Should you be consuming caffeine?

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Should you be consuming caffeine?

In daily life you probably consume more caffeine than you expect and may people say this can cause a potential issue to your health. Caffeine has many different purposes and the most common way its consumed is through coffee which people tend to drink multiple times a day. As well as being an active ingredient in coffee this substance also is useful in many different ways, but the media are constantly saying its bad for you. If you’re wondering whether you should be consuming caffeine, then read this article as we are going to be explaining if you should be consuming caffeine and if it can be useful to you.


What is caffeine?

Caffeine is a psychoactive substance like many drugs and is also a stimulant. Unlike most drugs caffeine is legal in many countries and there are no rules to how much your allowed to consume. Also, there are very little rules to what you can and can’t do when you are under the influence of caffeine. This substance is found naturally in many plants and is a key ingredient in things like tea and coffee. Also, the effects of this stimulate are making you feel more energised and focused which is why it’s a common ingredient in things like energy drinks and pre workouts.

Unlike many drugs and other psychoactive substances, caffeine doesn’t have any major negative effects when you take it. Also, it’s free to use in pretty much any country. This substance works by being broken down into smaller molecules. Once broken down this substance then has an effect on your body as it can affect things like hormone release and the nervous system to make changes to your body. There are also many other benefits to caffeine that you may not know about, and we are going to be sharing them in this article.


Improved mood and energy

The main use for caffeine is to give you energy and make you feel like you can go for longer. Being a stimulant caffeine is very good at keeping you energised and to combat the feeling of tiredness.  When caffeine is adsorbed into the body its broken down into other smaller molecules. These molecules slow down the release of adenosine which is a chemical that makes you feel tired and lethargic. By blocking the amount of this your body releases you won’t feel as tired as usual and will find it takes longer for yourself to tire out.

Caffeine also causes our body to release other chemicals like adrenaline. This is a well-known chemical in the body and causes a person to gain energy and triggers the “flight or fight” response.  The affects you feel off caffeine can be different depending on the person as it can be metabolised in different ways. Also, after the effects of the caffeine have worn off you may feel more tired as some people can experience an energy crash once the effects have worn off and you’re not under the influence of the stimulant. There are other more healthier ways of increasing your energy levels but caffeine can make the process quick and easy.


Help you lose weight

Losing weight and fat is a common goal for many people. Losing weight can be hard and caffeine is a substance that help you along the way. One-way caffeine can help is because it helps your body boost its metabolic rate. This means your body will metabolise fat into energy quicker and this is how your body burns fat. Also, your energy levels will be quite high after consuming caffeine which can help to surpass your appetite as you won’t think you need food to give you energy.  This is a common effect with high caffeine drinks like coffee.

Another way caffeine can help your body to lose fat is because caffeine can make it a lot easier to follow a weight loss diet. If you’re looking to lose weight, then it’s likely you’re in a calorie deficit which is when you consume less calories than you need. This can be hard and can make you feel hungry between meals. By drinking caffeine drinks you will feel more energetic on the low-calorie diet, and you will also be able to last between meals. This is due to caffeine helping to supress your appetite and make you feel fuller. Although caffeine can help you to lose weight and stick to a diet consuming it on its own isn’t enough and you will need to stick to a diet and proper training to see good results.


Mental benefits

Consuming caffeine can also have many benefits that go beyond physical. Your mental health is also something that can benefits from consuming caffeine. One way your mental health is benefited is because caffeine once processed by the body can cause dopamine to be released. This chemical makes you feel good and can boost your mood when its released. As well as making you feel happier and more relieved in the long run this extra dopamine that’s released can decrease your chances of suffering from mental disorders like depression.  The link with caffeine and depression is still very unclear but there is a slight correlation with it helping to prevent this disorder.

There are also many other mental disorders that are seemed to be helped by caffeine. Alzheimer’s disease is also another mental condition that can be helped with caffeine.  This can also boost your long-term memory which means your going to be less forgetful and maintain memories for a while. This is due to caffeine blocking the molecule adenosine as we have mentioned earlier. As well as making you tired and hungry this molecule also makes another molecule in your brain to stop being produced. This is norepinephrine and has been shown to have a positive effect on your memory.


Foods’s high in caffeine

When it comes to foods and drinks that are high in caffeine there are a few that you can choose from. Popular foods include things like coffee and tea that are high in caffeine and are consumed regularly without a thought. One cup of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine, and this is why you usually feel more awake and alert after drinking a cup of coffee, but you need to make sure you’re not consuming too much caffeine rich foods as this can cause some potential health issues and side effects.  When eating these foods, you need to make sure it’s not done before you go to sleep as this can cause you not to sleep and be restless.

Although there are many foods that contain caffeine like chocolate and cakes and other things, but some people tend to supplement caffeine when they need it. For example, pre-workout formulas contain caffeine to give you more energy before you start to workout. Here the stimulant is used to increase your energy levels and performance before a workout to make sure you’re performing at the best of your ability. Although these supplements can be useful, they are not a replacement for food as this is going to give you better and more continuous energy.


Side effects of caffeine

Being the most common stimulant in the world caffeine is consumed by many. However, like many things with excessive use caffeine can be harmful and cause some potential side effects. The recommended daily intake of caffeine for an adult shouldn’t surpass 400mg daily and this is a decent amount for a person. Exceeding this amount daily can cause issues and one of these is anxiety. This is something you may experience as caffeine increases your alertness and puts you on edge. This can make you paranoid of your surroundings and nervous.  You will also get anxiety about your health as your heart rate will increase and this can make you worried.

Also, if you consume caffeine daily then there is a chance that you will build up a dependency on it. This means you won’t feel good until you get your hit of caffeine which can be a common problem when using things like pre-workout or drinking coffee daily. The addiction is caused by the small amount of dopamine caffeine releases in the brain and the energetic buzz it can make some people feel. Although this may seem unlikely caffeine addiction is very popular and people usually take no notice.


Overall, the stimulant caffeine is the most popular in the world and is legal all over the globe. There are many different benefits to taking caffeine and a few we have mentioned in this article. Although there are many benefits its important not to consume too much as it also can have some serious side effects that can decrease the quality of your life. You may be surprised with all the foods that contain caffeine that you are unaware of but as this article has stated its no problem in controlled amounts.