Techniques you can use to relax

Techniques you can use to relax

After a hard week at work many people have different ways for unwinding and relaxing. By putting your feet up and doing something that relaxes you has many benefits and is something that you should be doing. Not doing this can lead to increased stress and other issues which can impact your physical and mental health and lower your quality of life. Finding an activity that you may find relaxing can be hard, there are many different ones that people do but in this article, we are going to mention a few popular relaxation techniques. These are a few that you may find will work for you.


Why relax?

Relaxation had many benefits and is something everyone should do to promote physical and mental health. From a athletic point of view enough rest means your muscles can recover from the workout you have done which means your gaining muscle and putting yourself at a lower risk of injury. Also rest improves performance as it also improves things like sleep, which is important for keeping your body working as it should and providing you with energy to do the tasks you have planned for your day.

Getting enough rest can also offer many mental benefits. If you’re not relaxed then its likely that your stress levels are higher, this is linked to things like depression and also other health issues like high blood pressure. So, if you suffer from a common modern-day issue which are high stress levels then relaxing is needed. The main reason for relaxation is to give your mind and body a break and time to recover from the issues of modern day life. Doing this can help clear your mind which makes you less likely to make mistakes and think more clearly. 



Meditation is a technique that has been used for many years and in many different cultures. Its origins date back to ancient times which means it must be doing something good if its been used for all of these years. This is most commonly associated with the Buddhist religion, which promotes peace and tranquillity. Meditation can be done in many different ways but there are a few basics you should be doing to make it easier to meditate. Its better to sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes to block out any outside distractions. Also control your breathing as this can bring your heart rate down and make it easier to relax.

For many meditation is used as a stress relief for many people and has proven its effectiveness over many years. Although resting your body this technique also helps your mental health. This is because when meditating its good to let your mind wander and relax. You will often think about calming thoughts which can reduce your blood pressure and also has many other benefits. By giving your mind a rest from constant thinking your also reducing the stress on your brain and making it more efficient. This technique will also clear your mind of any worries you may have.



For years yoga has been a form of therapy, exercise and stretching. This type of exercise dates back to ancient times and originated from India. There are many different types of yoga you can try but in this section, we are just going to be talking about yoga as a whole. Doing yoga offers many benefits with a few being increased muscle mass and flexibility. It can also help you recover and reduce the risk of injury when exercising which makes it a great thing for any sports person to do. This form of exercise can also help with stress and is usually associated with being calm and collective. One way it helps is that it controls your breathing meaning your heart rate and blood pressure will slow down when doing it. Also, the controlled breathing can also help with anxiety and depression and just generally help calm your mind.

As well as being mentally relaxing doing yoga is also beneficial for your muscles to relax. As we already know its important to relax your muscles as they need time to recover from a hard day at work or a gruelling session in the gym. So, giving them time to stretch out and relax is key and can also help with pain you may be experiencing after a workout. Also, your muscles may feel tight which can be uncomfortable and make it harder to relax so doing yoga can prevent this and put you on the road to a long evening of rest and relaxation. It also helps with nerves and neurons which can also promote relaxation and improve your physical performance in certain areas as muscles may be more responsive.



Doing exercise has been proven to be beneficial and is the go to for many to try and stay fit. As well as staying fit regular exercise can also help to reduce your stress levels and put you at a lower risk from suffering from depression and anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which help to boost your mood and thinking which is why it can reduce stress and stress related hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.  Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers which mean running helps to relieve some forms of pain and make you feel good, which helps you relax. This can be felt after a good workout as you often feel better about yourself and more confident.

When you exercise you need to control your breathing for the best performance and so you don’t tire too quickly. Controlling your breathing can help lower your blood pressure and get more oxygen into your body. This can help you relax and feel chilled out. Also, as exercise often makes you work and challenge yourself there is a god chance your going to be tired after. If you’re an energetic person and find it hard to relax then exercise is something you need to do to use up some of that stored energy. This can also help with sleep which also can reduce stress and help with other disorders like depression and paralysis.



A massage is a good stress relief that many people decide to do to unwind and relieve stress. Spa days are often seen as relaxing and nice and one reason for this is because they include massages. There are many benefits to a massage and one is that it can help relax your muscles. Due to exercise or the stress of daily life your muscles begin to get sore and can develop knots and possibly injuries. Massaging them can help with this as it can help put muscles back to how they are supposed to be and relieve any stress they may be under. This can also help to improve the circulation to muscles further improving their performance and recovery.

As well as helping your body relax having a massage can also help you mentally unwind and relax. This is due to you being able to clear your mind when getting a massage as it feels therapeutic depending on what type you get. Also, you will experience increased energy after as your body and mind has had a chance to recover and go through some light therapy. Also getting this type of therapy causes your brain to release endorphins and reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.  Although massages can help with relaxation this is maybe the most expensive way to unwind. Unless you have someone, who will do the massage for you going to a spa or salon to get a massage can put a dent in your wallet so this is something to consider when finding different ways to relax.



Listening to music is one of the most popular things that people do to pass time but you may not have noticed that listening to music can also have many benefits and can help you reduce stress and relax. Studies have shown that listening to music that is 60 beats per minute can cause your brain waves to synchronise with the beat. This causes alpha brainwaves to be produces which are linked to being relaxed and calm. This can help with things like depression and stress as your mind will feel naturally calmer and relieve any stress you may have been experiencing during the day.

Music may have a bigger impact on your life then you may have thought. Have you ever wondered why in spas they play nice and calming music and in gyms they usually play up beat faster music and this is due to the influence it has on your body. This is how music can relax your muscles as slower music makes you more lethargic and tired which is relaxing. Classical music has also been shown to be soothing and calming as its not too quick and doesn’t contain any loud noises like modern music does. This is generally a good way to relax as it doesn’t involve any expensive treatments and listening to music can be virtually free.


So, when it comes to relaxing there are many different ways you can go about it. The best thing to do is find what works for you. If you already have a way to relax that works for you then your best-off sticking to this as its proven and works. If you find that you are always stressed and need to do something about it then try these few relaxation methods we have mentioned in this article. Everyone is different and finding something that works for you can be difficult but the best way to find a way to unwind is by trial and error to find what really makes you laid back and relaxed. This is something that many people will overlook due to the rush of modern day life but is important as it help to reduce your stress levels which is said to be one of the biggest killers.