How to get exercise in the winter?

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How to get exercise in the winter?

Winter is dawning on us and this is the time of year our fitness usually suffers and we usually gain a few pounds. The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping which makes us more tired and not willing to leave the warmth of our homes. If you struggle to stay fit in winter time and do the sports you love then you’ve clicked on the right article as we are going to be sharing the different workouts and sports you can do in the winter. This time of year, can be challenging to stay fit and in shape but we are going to be explaining a few exercises you can do.


Why winter?

Winter time can be one of the hardest times of the year to stay in shape and keep fit. One reason is that this time of year can be busy for many as you have the run around for Christmas and new year’s. Also, the days are a lot shorter which means that people don’t get time to workout before it gets cold and dark. For people who do sports or workout outside like going for a run this can be harder as it is dark and cold by the time you have finished your day and decide to do some exercise. These shorter days mean you going to be less active.

Also, in winter there is a lack of motivation to workout. This is due to many different things like the weather and the busy lifestyle at this time of year. Also, the temperature makes you not want to leave the warm comfort of your home. Due to the busy time of year a lot of sports like football and rugby also stop which isn’t good for your fitness, but this is even more reason to get out and get active. Also, the festive period can lead to a lot of overeating for example on Christmas the average person eats around 6,000 calories.


Winter sports

There are many different sports that can be done in winter. These are seasonal activities that can be done any other time of year due to what they involve and the environment they require. One of these sports include ice skating. This requires good balance and also cardiovascular health and is something that you can burn a lot of calories doing. As well as burning calories you will also learn a good skill which can come in handy one day. Also, once you know how to ice skate this unlocks other sports like ice hockey or synchronised ice skating which are also good for burning calories and strength.

Also, there are many other winter sports that are more popular. These include sports like skiing and snowboarding. During winter in some areas these sports may be able to be done outside in your local area. All you need from winter is some snow and a good slope to ride down. Although these sports are great to get active in the winter the equipment required can be expensive. For example, skiing the equipment can be expensive and set you back a few hundred or thousand pounds. Also, skiing is usually done on mountains which is also expensive for a mountain pass and accommodation.


Go for a walk

Low intensity exercise is a great way to get out of the house and get active. One low intensity exercise that is one of the most common and is done by many is walking. During winter going for a walk can offer many benefits. One major benefit of going for a walk is that it will help you to control your weight over the Christmas period when people often over eat. Also, you get a chance to see nature in the winter which is said to be when nature is at its most beautiful, so this can be a chance to take some good pictures of the surroundings and get more connected with nature.

Being in touch with the outdoors and nature can also be beneficial for your mental health. Going for a walk has been proven to help reduce stress and this can bring a lot of other benefits like lower blood pressure and reduced risk of a heart attack or depression. If low intensity exercise isn’t your thing then try going for a run. The cool air going into your lungs can have a therapeutic affect and clear your always. Also, the cold environment can help with muscle recovery and pains.


Hit the gym

Going to the gym is a great form of exercise. Whatever time of year it is the gym is always an option as its indoors and doesn’t rely on weather conditions or environment. So, no matter what happens the gym will still be there and your going to be able to go. At they gym your also free to train however you want, for example if you do resistance training or want to do some more cardio then your free to do it as there should be the facilities available in the gym. Also, as the gym is inside the weather doesn’t matter, so even on the coldest and darkest days you can still train.

Although the gym is a great idea there can be a few drawbacks. One of these is that the opening times can vary at this time of year. As it getting close to a lot of holidays like Christmas and new years you may find yourself unable to train for a few days. Also, in the new year the gym often gets busy as people are starting there new years resolutions and are taking action to improve their health. Although this is a good thing it can make exercising in the gym a long process so this can be a downside to going to the gym in wintertime.


Indoor home workouts

Working out in public places is good, but isn’t for everyone. Many different people have their own preference of workout environments and for some working out at home is the place of choice. Working out at home is great especially in winter as you don’t have to go into the cold and dark of outside, also if you prefer to workout alone and not surrounded by people then this can be great for you. Also, your free to do whatever workouts you want as you can find home workouts that range from calisthenics to yoga.

Working out at home can also be great if you have a busy schedule. This is because doing your fitness at home cuts out the time it would take to commute to a gym or go to the area where you do your workouts. Although a great thing, working out at home can have its downsides. One of these negatives can be that you can lack the variety at home. This can be due to many workouts and exercises requiring equipment which can be expensive and bulky to store at home.



We have all heard the many benefits of swimming. This is a full body workout which means it targets all your muscles in your body, also its very tiring and is a good endurance exercise meaning its great for building stamina and increasing your endurance.  This can also be a great exercise to increase your lung capacity as you spend a lot of time under the water and holding your breath which can help to train your lungs to hold more oxygen and work more efficiently. Having more efficient lungs means that you can train harder and will be generally healthier.

We all know that swimming indoors is a great sport and one major benefit in the winter is that the weather doesn’t affect it, meaning it can be done all year around. However, many people don’t like to swim indoors and prefer outdoor swimming. This can include swimming in oceans, seas and fresh water reserves. Doing this in the winter may seem painful as its going to be cold but it also has its own benefits.  One of these is that it can improve your immune system and help to strengthen it. Also, the cold water can be therapeutic to muscles and help with recovery and muscle soreness.


In conclusion, just because its winter time it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your fitness. There are still many workouts and sports you can do when the weather is cold. This time of year, is usually seen as the time of year when your fitness declines but the truth is it doesn’t have to be like that. Although this time of year can be busy and lead to a lot of overeating, inactiveness and just generally being lazy and unmotivated, you cant let this stop you as this is going to cause a decline in your fitness which makes it harder to reach your goals and become the person you want to be.