Supplements for women

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Supplements for women

The intake of certain vitamins and minerals vary with age and sex. If you’re a female your dietary needs are going to be different from a male and you need to make sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients your body needs to maintain and grow. If you think you’re not getting your daily vitamin and mineral needs, then look no further as in this article we are going to be sharing the best supplements for women to take and how you can get these essential nutrients from your diet. If you’re a woman then the nutrients your body needs changes as you do and if you become pregnant, this can make it harder to keep track of nutrients to make sure you are getting enough or not having too much. By taking supplements this is an easy way to get vitamins and minerals you need.



Making sure you are getting enough iron is important and this can have a dramatic affect on your overall health. Having an iron deficiency can lead to anaemia as iron makes it easier for your body to adsorb other minerals and vitamins. The recommended iron intake for women between 19 and 50 years of age is 18 mg. Enough iron can also help stop fatigue and improve concentration. You will also have a better functioning immune system which is great as your less likely to get sick or infections. When getting enough iron you may also sleep better as low iron has been linked with insomnia and restlessness when sleeping. Getting enough iron has also been strongly linked with healthy pregnancies.

This nutrient can be found in many foods. A few high iron foods are red meat, seafood, beans, green vegetables and dried fruit. If you are on a busy schedule or don’t really have time to eat these foods, then you could try iron supplements to make sure your getting enough. Be careful not to go over the top as there are a few side effects when it comes to your bod adsorbing too much iron, but if you’re not being overly obsessive then this shouldn’t be an issue.



Another supplement you can take is iodine to stop the chances of iodine deficiency. This nutrient plays a big part in hormone regulation and healthy levels means your thyroid gland will be working at its best to regulate your body’s hormones. As we know hormones are responsible for many things like our moods to bone strength, so we want to make sure our body is producing as many as it needs. Iodine would be good for pregnant women to take as when pregnant hormone production is all over the place and this will help regulate them. This is why getting is especially important to pregnant women.

Iodine can also help with brain development during pregnancy, meaning that if you have a iodine deficiency when pregnant then your child is more likely to have a lower IQ.  Iodine also is good for overall baby development as it can improve the birth weight of your baby. There are many different food sources for iodine, and a few include fish and other seafood lie shrimp, dairy products and foods that use iodized salt as a preservative.



The benefits of taking collagen are being found every year, we do know this is a protein responsible for many things in your body. One major benefit of collagen is that it helps with skin and can make your hair and nails a lot healthier. The benefits of this protein don’t just end there as is can also help with keeping your bones healthy and can aid with muscle growth. As you age your existing collagen breaks down and it can be difficult for your body to create more naturally, for this reason you may resort to taking collagen supplements.

By taking this supplement you’re going to improve your aesthetic features like skin and hair which will boost your confidence. This reduces the chances of mental disorders related to low self-esteem like depression and anxiety. Good food sources of collagen include fish, egg whites, chicken, berries, garlic and many more. There are also many different collagen supplements like coffee creamers and facial balms.


Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is very beneficial to your health. It can reduce your risk of heard disease and had proven to be good for cardiovascular health. This fatty acid is also important in the maintenance and growth of the nervous system, eyes and brain so you want to be making sure you’re getting enough. Getting enough omega 3 can also help with menstrual pain and painful periods. This fatty acid can also help with hormone balance which will also help with things like mood, weight gain and mental health.

Omega 3 can be found in many foods and these includes sea food, nuts, plant oils, and seeds. There are also omega 3 supplements that people tend to take as this ensures your getting your recommended daily amount.  However, you need to be carful you are not consuming too much omega 3 as this can take a toll on your health. Side effects can include insomnia, stroke, low blood pressure and high blood sugar.


B vitamins

B vitamins are essential for your body to maintain good health and wellbeing. There are 8 B vitamins in total and all of these play a part in your body. A few things these vitamins are responsible for are cell health, energy levels, brain function, eyesight, hormones, and cardiovascular health. B vitamins are essential for women who are pregnant as getting enough of them can reduce the chance of birth defects and improve brain development in infant children. If you are suffering from a vitamin B deficiency then a few side effects include weakness, fatigue, cramps and tingling in your feet or hands.

Vitamin B can be found in many foods like fish and sea food, green vegetables, eggs, dairy and meat. There are also vitamin B supplements on the market that are easy as the contain all the vitamin B you may need in one little pill.  If you’re getting too much vitamin B then you will be experiencing side affects like blurry vision, abdominal cramps, nausea and diarrhoea.



Magnesium is the most abundant material in your body and is essential for you to function. Getting enough magnesium can improve blood pressure and blood sugar. There are also mental health benefits that come with getting enough magnesium as its been seen to help with depression. This can help as it reduces menopausal and menstrual mood swings. Magnesium is also involved with many body functions like protein formation so getting enough is essential for your body to heal and grow.

Foods that are high in magnesium can be found everywhere. These include fish, wholegrain foods, fruit, and vegetables. Magnesium can also be taken as a supplement if you want to make sure you are getting your recommended daily doses. Magnesium can also be found in foods like dark chocolate so do not be scared to have an extra piece next time you have some.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is something we can get by getting out in the sunlight. However due to work or whatever other reason many of us can’t get out during the day for our bodies to adsorb the vitamin D it needs. As this is the case many people are likely to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency which can be bad for your health. One benefit of this vitamin is that is helps your immune system and can decrease inflammation. It can also help you lose weight and battle depression as a link has been found with vitamin D deficiencies and depression. You can also put yourself at less risk of developing certain types of cancers by getting enough vitamin D.

As we said previously vitamin D can be adsorbed by your body when in direct sunlight. There are also many other sources of this vitamin like food. These include fatty fish, red meat, liver, egg yolks and other fortified foods. As it got from sunlight and a hand full of foods you may look to taking vitamin D supplements to make it easier to get your recommended dose of this vitamin.


Overall, there are many supplements that are essential for health for both men and women. However, the needs of each vary as some may require more than others and if you are a woman wandering what vitamin and minerals you should be looking out for then we hope you have found your answer. Here we have mentioned a few of the vitamins and minerals you should be taking as a woman to stay healthy and live a longer life. If you’re looking for some vitamins and minerals then why not check out the Gymlabz store for supplements at great prices.