active

One thing to increasing your body’s energy levels is to get more active and do exercise. Engaging in daily exercise causes endorphins to be release which improve your mood and cause you to be more motivated. Staying active also improves sleep which caused you energy levels to be boosted. Improved sleep also decreases the risk of insomnia and other mental disorders. This will also increase your focus which is good for daily activities and training as you focus on your form better and decrease your risk of injury.

 The more exercise you do the more mitochondria your cells produce. This causes cells to produce more energy which has the affect of giving you more energy. This is the reason that after a workout you feel tired and low on energy then a few hours later you are back to a normal state. This is due to your cells replacing the energy you lost during your workouts, this can also be seen in running as you may experience a “runners high”. This is the feel-good feeling felt while running and can make you run for longer.



Another way you can boost your energy levels is through supplements. As well as pre workout, which is taken before a workout to boost energy, concentration and performance, there are also other dietary supplements that can boost your energy. These include weight gainers and other high carb supplements. This is due to your body having the carbohydrates to use as energy. When taking these type of supplements you may need to alter your diets as they are high in calories and contain a lot of carbs.


In conclusion if you suffer from a lack of motivation or energy then try these steps. Theses are the basics to increasing your body’s energy levels and getting you on the track to being enthusiastic about daily life. With increased energy and motivation there comes man other benefits like concentration, self-esteem, performance, and better moods. Not only in the gym will you be able to reap these benefits as these will be an asset of daily life at work, home and in the gym.