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In the fitness industry your body is your asset, and you need to keep it in the best shape possible to perform the best. Doing this all naturally can be a chore and many people have resorted to unnatural ways of being the best they can. This includes anabolic steroid use which is common in sports like bodybuilding. You may have heard of the use of these substances and in this article, we are going to be sharing the dangers of taking these kinds of steroids and how they affect your body when you are cycling them.   What are...

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When it comes to what happens in the bedroom some people can be shy about it and not open up if they have a problem. An example of a problem is erectile dysfunction, which is an issue for many men, this can be caused by many things and can be helped by changing lifestyle and making healthier choices. Although a lifestyle change can help, there are a few extra things you can be doing that are going to help your sexual health and will make you and your partner feeling better.  These supplements can help everyone men and women alike...

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