Reasons your diet may not be working

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Reasons your diet may not be working

If you are thinking about losing weight, then dieting it probably the first thing that comes to your mind. However, many people have tried dieting and have not seen any result, and this can be frustrating as you can be putting in the hard work and dedication but are reaping no benefit.  This makes people think that they just are unable to lose weight, but this is far from the truth. If you are dieting but can’t seem to lose weight, then this is the article for you as we are going to be sharing reasons for why your diet isn’t working.


The basics of a diet

If you are looking to go on a diet then it does not matter what kind of diet you do, they work in a similar way. Many involve burning more calories you consume, meaning you are in a calorie deficit to encourage your body to burn fat already stored. Also, your choice of foods will affect how much fat you will lose. So, the first thing you should be doing is making sure you are doing the basics. Although this may sound easy it can be harder than expected and dieting is often the hardest part of losing weight.

If you are following a diet plan, then you may want to adjust it to your specific needs. For example, someone else’s maintenance calories might be a lot higher meaning the calories for the to stay at a constant weight will be higher. As this is the case when they are in a calorie deficit of around 300 calories, the calories they consume will be higher than you. So, if you are following there diet you want to alter it so its more suited for you.


Meal frequency

A big thing when it comes to dieting is when you have your meals. Some diets like intermittent fasting controls when you are allowed to eat so you can’t really change this. However, most normal diets mainly involve the amount of food you put in your mouth and not when you do it. As this is the case, we do not really look at this and just stick to breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you are eating less you are bund to feel hungry, and one way we can combat this hunger is by spacing out your meals.  This means you will not feel hungry for long as your meals will be more frequent.

This will also lead to less snacking, so you are not breaking your diet and will get better results. Timing your meals can also be used to improve performance and benefits from your workouts. For example, after a hard session in the gym you can time a meal to be post workout, so you can replace any muscle glycogen and energy lost during a workout.  This can also increase muscle gain and recovery as you can get essential amino acids to your muscles when they are needed.


Stay hydrated

As the body is mostly composed of water it comes to no surprise that staying hydrated is going to have benefits. Drinking enough water can help you on a diet as it can suppress hunger, which is a good thing as your likely going to be feeling hungry and start snacking. Being dehydrated will also make you more likely to make bad decisions as it will impair your judgement, which can also lead to you breaking your diet.

Water is also great replacement to the sugary beverages you where consuming before your diet. It has no calories and can be flavoured if you are bored of normal water. There are also studies suggesting that water may reduce stress levels, this will also help you when dieting as when stressed you tend to comfort eat. Comfort foods are often unhealthy and should not be eaten when trying to lose weight.


Although a lot of the weight loss process depends on what you eat, making sure you are getting enough exercise still matters. Going on a diet will cause you to burn fat if you are in a calorie deficit, however just this alone can be a long process and you may hit a wall where you are starting to see less progress made. By doing exercise you allow your body to burn more calories, meaning more fat is burned from your body. This can improve the outcome of your diet and your physique and health will be a lot better.

When it comes to the type of exercise you do many people have different opinions. Some people just stick to cardio as this is an effective way to burn calories. However, higher intensity training has been shown to increase the calories burned. Also, resistance training is also a good way to burn fat, as this type of training increase the number of calories you burn long after the exercise. This is the afterburn effect and is when the body burns calories long after doing an exercise.


Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important when it comes to staying healthy and this is also something that can affect your diet. If you are always tired you are more likely to resort to high calorie sugary foods and energy drinks to give you that little boost. This means you are breaking your diet and risk overeating.  These foods are also high in sugar and processed carbohydrates that can make weight loss challenging. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to someone consuming up to 600 more calories per day.

A lack of sleep can also affect your gym performance so you will have worse workouts when deprived of sleep. When it comes to losing weight having a poor workout will likely decrease the amount of weight you lose. This can be due to many things but mainly performance as it will be decreased which will result in less calories burned.  Sleep also plays a key part in recovery and muscle growth so if you are going for that toned, ripped look then getting enough sleep is essential.

In conclusion, if your diet is not working then you may be making some of the common mistakes we have mentioned in this article. The main thing that matters in a diet is that it is personal to you. By this we mean you need to include foods that you enjoy so every mealtime does not fell like a chore. Although one if the most important things when it comes to losing fat is your diet, it is not effective alone and exercising and other activities can aid in burning fat. It’s important you don’t diet for too long and just when you have reached your physique goals as long term dieting can be harmful to health and can lead to malnutrition.