The dangers of steroid use

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The dangers of steroid use

In the fitness industry your body is your asset, and you need to keep it in the best shape possible to perform the best. Doing this all naturally can be a chore and many people have resorted to unnatural ways of being the best they can. This includes anabolic steroid use which is common in sports like bodybuilding. You may have heard of the use of these substances and in this article, we are going to be sharing the dangers of taking these kinds of steroids and how they affect your body when you are cycling them.


What are steroids?

Many people have heard of steroids but have no idea what they are. Well, these are just human made versions of hormones like testosterone. The proper term for this substance is anabolic – androgenic steroids and they aren’t illegal as they can be prescribed by doctors. This is a class c drug in the UK, and you can get into trouble if your caught selling them. When prescribed by doctors they are used to treat conditions like aids cancer. There are also many different ways to take them as you have the option of a gel, pill or injections.

These steroids can be used to treat health conditions but can also be misused. As they affect the male sex hormone testosterone, steroids are used by people in the fitness industry to help them burn fat and also help them to gain muscle. In many sports the use of these substances isn’t allowed as it gives people an unfair advantage over natural athletes. Also misusing steroids can have a lot of harmful impacts on your body that can decrease the quality of your life.


Cardiovascular issues

One major issue of using steroids is that they can have a big affect on your cardiovascular health. One way taking steroids can affect your cardiovascular system is that it changes the size of the left ventricle in the heart.  This impairs its function which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood around the body. This can reduce the supply of oxygenated blood your body is able to get, and this can make you feel more tired and cause you to get out of breath quicker. This is the reason a lot of long-term steroid users often have heart bypasses and surgery.

Also, the misuse of anabolic steroids can also narrow your arteries. This makes it harder for parts of your body to receive oxygenated blood and also can worsen the clogged arteries caused by fat and cholesterol. All the effects of steroids on the cardiovascular system can put you at risk of serious cardiovascular related diseases. These include things like heart attacks, stroke and heart failure. This is one of the reasons why in the long term its best to try and stay natural as our organ health isn’t worth the shortcut steroids give you.


Mental impacts

Steroid users are always hit with the stereotype of being angry and irritable all the time. This is true as steroids affect the balance of hormones like testosterone that control your mood and things like aggression. So “roid rage” is a real thing and steroids can make you an angrier person. Although this may seem scary among steroid users this feeling of anger only happens rarely and is only noticeable in those people who are heavily using steroids or already have pre-existing psychological issues. Also, if you are using steroids at a younger age when your brain is still developing then this can also cause sudden mood changes and irritability.

In some cases, taking steroids can also make you hallucinate. This is caused by steroid induced psychosis, and this makes you see things that aren’t actually there. Although this is a possibility it isn’t a common mental disorder between steroid users and only affects some.  Steroid use can also cause depression and anxiety which are serious mental disorders themselves and can decrease the quality of your life if gone overlooked.  Depression can lead to things like self-harm or even suicide in serious cases.


Side effects can vary

The side affects that everyone experiences when taking steroids are different. The major difference is sex and males have a few different side effects. Males are likely to develop breasts with heavy steroid use and it can make your chest look feminine. Also, the testicles shrink, and sperm production also decreases which decreases the chances of you being able to have children. There is also a higher risk of developing testicular cancer when taking steroids.  Also, a common trait with many males who take steroids is baldness as steroids cause you to lose hair or have patchy, thin hair.

On the other hand, if you’re a woman then the side affects of steroid use can be a bit different. As a female you may heard that your voice gets deeper. Also, your breasts decrease in size and your skin becomes coarse instead of smooth. You will also have increased body hair and start to develop male patterns of baldness. In general, you will have more characteristics of a man as steroids increase the male sex hormone, testosterone in your body. Also, women may experience their clitoris getting bigger and also infrequent periods.



Although steroids are helpful when it comes to getting your ideal physique, they can also have some drawbacks when it comes to the looks department. One way it can be bad for aesthetics is that the rapid muscle growth that you may experience can cause stretch marks. Also, it can cause your skin to become oily which can cause things like spots and acne. Also, there is a chance from bruising or marks that are caused when injecting the steroids which can make your skin look beat up and doesn’t look good.

Also, there is also a chance an abscess can form at the point of injection. This is like a collection of puss which can be painful if serious. This also has the chance to lead to things like infection and other things. Also, steroid use can cause jaundice. Jaundice is when your skin becomes a yellow colour and is common with those who suffer from liver disease and is serious. Jaundice is also common with alcoholics as their liver has to work overtime.


They can change your life

It’s a well-known fact that taking steroids can change your life and here we aren’t talking in a good way. If you take steroids as an adolescent, then there is a higher chance that your growth is going to be stunted ad you won’t be as tall or big as you should have been. This is due to steroids increasing the amount your bones mature, this means at a young age your bones are going to mature too fast before they are fully developed which is why it can affect things like your height and general bone size.

Also, if you inject steroids then this can put you at a higher risk compared to those who take pills. Injecting can be risky and if needles are shared or not cleaned properly then you stand a chance of catching a disease like HIV or hepatitis C and B. Also, with injecting there is a chance that you can damage veins. This can cause ulcers an also gangrene which in serious cases can lead to the amputation of body parts.


In conclusion, in the fitness and sporting industry steroids are a big thing. When it comes to gaining muscle and losing fat they can help and make it easier for you to reach your goals. However, as we have explained in this article taking these drugs can have a detrimental affect on your health and wellbeing. If you’re thinking about taking these drugs then you should seriously consider all the side effects and see if its really worth all the hassle.