Supplements to gain muscle

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Supplements to gain muscle

With the wide variety of supplements available on the market today it can get a bit difficult choosing which ones are the best for your fitness goals. If your fitness goals include building muscle and strength then you are in luck, as this is a guide to the best types of supplements to build muscle.


It’s a well-known fact that to build muscle you need a increased protein intake. So, supplement wise you want to really be looking at ones that are high in protein like whey protein, bulk protein, and anything along them lines. As you train your muscles tear and break down, with this increased protein intake you will have more than enough protein to build those muscles bigger and stronger. Whey protein also has a fast digestion rate, so the protein is utilised a short time after consuming it. Therefore, its commonly taken after training sessions as a post workout supplement. 


Casein protein is also a go to supplement when trying to build muscle. Casein protein products contain protein that comes from dairy sources. This protein has a slow absorption rate compared to whey and other proteins. As it has a slower rate of adsorption this makes it good to have at night before sleeping as this will increase muscle protein synthesis while you sleep. Casein protein can also have other benefits to health like immune system benefits and fat loss. 


Another supplement that will gain in muscle growth is creatine. Creatine is found naturally in muscles and produces energy in your muscles when lifting heavy or doing a high intensity workout. Around 95% of creatine in your muscles is stored as phosphocreatine, this helps the body produce ATP. This is a high energy molecule that provides your muscles with energy. Studies suggest creatine may double the amount of muscle you could gain not using it. This helps gain muscle as it allows you to train for longer and at a higher intensity, causing more muscle fibres to be torn and rebuilt.


BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) also aid in muscle growth. Muscle protein is made up of 20 amino acids, 9 essential and 11 non – essential. BCAA’s are three of the nine essential amino acids #, which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is the amino acid that influences protein synthesis and is present in many high protein foods. Using BCAA’s increases your body’s protein synthesis rates however its recommended there are other proteins present alongside this supplement are taken so there is sufficient protein to build muscles in synthesis. Studies show that people who had 5.6g of BCAA’s after resistance training had a 22% greater increase in protein synthesis that people who did not. This supplement can also decrease muscle soreness as muscles can grow faster due to the increased rates of protein synthesis. 


HMB or beta – hydroxy beta – methyl butyrate is a molecule that will help when trying to put on muscle. HMB is made in our bodies from the amino acid leucine. Leucine has many benefits when coming to building muscle and one of these is slowing down protein breakdown in the body, this slowing down breakdown is caused by the HMB from the leucine. HMB also increases the rate of protein synthesis in the body so by slowing down muscle protein breakdown and increasing protein synthesis this makes it a lot easier to put on lean muscle mass and therefore also increase strength. The boost in protein synthesis also speeds up muscle recovery. Meaning athletes are not as sore and can train more often leading to more benefits in the long run.
Although all these supplements aid in the building of muscle its important to remember these are not the only factors contributing to muscle growth. Very often when trying to gain more muscle mass people will go straight to the supplement thinking this is going to turn them into a beefcake but this is not the case. Muscle growth also depends heavily on your diet and training and resistance training being a must do when trying to gain lean mass.