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We have all seen the fitness magazines of people with a ripped and muscular abdomen and wish we could get like that. Well, a lot of the work is done through diet but there is a way of making these core muscles stronger and bigger and this will help with the aesthetics of your physique as well as your physical performance. Your core muscles are there for more than looking good and training your core will benefit you in many ways. If you think you need to start training your core muscles then read this article for great core workouts...

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The fitness industry is pretty unisex and diverse. Although going to the gym and other exercise facilities are available for whatever gender, women can still sometimes feel uncomfortable in the gym and many gyms seem to be mainly male dominated. Well in gyms there is this gender gap that can make people intimidated and is a reason why many women usually skip going to the weight area in gyms to do strength training, as its always full of sweaty guys screaming and grunting. Well, if your one of the people that are intimidated and feel like there is a gender...

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When you were a beginner to fitness or maybe you still are, you did go into your fitness journey with some expectations in mind. Whether it was weight loss goals or a bench press target, before you started your training you did have some things that you expected would happen but where then surprised when they didn’t. As a beginner you do not know anything about fitness but are eager to learn. As you get wiser you then can expect things to happen and be a lot more accurate. If you are wandering what expectations, we are taking about then...

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