Should you take energy drinks?

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Should you take energy drinks?

Energy drinks are becoming more popular and we casually see people drinking them while they go about their day. By many energy drinks have been seen by the media to be bad and should be avoided at all costs. Although there are some negatives of excessive drinking of them, they can’t be that bad as people wouldn’t still have them. You might have an energy drink on the occasion and are wandering what effects it has on your health? If you are then read on as we are going to be analysing energy drinks and sharing some facts, they can have on your health.


What are they for?

The clue is in the name for the purpose of these drinks. They are formulated to keep you alert, concentrated and to fill you with energy. Many energy drinks work similar to a coffee as they use caffeine as the main stimulant to keep you alert and energized.  As you can see the energy is far from physical as caffeine keeps your mind alert and focused. As well as caffeine many of these drinks also contain high amounts of sugar. This supplies you body with quick releasing energy which it can then use to fuel itself when needed and will not need to tap into fat or carbohydrate stores.

These drinks are only really used for quick release energy and is not something that you should substitute for food. They are designed mostly to be taken by athletes pre workout and work similar to how pre workout formula works.  As they rely of caffeine and sugar, they can cause a energy crash once there effects have worn off. This can make you feel worse than before and leave you in a tired mess.


Drink responsibly

Like many things they can be great when in moderation. However, if you start to abuse energy drinks then you’re going to experience some unpleasant side effects. Caffeine, which is present in many energy drinks is harmful when taken in huge amounts. This can cause you to be dehydrated, have an irregular heartbeat, chest pain and vomit. Your caffeine tolerance is based on many things like weight, age and sex so the amount you can consume before you may start to feel any of these side effects. The average energy drink probably contains around 90 mg or caffeine and many people can safely consume around 400 mg daily.  

The other ingredients in energy drinks can also cause harmful effects. For example, many energy drinks are high in sugar, the effects of sugar are well known by many as it can cause weight gain and diabetes. For these reasons, these drinks are not recommended for children as their caffeine and sugar tolerance is a lot lower than ours so it will have a bigger affect. So responsible drinking of energy drinks includes not having too many regularly and not giving them to children. In some cases, people have been hospitalised by consuming too many energy drinks as it causes seizures and irregular heartrate.


Harmful affects

Energy drinks to have some harmful effects. As we have said above if you drink too many too often then you’re going to experience some change, and this is going to have a negative affect on your health. Consuming too many can cause your blood pressure to rise, which can put stress on your cardiovascular system. This can also raise the chances of you suffering from a stroke or heart attack which in some cases can have irreversible affects or can cause death. You may also experience mood swings when you consume too many energy drinks. This is mainly due to the sugar and caffeine making you energised and then you are crashing back down to normal level.

You will also experience stomach cramps and diarrhoea if you consume a lot of energy drinks. This can be down to the caffeine and sugar but is also caused by the other ingredients in the energy drink. For example, any artificial sweeteners and preservatives they may use can cause a bad stomach. Also, common ingredients like L- carnitine and guarana can cause stomach cramps and vomiting.



The main benefits of consuming energy drinks is the energy boost it gives you. They give you energy by supplying you with stimulants like caffeine and sugar in large amounts. This is good for the short term as they give you energy but can have harmful effects in the long run. You can get healthier energy drinks that contain no sugar or artificial flavours. I you wanted to swap your coffee out for one of these then it is ok to do so. They also improve your concentration which is why they become popular with students, as they need the energy to study.

Many energy drinks also contain amino acids like taurine, tyrosine, and l – phenylalanine, which can help with muscle growth and maintaining a good metabolism. The contents of pre workouts vary so you may have to do your research to which ones you want to take. Another benefits of energy drinks is that they are quick and easy. Just a quick open of a can and that’s it, you are able to enjoy your drink. This is a reason why many people drink energy drinks, and they are available in many different flavours.


There is alternatives

If you’re looking for energy releases that are convenient like energy drinks, then there are many out there. You can get slow energy releasing foods like oats and porridge, these are better as they release energy slow over time and will not cause an energy crash like many energy drinks do. If you’re looking for liquid, then many fruit juices and smoothies can offer a quick energy release. As they are made with fruit, they are packed with all-natural sugars which are better than any artificial ones found in energy drinks.

One thing to remember is that never prioritise energy drinks over food. This is the best source of energy you can be giving your body and will benefit you much more than an energy drink. Things like green tea and ginseng tea have also been observed to increase energy. Ginseng is an active ingredient in many popular energy drinks and is a good source of nutrition. So, if you’re looking for some possible alternatives to your daily energy drink there is many out there even if its basic like a coffee.


Should you drink energy drinks?

This is a decision that you need to make yourself as today energy drinks can be seen in many ways. To some energy drinks are seen as a saviour and are a necessity for challenging days. One the other hand many other people thing energy drinks are the works of the devil and should be avoided at all costs. This decision is yours to make as these types of drinks do offer some health benefits but also some side effects. If you’re a child or have any conditions, then you shouldn’t be consuming these drinks as they can cause potentially harmful effects.  

If you do take them then do not do it all the time as this can cause side effects for your health. Also try and go for the healthier options like the energy drinks that contain no sugar. If you currently are consuming energy drinks every day then try and leave them for a month and switch to a coffee, smoothie or any other alternative.

So, if you where wandering how energy drinks can affect your health then we now hope that you now have a better understanding. They are definitely not liquid poison and do offer some benefits. On the other hand, like many other things there are a few side effects and they shouldn’t be consumed every day. If you are looking for energy drinks to improve your performance then check out the range of drinks on the Gymlabz store.