Making your workouts more fun

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Making your workouts more fun

Exercising is a great thing that many people do in their spare time. Doing a workout can offer your body many benefits that go beyond physical. Although getting active offers many benefits their can be a lack of enjoyment with many physical activities. As its important to workout its also important to enjoy the activity so you are more motivated to do it and also you get some enjoyment out of the activity. If you are struggling to find enjoyment in your exercises then read on, as we are going to be sharing the different ways you can make your workouts more enjoyable.


Why make them fun?

Working out may not come off as being the most enjoyable thing in the world to do. However, getting enjoyment out of your workouts is important and one reason for this is because you will be more motivated to exercise. This means your performance will improve and also you will be less likely to skip a workout which is good in the long term as you able to train more and make more progress. Also, you’re more likely to look forward to your workouts at the end of a long day, this can help with things like stress relief which has mental health benefits.

Many people find enjoyment in other things. This includes things like partying, drinking, and doing other recreational activities that don’t include exercise. These things that people do for fun are usually not good for your health and can often lead to bad health in the long term. So, finding enjoyment in your workout can be beneficial as you won’t have to do things like drink alcohol or party to have a good time. Instead, you can hit the gym or do some exercise to feel good which is the best way to enjoy yourself as you are also going to gain some benefits form doing it and improve your health.


Train with someone

Humans are social animals meaning we often enjoy the company of others. Being with others we often feel involved, and this can help to stave off the feeling of loneliness and also can make you generally happy. So, training with someone or a few people is one way to make your workouts more enjoyable. One way this can help is that it makes you less likely to skip a workout as you don’t want to let the other person down for example you wont skip gym because you don’t want to let your gym partner down and cause an inconvenience for them.

Also training with someone offers you someone to compare to and work towards a similar goal. You could also introduce some friendly competition into the mix and do challenges. This will also make you work harder as your competing with someone. Also, you can inspire each other to work out and this makes you more motivated. The one issue with this is that you need to find someone who is working toward similar goals and someone that has the same drive. Also, you may prefer to train alone which is also good, but you need to make sure your staying motivated and still enjoying your workouts.


Mix it up

Doing the same thing every day can be boring. This applies to many things, but this can also apply to working out. Doing the same thing daily makes you tired of doing the task and also it makes your workouts less effective on your body. This is because your muscles can get used to doing the activity and this means its less difficult. This can lead to you hitting a wall in your gains and also in performance. Which is a reason to switch up your workouts and engage other muscle groups that may be underdeveloped due to you just doing the same exercises.

If you stick to the same workouts and exercises this also can put you at risk of being more prone to injuries and causing overuse injuries in your muscles and joints. Also, in general doing the same thing everyday can make anyone lose interest. So, switching it up is going to increase your motivation to train and make you less likely to miss a workout because you can’t be bothered or lack the drive. There are many signs that you need to change your workout routines, and these include things like increased injuries, loss in strength/ progress and also you lack motivation to do the workouts.


Keep track of progress

Progress is something that good to see and can really give you the drive to do more workouts and explore further into the fitness world. When it comes to fitness there are many ways to track your progress. For example, you could track progress by doing things like weighing yourself regularly or tracking things like weight lifted or miles ran to see how far you have come from when you started. This is also going to give you more motivation and make you feel good when you realise you have made progress and all your effort is paying off. This also increases the overall enjoyment of the activities you are doing.

To track your progress, you can go old school and write down what you have done in a note book or piece of paper and refer back to when you next get a result. However, due to modern technology there is also many other ways you can track your progress and one of these is through things like apps you can have on your phones that help track your progress and they can also tell if you have got better or worse. Although its good, try not to take a reading too regularly for example don’t weight yourself daily but instead every month as this is when you’re going to see the most progress.


Be competitive

Many sports and forms of exercise require you to have a level of competitiveness. However, in every sport you do require a certain level of competitiveness as this can provide drive for you to excel and train even harder in your sport. One reason is that you have a goal to reach, so reaching this goal becomes a major priority with a competitive person which makes working towards it enjoyable. There are many different things you can compete against, and these include other people or yourself as you will strive to be a better person you was in the past.

When finding someone to compete against its good to choose someone who is a realistic goal to reach. For example, choosing professional sports players and athletes may be a bit too ambitious as these people dedicate their lives to getting into that condition. Also, you need to now allow your competitiveness to harm your relationships with others. For example, of your competing against a friend then this may damage your relationship as people often show bad sportsmanship when competing, so you need to respect your opponent.



In this day and age, the resources we have for entertainment are endless. You could listen to some music or catch up on a TV series on your smartphone. Working out sometimes can be a bit boring if the environment is lacking a good atmosphere and you’re training alone. This is the reason its good to have some entertainment for when you work out. For example, this could include something like wearing headphones in the gym so you can listen to music, this can help the time pass, but it can also help to motivate you. Music can also help to elevate your mood and can also encourage a longer and more enjoyable workout.

As well as music there are also many other forms of entertainment you can enjoy when working out. If you do slow exercise and at a low intensity, then you may benefit from something to keep your mind occupied. This includes things like listening to podcasts, audio books or even watch a show. If your on a tread mill or exercise bike then catching up on your latest series would be easy and many of these exercise machines may have the facilities already built in to listen to the radio and watch tv.


So, if you find yourself getting bored of your workout then give a few of these tips a try. Its common to get bored doing the same thing everyday which is why change is good sometimes. The main thing not to do is stop exercising because you don’t enjoy it, it’s probably that you don’t enjoy exercise, but you are just getting bored of your routine of need some change to bring the motivation back and get your mind and body more engaged in the workouts.