How To Gain Weight

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How To Gain Weight

A problem with some people in the gym is that they cannot seem to gain mass with there current training regime and diet. Well if you are one of those people wonder no further as this post is going to tell you how to gain weight and gain muscle.  


Calorie intake

One thing to take into serious consideration is calorie intake. This is the number of calories you consume daily and where that energy is coming from e.g. protein, fats, and carbohydrates. If you are looking to gain weight you want to be in a calorie surplus which means that you are consuming more calories than your body needs daily. This allows for the excess calories to be stored as fat and be used to repair and rebuild muscle tissue.  It said that men require 2500 calories a day and women 2000 calories to maintain a healthy weight.  However, this could all depend on the person and its recommended you experiment with your calorie intake to suit your specific needs or to meet certain goals.  The quality of calories you consume can also play a big part on how you gain weight.  For example, if majority of your calories are coming from fast adsorbing carbohydrates like sugar and sweets then most of the energy is going to be stored as fat compared to someone who’s calories come from protein and slow adsorbing carbohydrates. So, one way to gain weight is to eat a surplus of good quality calories daily.



Another way of gaining weight it to alter your training. This could mean doing less cardio and doing more resistance training to stimulate your muscles to grow. Doing cardio is going to use up energy meaning there is less to be used up by muscles or to be stored as fat. This also depends on diet as the change in training type will require you to revise your diet for example adding more protein. It would also be a good idea to increase carbs as these will are the main source of energy. Its also important to implement a rest period in your regime which is as important as hitting the iron as this is the day your muscles will get a chance to rebuild themselves and will not come under any stress. Not having a rest day could increase the chances of injury when training.



Another way to put on mass is by trying weight gainer shakes. Obviously, this is not as good as getting calories through food but its quick, easy and these supplements are designed to get the job done.  They are formulated to be high in calories, protein, and carbohydrates.  These supplements are so calorie dense that just one serving could add up to 1000 calories. They are also high in protein so some of the calories go to building and repairing muscle. These supplements may also contain other ingredients to stimulate muscle growth like creatine and amino acids.


To reach your weight goals as soon as possible its important you take all these things into consideration. If only a selected few of these are practiced it will make it extremely harder to put on mass for example someone who trains a lot of cardio increasing there calorie will make them increase mass but not a lot of the weight will be muscle and a lot of the calories would have been used in the cardio so there is little to store and increase the body’s weight.