How to find the right gym

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How to find the right gym

If you’re looking to join a gym, then the decision can be hard as its likely you are spoiled for choice. Depending on where you live and locality, there may be a gym on every street corner, or you may find yourself having to travel quite a distance just to exercise. When looking for a new gym to join there are many things you need to take into consideration before getting a membership. As the gym is a place where you go to unwind and improve on yourself, you need to make sure being there is enjoyable, and it has all the equipment and facilities to tend to your needs. For many going gym hunting can just seem like looking at a lot of the same thing, however not doing the research prior to joining can make you regret your decision and especially if your bonded to them by a contract. If you’re looking for a gym but are not sure what to keep an eye out for then you’re in luck as in this article we are sharing the main things you need to keep an eye out for when joining a new gym or training facility.


Find somewhere convenient for you

One of the main things that you should consider when finding a gym to join is if it’s convenient for you to go to. For a gym or training facility to e convenient it must be local to you or your place of work as this reduces the amount of time you will spend traveling. Although for some really good gyms you may be willing to do some travelling, doing this everyday can become quite tiring and can take up enormous amounts of time in the day especially with rush hour traffic. If you find that you are always travelling and go to multiple gyms, then there are many services out there where you pay a subscription and then get access to a range of different gyms.


Have a look around

Before signing any long term contract or paying for a membership, you want to know what you are getting. Asking for a quick snoop around the gyms before your get a membership can help you understand what facilities are on offer and if this is the right gym for you. Here you can see of they have the right equipment for your training style and get a hint of the overall vibe of they gym. Doing this will help you get to know if this is the right place for you and if it can accommodate your needs. You can also see the type of crowd this gym attracts and if it’s a place you can possibly make friends and meet new people.

Having a tour around they gym also helps you identify if this gym is the one for you and if it contains all the equipment that you need. Depending on your training style your choice of gym will be different. For example if you’re a bodybuilder or powerlifter you may seek out the more hardcore gyms that have heavier weights and the equipment you may need. If your one for the more chilled training session and enjoy doing a lot of cardio compared to weightlifting, then you can have a look at a something like a leisure centre that are usually not as hardcore as bodybuilding gyms.


Don’t sign anything without reading it

As many gyms require you to sign a contract to get a membership, this can contain some terms that you may feel are unfair. As this is the case before signing anything as once you have signed it you have a legal obligation to abide by the contract until it runs out. This can be frustrating for many as it can feel like the gym has trapped you and you may be stuck there until the time period on the contract has run out. Doing things like cancelling a membership can be difficult as you may be required to pay the balance that you would have owed if you had stuck till the end of the contract. There may also be some hidden cancellation fees that can cause many people to get frustrated with the gym they are going to.

One of the best things to look out for are gyms that don’t require you to have a contract. With these gyms you are free to cancel whenever you please and are not tied to one place if you do feel like quitting. No contract gyms are becoming more popular and it does seem like the way forward. However, these gyms do have their disadvantages as some may get busy and their may be a lot of inexperienced gym goers. This can be frustrating as you can find yourself in a room full of people who don’t know what they are doing, and all the equipment may be quickly taken before you get a chance to use it.


Check the opening hours

One thing that’s quite obvious but can be overseen is checking the opening hours of a gym. This is due to different people training at different times and having a gym that open when you are most likely to go is a step in the correct direction.  If you tend to workout at common times in the day like in the morning or when you finish work in the afternoon, then pretty much any gym will be ok for you to join as this is the usual working hours, they are open. However not everyone likes to train in the day and going to the gym late at night or early in the morning is a choice made by many. This can be due to work or personal preference, but this limits what gym you can go to as many are not open at these times. In this case you want to be looking for a 24-hour gym that is open around the clock. This means whether its day or night you will be able to train.


See if its good value

The average gym in the UK probably costs somewhere around £25 a month to attend. The membership cost to go to gyms can vary from very cheap to hundreds a month depending on the gym. If you do find your ideal gym, then you want to make sure that its good value for money and you get what you are paying for. If it is a quite expensive gym, then you want to make sure it has a good selection of facilities and equipment is in good condition. Also, hygiene is very important, so you want to make sure there are good washing facilities, and the gym is cleaned regularly. These little things can make a gym good value for money and just an overall nicer place to be. Although going to a nice gym with facilities like a swimming pool and sauna is nice. If you’re never using these facilities, then there is no point paying for them so make sure they gym your choosing has everything for you.


Overall, when searching for a new gym then there are many things you need to consider. Don’t blindly jut go and sign a contract for a 12-month membership to a gym you later find out isn’t for you and you do not enjoy training there. Finding the right gym for you may be tricky if you re spoiled for choice so another thing you can do is ask people that do go there or read reviews about the place. These are personal experiences of people who go there and will give you a sense of what going there is like. Some facilities also offer a free trial, this will also help you see if it’s the right gym for you as you can train there and have first hand experience of what it is like.