Making a new years fitness resolution

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Making a new years fitness resolution

New yeas resolution are things we would like to change about ourselves for the new year. An example can include quitting smoking or starting yoga, whatever it is there is always some benefit behind doing it and these are usually changes we make for the new year for a better and healthier life. There are many false or non-sincere resolutions out there but, in this article, we are going to be sharing a few fitness related new years resolutions that are sure to lead to a healthy new year.


Why make a new year’s resolution?

You may be thinking what is the point in making a new year’s resolution? Well, there are many benefits and people like to think of a new year as a new chapter to their life.  This is a chance to look back at the year that ha passed and evaluate what you would like to do differently and use this to make a resolution for the new year.  Resolutions can be about anything and they all usually effect you positively, the key is to make it purposeful when thinking of a resolution.

A new year’s resolution is a great time to make a change. Maybe you can stop a bad habit like smoking or drinking or use this fresh start to get more active. Whatever the resolution if it benefits your physical and metal health then its worth doing. Even something as simple as biking to work can have many health benefits and if you keep up to it then you will only have more benefits to come.


Going to the gym more

Many of us have decided to join a gym, done a few sessions then retired, never to step into the building again. Well unfreezing them memberships is a good way to start the new year and get back into the gym. Whether you enjoy doing a bit of cardio or lifting weights then the gym is a place you can do both. Although usually associated with ripped meatheads, the gym can be a place for runners, cyclers and riders as it has equipment that can benefit everyone. When it comes to burning fat or gaining muscle, the gym is the most common place to go but you need to be smart about your training.  Have planned workouts and splits.

As well as physical benefits there is also mental benefits that you can gain from the gym. One of these is elevated mood and a decreased risk of depression. This is due to physical activity releasing endorphins that make you feel better, these can also relieve stress.  Going to the gym can also help you beat anxiety as you meet new people and will feel better. Your physique will also be better also improving mental health and confidence wherever you may go.


Do some more cardio

Many people may believe there training regime lacks cardio or may be thinking about doing some more cardio in the first place. If this is, you then making the new years resolution of doing more cardio is something you should think about. The one obvious benefit from this type of training is burning calories which leads to fat loss. Doing cardio can also have mental health benefits for example, going for a run can reduce stress and anxiety.

Cardio training involves many different activities like running, rowing, or riding a bike. Depending on the activity you do you will reap different benefits.  For example, rowing is a cardio exercise that along with better cardiovascular health and fat loss, can also build back and bicep muscles and can build a strong core.  So, the best thing to do is experiment and find the right form of cardio for you as its important you enjoy it, so you stick to doing the activity.


Do a sport

When it comes to playing a sport your never too old and there is something out there for everyone. Whether it’s a high intensity activity or just something to pass the time, whatever your needs then engaging in a sport is for you. One benefit of doing a sport is that many of them involve meeting new people and training with others. This is beneficial as it can teach things like teamwork and how to communicate with others, although many sports do not involve teams you are still likely to meet new people and build relationships.  You will also build leadership skills as there is likely going to be a few times in your sport you are going to have to take control and make decisions for yourself.

If you prefer being alone then that is not an issue as not all sports involve working as a team. For example, playing golf or running are usually done individually, but try not to spend too much time alone as isolating yourself from others can cause your mental health to decline. The quite obvious benefit that everyone will see is that doing a sport makes you a lot fitter that you where before. As you are working towards a goal and usually against someone else, you are constantly in a competition for dominance, as this is the case you need to make sure you are on top of your game and will tend to push yourself a little harder when compared to exercising alone.  This means you will become fitter and are likely to burn more fat and gain more muscle compared to working out alone.


Make healthier choices

One way you can improve fitness is by making healthier choices. This can include many things and a few examples could be quitting smoking or having cereal instead of a fried breakfast. These are the little things that you can be doing daily to improve your fitness and quality of life. Although this can be hard at first you need to make a diet plan or something to make sure you are cutting out them unhealth habits and swapping them out for healthier ones. Doing things like eating healthier will help you lose fat but can also decrease your risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.


How do I stick to my resolution?

Although thinking of a resolution may not be too difficult, sticking to them certainly can be.  Studies have shown that less that 8% of people who made new years resolutions actually stuck to them, which is a small percentage. This can be due to a lack of motivation or the activity not fitting into there regime, when making a resolution to do something its important you enjoy it so you are more willing to do it. If your new years resolution is a big goal, then its best to break it down and build yourself up to it. Not being able to accomplish what you set out to do the first time over can knock your confidence and make you give up trying.

When making a resolution take your interests into consideration, this means do not start something you don’t enjoy. If you enjoy the activity you are doing, then you are more likely to stick to it and will be more willing to do it. If you decide your resolution isn’t for you then its never to late to change or alter it, any goal is better than none especially when it comes to fitness and health.


In conclusion, when thinking about starting a new year’s resolution for your fitness then its important you try and stick to it and enjoy it. There is no point in making a resolution if you are not going to stick to it then there is no point in making a resolution in the first place. These resolutions are made to make improvements for the year to come and are usually things you did not do previously.  Even the small things like going for a 20-minute run each day will make a big difference over the course of a year and your likely going to reap many benefits.