How to improve sleep

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How to improve sleep

You have heard this many times before and are about to hear it again, sleep is very important to your body and is responsible for your body being repaired and put back to working order for the next day. Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental for physical and mental health which is why you want to make sure you are getting the adequate sleep you require. As there are many distractions or other things that can prevent you from sleeping sometimes getting a good night sleep can be a challenge. If getting to sleep is an issue for you then you are in the right place as we are going to be sharing ways you can get to sleep quicker and improve the quality of that sleep.


How not getting enough sleep can affect you

Sleep deprivation is bad for overall health and can affect you in many ways. Its recommended we get around 8 hours of sleep a night, but this varies from person.  Not getting enough sleep can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, meaning that you are more likely to get infections and diseases and it will be harder to fight them off. If you train, then not getting enough sleep can dramatically affect your gains. Your muscles will not be able to rest and rebuild themselves also making recovering after an exercise difficult. Lack of sleep can also make it harder t lose weight and you may gain fat when deprived of sleep.

Your mental health can also be negatively affected by sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep can lead to many mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. You can also affect your cognitive function meaning your memory wont be as good as it was and thinking may be impaired. You will also lack motivation and energy when deprived of sleep as your body and mind need to rest and get themselves ready for the next day.


Keep regular sleeping hours

Getting enough sleep is the goal and by making a schedule to make sure we have a regular sleeping pattern can be important. This is due to sleep being a habit at a certain time so you will become naturally tired at this time. This is due to you building up a habit of going to sleep at a certain time. This also helps you leave adequate time between your sleeps which means you are sure to be feeling tired when you are next due to hit the hay. This is also a way to track sleep as you know what time you go sleep and wake up, so you are able to easily track your sleeping ours.

Making a sleeping schedule can also help make you more productive. If you are one of these busy bodies with not enough hours in the day, then keeping a sleep schedule will help you maximise your productive hours. This can also eliminate napping during the day as you have already had your allotted time sleeping and are energised so there is no need for day time sleeping.  Inconsistent sleep can also raise the risk of you developing obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or having a stroke.


Try not to eat before sleeping

When we are going to sleep its best to be in a relaxed state. Eating before sleep can cause you a restless night as you are bursting with energy due to the food you have just eaten. Although this mainly refers to sugary foods, other foods also apply. Eating before sleep can cause the body’s metabolism to slow, this can cause you to gain weight as your body won’t be able to burn the calories the food has given you but will store it as fat instead.  This is especially with foods high in carbohydrate and sugar as these are dense forms of energy and have to be used quickly before they are stored as fat.

There is also the chance that eating at night can make you feel sick and experience indigestion. As a result of this you’re likely to lose sleep as you are going to be up all night being sick or experiencing stomach cramps.  As digestion is a complex process there is a chance sleeping is going to have some sort of effect on it.


Have a relaxing period before bed

Many people find that relaxing before going to sleep is great for easing them into a natural sleep. This can be due to relaxing easing the stress and tension you have built up during the day and clear your mind of any work-related stress. This also helps your hormones regulate so you are not too excited before bed, causing you to lose sleep. There are many different ways you can relax before sleeping and everyone is different. A common way to unwind is by having a hot drink like a tea before bed, others may enjoy reading a book or watching tv.

Meditation is also a common practice done by many to ease stress and this can also make you get to sleep better. Meditation before sleeping can reduce anxiety and insomnia and can promote overall calmness. Meditating also increases melatonin that is a hormone that causes you to feel tired and sleepy. It can also activate parts of the brain known to control sleep.


Sleep in a dark room

Although you may not have thought this made a difference when your eyes are closed, sleeping in a dark room can improve sleep and make it easier to get to sleep. This is due to darkness being associated with night time in our internal clock. This makes your body produce more melatonin that is the hormone that makes you feel tired and sleepy. Although light can be detrimental for sleep, your room does not need to be pitch black, dime or little amounts of light are ok and shouldn’t affect your sleep.

There are different ways you can make a room darker. The first step would be to turn off any lamps and lights or close the curtains to reduce the amount of natural light entering the room. You can also turn off any electronics, although they may be turned off standby lights can be sharp and illuminate a dark room. If you are still experiencing light entering your room then try putting something under your door to cut out light and wear an eye mask.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve getting to sleep and quality of sleep then these are a few simple things you can be doing.  As sleep is one of the most important things you can be doing, you need to make sure you re doing what you can to make sure you get your recommended amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause many health issues and can affect someone physically and mentally.