How to build up stamina

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How to build up stamina

If you are into your fitness or do a sport, then you have probably been running or training till you are too tired to do anymore. In many cases this is ok as you are bound to get tired at some point, however if you feel like you can do more with a bit of training then you want to look at improving your stamina and endurance. This will give you the edge on the competition and will have many other benefits.


What is stamina?

Many people think of stamina as just being physical, and having good stamina means you can go for longer physically. However, stamina can also class the mental ability to endure a task or activity. For example, when going for a personal best when running, you may be physically able to do it but mentally able also matters. This can be things like the motivation to complete the task or if the activity is challenging you may get stressed. So, having high stamina means you can do activities for longer and at a higher intensity.


Build it up slowly

One thing you want to do when trying to increase your stamina is to build up to your goals slowly. If you go straight into the deep end and try doing something you are not prepared for then you are putting yourself at the risk of injury. An example of this is when trying to lift a new personal best in the gym. It would not be wise to go straight to the heavy weight before you know you are ready ad you are likely going to injure yourself and will lose precious training time while you recover.

There are also some mental health benefits from starting off slowly. This can include higher self-esteem as by slowly working up to the goal you prepare yourself and are more likely to achieve it. If you where to rush into the goal, then you would be likely not able to do it which can knock your confidence and self-esteem. Also, if you are injured this can also effect your mental health as training is more than physical and plays a big part in your mental health.


Plug in the music

Although not the first though when trying to build endurance, listening to motivating music can make the world of difference when training.  Research has been done that concluded that certain types of music can improve muscular endurance and concentration. Music can also act as a stimulant getting you in the right mindset for the activity and mentally preparing you. Music can also enhance your performance which will cause your endurance to increase.

Listening to music also helps you block out any distractions in the area you are training.  These distractions can slow you down, effecting your fitness and workout. Staying in the zone is key and can decrease the amount of mental fatigue when working out. Meaning you stay motivated and energetic to workout.


Remember to rest

One of the most important things when training is rest. Making sure you get sufficient rest gives your muscles time to rebuild themselves when they get fatigued during a workout. This increases the amount of mass you put on improving performance and endurance, and you are at less risk of injury as your muscles are not fatigued. A break allows your body to rebuild and repair itself after intense workouts, which is why rest is just as important as the workouts.  

Taking a rest is also a chance for your mind to kick back and chill. Although it may not seem like it, resting and doing things like watching your favourite tv programme can release endorphins in the brain. These can relieve stress and increase motivation. Sleep also is beneficial as it improved cognitive function, memory and just improves your overall energy. This can help you improve your stamina as you will be more focused and energised for your workouts.


Make your workouts count

This goes without saying but training and working out is what is going to condition your body to be able to endure more exercise. As your training is so important to your goals you wan to make sure that you are training effectively, and it is helping towards your goals.  For example, if you are trying to run 5 miles then there is no point running 1 mile everyday as this is not pushing you so its likely you are not going to be able to reach your goals without leaving your comfort zone. Although you want to push yourself make sure you don’t over do it as this can cause negative effects and can put stress on your cardiovascular system.

You also may be required to try different forms of training that are geared up for improving endurance and stamina. An example could include a fitness circuit as these conditions your body to keep operating even with limited rest time. Another form of training can be high intensity interval training (HIIT), this involves a period of lower intensity exercise followed by higher intensity exercise. Although HIIT training is great to increase endurance, this alone won’t offer great results and you may have to do a few longer cardio sessions to really reach your endurance goals.


Get a healthy balanced diet

We have all heard the term “you are what you eat” which isn’t necessarily true but your diet does play a big role in your overall health and how your body functions. Although you’re not going to turn into a cheese burger anytime soon, eating unhealth can make it harder to reach your fitness goals especially for athletes. One-way food can affect your performance is by the amount of glycogen that food supplies to your muscles. Glycogen is used by our muscles for energy, meaning the more we have the more energy we will have which as a result can improve our performance and stamina.

Eating healthy can also give us a healthier cardiovascular system as there will be less saturated fat to block arteries and cause muscles to be depleted of nutrients travelling in the blood stream. As well as your muscle getting nutrients during an exercise this will also affect them after as they will struggle to get the nutrients to make a full recovery. This means your muscles will be sore for longer and you can be at a higher risk of injuring yourself if you have not fully recovered before training next time.


Look after your mental health

As working towards a new goal can be stressful and can get the better of you sometimes, its important to keep a healthy mind as well as body when trying to increase endurance and stamina. Keeping a clear mind can keep you motivated to reach your goals meaning you are more likely to achieve them and will be more driven when training. This will also help eliminate any self-doubt you may have about yourself reaching you endurance goals.

Focus is also a big thing when it comes to endurance sport. Not being in the zone when training can lead to injury or a lack of motivation, we will also be more prone to distractions or procrastinating on another task. Staying focused is also a form of mental endurance and is something that you will build up overtime when training, so I would not get too worried if you are easily distracted.


In conclusion, when trying to increase stamina for anything you have to venture out of your comfort zone and do things you may not have done before. Whether its training or diet changes need to be made to increase your endurance. Having good endurance and stamina will aid you in every sport and activity. Running or lifting weights, improving your stamina will help you in some way. With better physical stamina you also gain mental benefits and this is something that can also help sexual health.