How to get productive at home

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How to get productive at home

Due to the world’s current situations many places have been forced to shut down. As a result of this we are now spending more time at home than we ever did, and this can be a great thing. Being at home allows you to spend more time with your family and loved ones and you may feel more relaxed and chilled out when at home. Many people have been forced to work from home to avoid contact with any other people. Although this is convenient, this can be challenging as there are many distractions that can keep us from doing our work. In this article we are going to be sharing ways you can make your home a good working environment where you can get work done and be productive.


Ditch the phone

We have all been there, you settle down to do some work and then you are interrupted by a phone call or notification. This can distract you from working and is likely going to affect your quality and quantity of work. There are many studies that suggest just a smartphone being in the same room as someone who is trying to focus and be distracting. This can be due to vibrations or noises the phone might make to tempt you to use it. This is why its best to have your phone locked away to remove the though of using it as the common saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”.  We can see the same effects of phones on children doing homework, as they will struggle to concentrate with gadgets around.

Having you phone always in your hand can also make you lose contact with the outside world. With heavy phone use people start to replace their life with their phone as there are social apps and many others. This is a common problem in modern day society and can lead to relationship issues or mental health issues as you do not come into contact with people and worry about there social image too much.


Set deadlines

Sometimes to meet out goals and get stuff done we have to put ourselves under a little bit of pressure. One way of doing this is by setting deadlines for yourself.  This will keep you engaged in the working task as you are under pressure to get it done meaning you spend less time procrastinating and wasting time and more time working. This will also likely improve the way you handle stress and big working tasks that may seem challenging at first.

Although making deadlines is effective and can boost your productivity, you need to make sure they are reasonable and not too challenging. Making deadlines that are too short or contain too much work can build up stress which can cause a range or health issues. For this reason, its best to keep them challenging but not too hard.


Listen to music

Having music on when doing a task can keep you engaged and is less likely to distract you when compared to having the TV on.  This is due to music activating both sides of the brain, this can maximise learning, memory, and productivity. Also, music can act as a stress relief and something to keep your mind off the work you are doing but while still doing it. It is for this reason music is played by many, for example when driving we listen to music but are not more likely to crash.  Music can also engage parts of the brain that are involved with paying attention, meaning music makes you more focused and engaged.

Although music can help you when working you have to make sure you are listening to the right type. By this we mean that its key you are not listening to something you need to pay close attention to as this will draw you away from work. So, what you really want to be looking for is background music.  For this reason, many people listen to symphonies or instrumentals when working.


Get into a routine

When going to work we find it easier to get things done. This can be down to many things, but the main reason is that it is your routine and you have got used to working. A routine is something that you follow regularly and becomes easier as your body adapts to it. An example could be getting up early for work, you may find yourself getting up early on holidays due to you being used to waking up at this time. There are many benefits to building a routine like being able to accordingly plan out your day, this allows you to already know what you are doing and make sure you are making the most of your day.

Along with being more productive when it comes to working, having a routine can also relieve stress levels. This is due to you not worrying what to do next or where to start with your work. As you get more into your routine the things that used to cause you stress and anxiety will become muscle memory and you will be doing them without thinking. As due to the current situation many of us are stuck at home, looking after your mental health becomes a priority as you done want a mental disorder like depression.


Take a break

Just because you are working at home does not mean you have to burn yourself out and work without resting. No matter what the workload or the task, you will perform better and complete it at a higher standard when you are in a relaxed state of mind. Even at work you are rarely working throughout the day without stopping. Whether its talking to a colleague when making a cup of tea or going for lunch down the local restaurant, when working taking a break is something, we do without thinking.  Stepping back and giving yourself a chance to relax helps your brain focus on complex tasks more easily and can improve focus as you are not burned out and tired.

Taking a break will also reduce the chances of developing a mental disorder like anxiety and depression. This is due to you giving your mind a break so its not only focused on work. When on our breaks we often socialise or do something that we enjoy like playing a game on your phone or scrolling through social media.  Whatever it is its likely to release endorphins that make you feel good and can relieve stress.


Have a designated working space

This may be a challenge as you will probably need a separate room or a section of a room but having a designated workspace can make the world of difference when working from home. Having somewhere you use for work can remove any distractions you may have lying around other parts of the house. This will put you into work mode and improve productivity, and this will be a chance to isolate yourselves from other people in your household. Although these may be the closest individuals to you, they can get annoying and getting some time away from then can only do you some good. Whether its siblings, kids or partners having a bit of alone time will bring nothing but benefits.


Even though these times are hard you do not need to make it harder on yourself. If you are required to work from home, then making a comfortable workspace for you is important to ensure you keep a good standard and quantity of work done. Spending a lot of time at home can make you feel couped up like a chicken so ensuring you are making yourself comfortable is top priority as due to lockdown restrictions, working at home is becoming increasingly popular and mental health as well as physical is top priority.