Importance of training your core

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Importance of training your core

In the fitness industry especially bodybuilding, having a six pack and a defined core is something that is crucial. Although there are many other benefits to having a stronger core that don’t rely on looks. The core of your body is the mid-section of your body that includes the abdominal muscles. These muscles are used for keeping good posture and controls how you move and hold your weight. As well as your abdominal muscles there are other muscles that make up your core.

These include:

  • Erector spinae. This muscle is in the back and it helps you stand up straight and bending over.
  • Rectus abdominis. These are your ab muscles also known as a six pack. These help you when bending.
  • Obliques. You have an internal oblique and external oblique. These are located at the sides of your six pack muscles.
  • Transverse abdominals. These wrap around your trunk to stabilise your pelvis. This is in your back and supports your spine.
  • Multifidus. This is in your back and supports your spine.


Good for aesthetics

The obvious benefit from training your core is that your abdominal muscles will become bigger and will look more defined. This is probably one of the most common reason people train their core muscles and can really help to motivate you as you can see yourself looking fitter and more defined. Although there will be some definition of your core muscles by training them, getting the ultimate definition is based on body fat. So, getting a defined core is not just about training but also heavily relies on diet and the amount of fat you store.

As well as having a more defined abdominal section, training you core can also make you look more confident and better in general. This is due to having a strong core causes you to have good posture which will make you look taller and more confident as your not slouching. As these muscles are being exercised, training core also promotes fat loss as energy needs to be used by your muscles. However, one common misconception is that core exercises burn fat directly from your abdominal area, but this isn’t true.


Improve your other lifts

Your core is responsible for you balance and how you distribute and hold your weight. As this is the case, having a strong core can improve your performance in other movements. For example, when you dead lift your core works hard to distribute the weight evenly between your muscles and to keep your back straight. So, if your struggling on a movement to make progress then you should possibly be looking at training other muscles like your core.

As well as lifting weights, having a strong core improves core stability, this is how stable you are and is important is daily life. An example of when core stability is used is when running, this is due to your balance being needed when you put one foot in front of the other and when you change surface you are running on. In general, whatever your sport having a strong core is going to help you in some way.


Improved posture

Your core muscles are the main muscles in your upper body and contribute to many things. Your posture can be a reflection of your core strength meaning a weak core will cause bad posture. If you have a strong core, tis means your back is less likely to bend forward as it has the strength of the core to keep it upright and straight. This allows your back muscles to relax a bit as the weight of your spine is supported by your core muscles. This also makes you less prone to back injuries when lifting weight and performing difficult movements.

There are many different workouts that can improve your posture and strengthen your core. When training your core its important you do movements correctly and don’t put you self at injury that can cause injury to your back and have detrimental effects on your posture.  So, when training be careful to put safety first. Or example some people say sit ups cause pain to there lower back, to combat this you can do the exercises on a mat to reduce the pain experienced in your lower back.


Everyday applications

If your job requires you to be quite active, then you will find you may perform better and be less prone to injury by having a strong core. This will make lifting, moving, and twisting easier without straining your back and keeping balance. This can prevent you from having to miss anytime off work due to injury or time out the gym. As a result, you will be closer to reaching your fitness goals as you don’t have to miss any time off from training or possibly miss out on money due to time off work. Although a strong core will reduce the risk of injury, proper lifting and handling techniques are something that must be practiced when working as having a strong core is great but doesn’t suddenly make you invincible.

Its not only an active job that will benefit from a strong core. If you have a desk job, then all that sitting can be causing damage to your back and posture. This can be due to an uncomfortable seating position or slouching due to looking down at paper or screens. Having a strong core in this case will reduce the pressure on your back to keep your posture straight and reduce the risk of injury.


Reduced lower back pain

If you slouch, then that curve in your back is the cause of back pain for many people. Having a strong core will prevent you from slouching and therefore taking some strain from your back and preventing and injuries or deformities occurring. When lifting a strong core can also help you to engage other muscles like you leg muscles, this also reduces strain on your back, reducing the risk of a sporting injury.


Overall, there are many benefits to a stronger core and training your midsection is something everyone should consider doing. We should remember that your core isn’t just for looks but also is responsible for how you handle yourself and holds great importance in day to day life. So, if you suffer from a back injury, have a active job or want to improve your lifts then training your core muscles is a must. This group of muscles is the same as every other and should be trained as frequently as the others and not neglected. With all the benefits associated with training your abs then it seems silly not to as you could be missing out on a range of health pros and could be setting your self up for a painful back injury.