How to stay healthy at home

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How to stay healthy at home

Due to the global pandemic getting around can be difficult and we are finding ourselves spending more time at home than usual. This is due to the government encouraging us to stay at home, this limits our contact with other people meaning the virus is less likely to spread. Although this may seem like a pain and staying at home may be difficult, it is for the benefits of us and the people around us. As you are spending more time at home it comes to no surprise that your health is likely to decline as you won’t be getting as active as you used to. If you feel like your health is declining then your in luck, as in this article we are going to be sharing the different ways you can keep on top of your fitness during these tough times.


Don’t be afraid to go out

One thing that you need to remember is that you are still allowed outside your house but depending on your local laws and restrictions you will be limited to what you can do. Going outside to meet people or for recreational purposes may prove to be difficult as contact with other people is limited. However, there are no rules saying your not allowed outside your house for some exercise. An example could be going for a run, walk or bike ride. This can be more beneficial than doing a form of cardio inside as you have a chance to breath in some fresh air that can help beat insomnia and improve sleep. The quality of oxygen and sunlight is also better outside, which is crucial to everyday health as the sun is responsible for our dose of vitamin D.

Exercising outdoors can also make your more connected with nature and your surroundings as you are spending more time outdoors. This can offer mental relief as it gives you something else to focus on and being in the sunlight naturally increases serotonin levels. This is also a result of better oxygen quality and can cause your mood to be elevated and relieve stress. This puts you at a lower risk of depression which is a common problem with individuals forced to stay at home due to lockdown rules and restrictions. As your movement is going to be limited inside your house, going out to exercise offers a different environment to train in. This increase in movement will help you keep of the fat during the lockdown period.


Don’t forget diet

You have probably heard this a million times before but making sure you are eating the right foods is one of the most important things when it comes to staying fit. As you are at home a lot more you probably are not getting as active as you used to. As a result of this you aren’t going to be burning as many calories causing the excess calories to be stored as fat. As lockdown can be stressful to many, you may find yourself comfort eating or just munching because you are bored. Well, one thing to remember is that sticking to a diet is important as there is a reason for dong it in the first place. Also, your diets may need to be altered as they may have been designed to supply you with the nutrients and energy you needed when training in the gym or on a field, as the type of training has changes so will the diet.

One thing that’s important is not to start snacking. As your at home and bored you may be drawn to the cupboard or fridge to indulge in some unhealth snacks and treats like crisps, cakes or chocolate. One way to stop you from snacking is to lock them away ad only have them as a treat. Keeping this kind of discipline during lockdown will ensure your physique and fitness doesn’t degrade as a result of a poor diet. Its also important that you don’t drink your calories through sugary drinks and alcohol so save these for a treat as well.


Invest in some fitness equipment

We all know that training at home can be challenging and the big thing that stops many people is the lack of equipment. If you are used to training in a gym then what you can do at home may be limited so investing in some fitness equipment can be a wise choice. This will also be insurance that you can still train as it can be unclear when gyms will be back open so this will minimise the time you have off training. Less time off training means that there will be less muscle mass lost over time and one thing to remember is that muscle isn’t lost by just missing a day. To lose a significant amount of muscle and strength after around three weeks of inactivity.

On the other hand, equipment can be expensive so you may look for alternatives. Many people have began using resistant bands that take up less space compared to weights. This is good as not everyone has a dedicated space for there home gym so something quick and easy like bands is a good investment. Bands also have other benefits over free weights and can reduce your risk of injury.


Limit smoking and drinking

As your at home and may be bored most of the days, its easy to start drinking or smoking to pass the time. This isn’t too damaging if its only done occasionally but, this can easily turn into a daily activity as we are faced with being bored at home daily. Smoking and drinking daily makes it more likely to turn into an addiction that can be hard to stop. Being in your house everyday can make you feel lonely and isolated as there have been many cases of people resulting to drinking or smoking to get them through the lockdown.

There are many health benefits of quitting your addictions. For example, stopping smoking and taking drugs reduces the risk of developing cancer and other lung diseases. Drinking can lead to liver damage and weight gain in some individuals. Your mental health will also benefit as you will not need any stimulants to get through the day and will be in a regular state of mind. The best thing to do is to find something other than these substances to pass the time and try to be as relaxed at possible at home.


Overall, when at home you may feel like your overall health is declining and all your hard work is going to waste. By following the few things, we have mentioned in this article we can stop our overall health declining and improve it. It is still unclear when things will return to normal and the only thing, we can do is to be consistent. By this we mean try not to take big breaks from training and do as much as you can to stay fit. Although it may be boring for the time being and you just want to go out, its for your own safety and others that you stay at home and limit contact with people outside your household.