How to workout when busy

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How to workout when busy

Many people have commitments in life and have jobs that the hours may be long. Having these commitments can leave you with no time to do the things you want to and one of these includes working out. The main reason why many adults stop exercising is because they just don’t have the free time anymore. Well, no matter how busy you may be there is always a way to fit a workout in your day. If you feel like you have no time to workout and want to still keep going then read on as in this article, we are going to be sharing the ways you can make your workout time quicker and how to find time during the day. You should always try and find time to exercise as the benefits are endless.


Make your workouts more effective

We have all seen the people in the gym that their training is so bad they may as well not be going. This can include things like form and taking long breaks between sets that make the whole exercise last a lot longer than it should. So, one way you can make your workouts a lot quicker is by reducing the amount of rest time you have. Another way is to increase the speed or intensity of the workout to reap more benefits in a shorter amount of time. An example of this would be instead of spending an hour on the treadmill running switch it up for 20 minutes of high intensity training (HIIT). Increasing the intensity causes the calories you burn to also be increased. Also, from this example you will get other benefits from doing HIIT instead of standard cardio as high intensity training can also help with muscle growth and will push your personal limits more.

There are also many other ways you can make your workouts more efficient and one of these is by doing more compound movements. There are movements than involve using multiple muscle groups meaning your training more at once. An example of a compound movement is a deadlift as it engages all of your leg muscles, core and back muscles. Another form of time wasted is by waiting for the equipment or weights to be free. Waiting for other people to finish can leave you doing nothing for ages so you better of going on another piece of equipment and then coming back to it. Waiting for others to finish is just going to delay you. Another thing you can do is avoid going gym at busy times so majority of the equipment should be free to use.


Eliminate the wasted time

When you go to train not all of the time you spend there is used to train. An example of wasted time is taking long rest time which we have said before will make your workouts longer and are not ideal for when in a rush. Another way you can make your session exercising quicker is by ditching the phone. If you find yourself checking your phone in the gym before you know it several minutes have past and these add up. There are some exceptions for example for music just put your playlist on and put your phone away. Looking at it unnecessarily just adds to the time you spend in the gym and is wasted as it isn’t benefiting you in any way.

Another way you can waste time in the gym is by talking to people. This is not a bad thing as getting to know people who have similar interests is a good thing and you can meet new and interesting people and make new friends. On the other hand, you can end up having a conversation not related to training at all and can waste around 10 to 15 minutes standing around talking. If you someone who has a busy schedule you want to be in and out of the gym as quick as possible so try and keep the talking to a minimum.


Pre prepare everything

Its often said that failing to prepare is preparing to fail and this is true for many things. This can also apply to fitness and saving time as preparing your things the night before can make it a lot quicker in the gym. Doing simple things like preparing your gym bag by packing a shaker, gloves and any other equipment you need the night before will save you time when its crucial and are in a rush to go to the gym. You can also rest assure that you know for certain where all your gym stuff is and wont waste more time finding it.

Another way we can save time is by preparing for meals as well. By this we mean we can save time is by preparing for meals as well. Preparing all your meals in advanced so when time comes to eat them you can just heat them up and dig in. There are also many other benefits of meal prep like its easier to count the macros for each meal.


Workout whenever you can

In some extreme cases you may not have any spare time at all that you can assign to working out. If this is you then you need to start fitting in the workouts whenever you can. This can be things like cycling to work or going for a run on your lunch break, here you are using your free time or commuting time and getting in your daily exercise. Whatever free time may come your way you just need to be asking yourself “what workout can I do in this time?”.  There are ways of making it easier like we have said before instead of going or a long run to burn 300 calories, why not just do 40 minutes of high intensity training as its quicker and has a few benefits.

You can also put your recreational time to working out. For example, in the evening a few hours before bed you may be sat there watching tv when you could be getting in your daily dose of exercise and making some gains. With that said everyone needs some time to relax and you may feel like you would rather stay in and chill instead of working out. To many other people working out is a form of stress relief as well as physical training and find it calming.


Schedule your workouts

You may be used to walking into the gym whenever you want and at whatever time you want. However, when your busy this is not possible, and you will have to have some structured workout schedule. Try and think of your workouts like you structure your day at work. For example, you have a schedule for meetings and appointments so why not do the same for workout sessions. This ensures that you work out and do not miss a session for that day unless you have proper reason to. This also ensures that you do find time to work out and do not end up doing something else as you have a schedule to stick to.


Overall, when it comes to being busy you can never really be too busy to workout. Everyone finds time for the things they love, and we are sure that you will be able to find some time in your day to fit in a workout. We hope this article was of some help and made you see that no matter how busy you may find yourself there is still some hope to find time to work out.